Chapter 2:

New School Life: Classes and and of course Introductions

Cellular Redo

On our way to the opening ceremony venue in the gym, there where students who looks to be Commette members standing in the hallway entrance greeting us as we get in. The armbands on their right arms were a big clue though. Bookmark here

The gym looks well decorated with our with different kind of flowers and big welcoming posters. The stage looks to be long and wide with a podium and chairs lined up next to it in front of the stage. Bookmark here

We are told to sit down at the chairs. The boys and girls had different sitting places. The boys on the left and the girls on the right. Bookmark here

During the principal's speach It looks like most of the students are not even paying attention to what is he saying. I could see why because I could berly keep my eyes shut. He talks so slow that you could mistook him as a lullaby. Bookmark here

After he was done with his, what it looks like, a never ending torture of a speach, there was a huge silence in the room. I didn't realize it because I was battling not to sleep. Most of the convasatation stopped at that moment. The atmosphere was so silent that it felt like a dead zone. Bookmark here

I could see why people would stop what their doing and look at the stage. The reason for the silence stood up the podium and introduced herself. Her beauty alone froze the crowd. She had long black hair, with a hairpin strapped in her right bangs. She also had long and thick eyelashes and had had blue crystal eyes. To top it all up her expression looks all aloof. Her features looked like a perfect picture of an untouchable goddess. Bookmark here

"On behalf of the first years, I would like to thank our Senpais for their walm welcome to this wonderful school and would l like to ask our teachers their support in our studies and fulfilling our dreams of the future..." she says in her speech. Bookmark here

"Hey, isn't that girl who ranked Top of the nationals in her last middle school. Not only that, she got in to this school solely under recommendation. "Bookmark here

"Whoa... that's insane, I heard that she was a piano prodigy and that she basically seeped every competition she's ever been to." Bookmark here

Whispered the two guys in front of me. Apparently, they know her and thus they give her big appraisals. 
Bookmark here

For some reason I believe that guys weren't exaggerating anything from where I stand that girl does look like the real deal. Bookmark here

After the entrance ceremony, we reported to our classrooms and, as I had imagined we were seated in alphabetically. There are 4 rows and ten seats each.  My seat was in the 4rd seat in the row right next to the window. While Taki's seat was next to the door in the first row. Bookmark here

We took time to settle down after our teacher walked In the classroom. She walked right by the desk in front of the blackboard. Bookmark here

"Alright you knuckle heads take your seats and settle down, I'm your new homeroom teacher you can call me Miss Akane Suzuki. " she replies. Bookmark here

Suzuki Sensei looks like a tough sports coach. Hell her getup looks touph. I mean she's wearing a full red tracksuit with white stripes through the sides. followed by oval-shaped glasses complementing with dark green eyes and a ponytail wrapped behind her head. Buy her looks alone I bet she's a coach of some sort of sport or something. Bookmark here

"Since I told you guy my name and what I do, it's time for you to introduce yourself. Starting from there. " saying all of that while pointing at the first row. Bookmark here

The introduction where going pretty great until it was Taki's turn. Bookmark here

"Alright you there, it's your turn" he says so confidently. Bookmark here

"Get ready for a show cause I'm gonna bring it to you" Saying that while he's standing up. Bookmark here

"My Name is Taki Kimura, but you may call me Taki for short. I went to FuukiAki Junior high. I came here to make a statement of myself. I'm going to be the most popular guy in school and all of you girls in this school are gonna surround me wishing that I'm your boyfriend. I wanna be the harem king of this entire school. Now how's that for an intro." Bookmark here

After saying all that nonsense, the entire class went in complete silence to, I'm pretty sure, is because we just heard and witnessed idiotism at its peak. And the idiot who said those just froze from embarrassment. Well you reap what you sow I guess. Bookmark here

To clear the air of awkwardness we all heard a  "pfft" sound followed by a chuckle and, believe it or not, it was from Suzuki Sensei herself. Bookmark here

"What the hell was all that kid, 'going to be the most popular guy in school', 'Harem King' and 'How's that for an intro' where did you get all of that crap! PRICELESS. In your dreams kiddo. But  you got a lot of balls to say that in your so called statement, that is the most interesting and not boring intro I've ever heard. You're really cracking me up here. " saids that while laughing. Bookmark here

Taki himself did not even think that Suzuki Sensei's crackdown of laughter cushion the blow of embarrassment or made it even worse. Bookmark here

After Taki's 'interesting' introductions. Every introduction went normal until we got to the second last row. A verry timid girl stood up. She looked about the same height as my sister, medium length brownish hair with a maroon hairclip clipping the middle of her bangs. Bookmark here

"Hi my name is mmmm......" she mumbled. Bookmark here

"Ha!... Could you speak up we can't hear you when you're biting your words" Sensei says that with a pushy tone. Which everyone can tell that it did not help because now she is more scared to talk than before she began. Bookmark here

