Chapter 1:

Welcome: New Life

Cellular Redo

When I woke up I saw a ceiling that I couldn't even recognized. I got out of my bed and looked outside the window and observe a tree that I didint recognize as well next to the house.Bookmark here

I hear footsteps coming from downstairs. After a few seconds of pause, it is followed by an exhale sound, I hear a knocking on the door. Bookmark here

"Onii-Chan" wake up or you'll be late on your for school" a voice of a young girl's voice behind the door. It seems that she hesitated a bit before calling out. Bookmark here

I was puzzled for a second after I heard her say those words. After that second, I remember who and where I was. Bookmark here

I recalled who and where I am. "Yeah I'll be down there" I replied. Bookmark here

I wonder why did I forget who or where I am. Not recalling my identity was a first for me. I probably forgot because my senses where still half asleep. Bookmark here

I quickly changed into my school uniform and went down to the kitchen and found the girl that called me earlier in her school uniform wearing an appron and holding a frying pan. Bookmark here

"Honestly, onii-chan you're now in high school and you're still relying on me to wake you up. Sometimes I'm wondering if you're older than me" she says. Bookmark here

"Give me a break, I mean I was really exhausted from what happened yesterday though." I said so casually. Bookmark here

This girl who is currently pouting at me is my little sister Iroha Hayashi, she is three years younger than I am and she is currently in her last year of middle school. She has short an brown hair and a little shorter than I am. Her chest looks a little developed the last time I saw her and it looks like she still has room to grow. Wait, what am I thinking!? This is my little sister for crying out loud. I blush a little. Bookmark here

"Onii-Chan are you alright? You look kinda red." she asked with a caring tone. Bookmark here

"Ah, nothing I was just.... Just nothing" I said so nervously. Bookmark here

"Whatever. Anyway I'll forgive you this time but next time know that I won't wake you up." she says that while she smiling.Bookmark here

Thank goodness she changed the subject because I didn't feel like explaining myself about what dirty things I was thinking of her. Bookmark here

"Okay , I'll try my best to wake up early next time" I say that while I take a seat on the chair next to me while exhaling out of a close call. Bookmark here

Imediatley after sitting down, Iroha served me some yakizakana she just got out of the frying pan and also placed boul rice and miso soup next to me. It smells so hevenly that I could hardly wait to dig in. Bookmark here

"Itadakimasu" as I say while grabbing my chop sticks and take a bite of some salmon. The moment I took my first bite, it tasted so amazing. Bookmark here

"This is really amazing Iroha. Have you been practicing while I was away" I say that with food still in my mouth. Bookmark here

"Onii-Chan how many times am I supposed say, don't talk with your mouth full, it's rude and disgusting. Where are your manners" saying that while she's irritated. Bookmark here

Yet, still have some a bit of rice and salmon in my mouth I said "Yeah, I know but your cooking is soo awesome"  Bookmark here

Waiting for a scold or a grin and possibly a pout from her from my supprise I got a cute smile instead. Bookmark here

We finished our breakfast and cleared up the table and prepared to go to school. I had to head out first since my school is in a town over and I have to catch a train to get there. Iroha's school is in our town so she usually walks there. Bookmark here

"I'm heading out" I said that as I got out of the door. Bookmark here

Outside there is a sudden breeze that is not too chilly today. But I can still see some Sakura blooming across the pathway floating so pieceful. If I didn't go to school right now, I would have brought a blanket and relaxed under a tree in a park and viewed these Sakura paddles. Bookmark here

 I didn't think much about it. The only thing that was in my mind was the sudden nervous feel I got for my first day at school. Not only that the thoughts, "What will happen when I get there? " "Will something happen today will it be something good or will it be something bad?"  kept popping in my head until I reached the school gate. Bookmark here

"Ayato you made it." says a male boy moving to my direction, with somewhat a familiar voice.  Bookmark here

"Yeah, I wouldn't have made it here if my sister didn't wake me up this morning. I was really feeling like I could oversleep since I was so exhausted" I replied back.Bookmark here

 "Man I wish I had sister like yours, waking you up like that I'm pretty sure she would say it in a moe voice how you see it in manga" he replied so desapointed. Bookmark here

I'm not even sure that I should ask on what he was thinking about just. And I think is for the best if I keep that question to myself. Bookmark here

"Dude, this is reality nothing like that happens when you have a little sister. But I gotta say, my little sister's cooking, best fit for a king, was the best I've tasted so far in my entire life." I replied with excitement. Bookmark here

"Jeez man if you keep talking like that you're gonna make me even more jealous than I already am." Bookmark here

"Dude did you say that you also have a sister, also isn't your mom's cooking better than what you've ever tasted." Bookmark here

"Don't give me the 'There is nothing better than a mother's cooking' crap, because the difference between your little sister and my mom is that she is scary. Sometimes I feel like a devil is serving me my death" Bookmark here

"You say it like your mother feeds you poison every day. And yet you're still alive reliving the trauma of almost. I'm not even sure she deserves that criticism. " I retort at his remarks Bookmark here

This guy, who I'm currently having a conversation with and complaining about her mom's cooking, is my new friend Taki Kimura. I met him during the entrance exams since he was my sitting buddy. Bookmark here

He is roughly about the same height as I am. Has black eyes and black hair. He obviously doesn't look muscular nor one of those hotties that girls would like to date nor see him as a girlfriend material. Bookmark here

Heh... I'm the one to talk it's not like my looks could swarm all the girls in the entire school. For some reason I think that last remarks was both an insult and a comment. Bookmark here

Since I was the only one who didn't wear a school uniform I kinda stood out from the crowd. It couldn't be helped since I didn't write my entrance exam until a year later. Bookmark here

In fact, I didn't think of going to high school, at least not after my accident. Bookmark here

That's right, after I graduated Middle School year ago, I was involved in a tragic accident almost in a death's doorstep. I was saved by the new state-of-the-art Medical Technology Research called 'Cellular Reprogam'. Bookmark here

Cellular Reprogam is a field of study of recreation lost limbs, bocken bones, damaged organs and even cell repair and replacements. Bookmark here

The organization that studies Cellular Reprogam is called NewOrgTec. As weird as that name sound, I was admitted to one of their Facilities in Chiba. Bookmark here

I was admitted there for over a 5 and the it took another 4 months for my body to recover from the opparation. During my recovery my physical appearance changed, and somehow I felt my personality changed as well. The doctors thought it was a side effect of the procedure and it doesn't look like that they are more I could suffer. Bookmark here

At first I couldn't believe that it was me I later came to accept that have changed to another person inside and out. Bookmark here

I was allowed to study for my entrance exam during my recovery period. After I was discharged. I applied to write shinjozo private high. And naturally passed. That's why I'm hear. Bookmark here

My life before an accident sucked royally and now I think that truck accident was a way of fate saying to me that I should restart and fix my life. Bookmark here

Continuing to the present. While Taki was complaining about his mother's cooking. We headed to the board where they announced our classes. Bookmark here

As we move to the board there was lots of commotion happening there as the students have assembled there to check which class are they in. You can here most girls screaming out of happiness and joy that their in the same class. Bookmark here

Hayashi, Hayashi where's Hayashi I think I'm around here.... Ah! Found my name, Hayashi Ayato class 1-C, And it looks like I'm pared with Taki this year. His surname starts with Kimura Starts with a 'Ki' and Hayashi starts with a 'Ha' so there is a high chance that we won't be sitting next to each other if we are sitting alphabetically. Bookmark here

"Nice we're in the same class" he says. Bookmark here

"Yeah it sure does look that way" I replied. Bookmark here

"Let's have a great year and make lots of memories while we're at it" he says that with a smile on his faceBookmark here

I smiled a bit and notted. That's what I'm planning to do to. That's right, a fresh new start as a high school student has begun from this day forward. New friends, new memories and hope to have lots of fun. Bookmark here

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