Sensei then sees that she spooked her so she changed her tone. "Hey, I'm sorry I spoked you in everything I didn't mean  to, you can take your time and you could at least give us your name, it doesn't have to be that major introduction." Bookmark here

She tried again but this time she chlinced her fists and then she said, "My name is Asa Miyura. I'm not good at anything in particular, I like reading in all. Please to make your acquaintance." She ended with a big bow and quickly sat down. Bookmark here

At least she tried in her own way, but for some reason she was kinda sweet when she said all of that. In fact every one was kinda stun on what she said and were staring at her while she sat down. Bookmark here

Another interesting person with an interesting introduction was sitting right in front to me. She has long black hair and has brownish eyes. She is a bit tall but slightly shorter than me. She looks like she has a cheerful characteristics about her though. Bookmark here

"Hi hi, my name is Chiasa Nakano. I'm good at sports and I'm not that great at studying. I want to make lots of friends. So let's have fun together. " she says all of that wih a exiting energy. Bookmark here

'Hi hi' must be a made-up introduction she just came up with. But she got more attention in the entire class than miss Miyuri and Taki. Especially from the boys, even I admit that she'd be a good catch since she looks like she has all the package. Bookmark here

Up next is me. Being honest I do feel kinda nervous since all my past introductions were kinda bland and boring in some ways. To add the situation, I don't even look like myself anymore, literally.  Okay let's do this. Bookmark here

"Hi My name is Ayato Hayashi. I live in the next town over I know it's pretty far from school but I don't mind. I don't have any hobbies or talents particularly and I don't have that many friends. I hope we get along with each other and make great memories together. Please to make your acquaintances. " I ended with a bow and quickly sat down. Bookmark here

Man! that was such a nerve wrecking experience but, at least my this introduction was better than my old ones. Not too blan nor boring but pretty decent. Bookmark here

After the guy at the last row gave his introduction we then continued with typical homeroom stuff, like setting up the birthday chart, creating a cleaning list and listening to announcements. Bookmark here

"Lastly on our agenda is Club  Activities. As you know, Club Activities are mandatory for first years like you guys. Now from tomorrow there'll be Club Recruitment Period that will last until this Friday. You have until the next two weeks to enter a club or you'll be automatically chosen to an available clubs. Now for people who cannot participate in club activities with a valid reason like, managing a family store or restaurant or something, just see me in the faculty room. She explained. Bookmark here

"Ayato Hayashi, you should see me in the faculty room in lunch time okay." she added. Bookmark here

"Y-yes ma'am." I replied. Bookmark here

"Hey nice introduction by the way. I mean I feel like we would get along really in the future don'tcha think? " Miss Nakano said that after Suzuki Sensei was done with her announcements. Bookmark here

"Y-year I guess." I ended up with a awkward laugh. Bookmark here

"What's the matter? Is this your first time talking to a girl or something?" she says that with a smile. Bookmark here

"As the matter of fact, apart from my little sister and mom you're the first I've ever made a conversation this close." I replied Bookmark here

"Ahh, so your the honest type I see. Relax because we'd be talking like this the whole year. You said that you don't have that many friends earlier right, count me as one of them." she continued Bookmark here

"O-okay. Let's get along in the future to come. " I replied. Bookmark here

Well that was fast. I didn't even try and I got a new friend it kinda felt weird but I'm glad that I made a friend like her. Bookmark here

Homeroom ended. And we started with our normal classes up until lunchtime started I reported to the faculty room. The sound of hardworking teachers grinding and prepering for the next lesson. To be honest I'm kinda makes me nervous. Bookmark here

"Hayashi I heard about your accident from last year. Will you be fine on participating in clubs in everything like that?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Yeah I think I'll be fine since I am fully recovered from that accident and the doctor said I can participate in anything I like." I replied. Bookmark here

"Okay if anything happens, don't hesitate to call me." she says with a smile. Bookmark here

"Oh, Hayashi if you have time can you please give me a hand with moving some supplies in the science room. " one of the science teachers asked. Bookmark here

"Not a problem." I replied quickly. Bookmark here

We went to the storage room and gathered some supplies. I held a box full big halls of heavy supplies. Bookmark here

"Can you take these supplies to the science room I need to quickly do something back in the faculty room." she asked. Bookmark here

"That won't be any problem" I replied. Bookmark here

"Thanks. I knew I could count on you." Bookmark here

And just like that she was gone like a wind. And off I go, damn these supplies are no joke. Bookmark here

While still thinking how heavy these these supplies are, I've arrived at the next hallway in the next floor where surprisingly the entire hallway looks pretty empty. I continued walking on a straight path but then I suddenly crashed to a person from out of nowhere. It turns out we crashed in a corner next to the lab. Bookmark here

"Ow that really hurt. Wait, whats this?" I say that while trying to getting up but I then I felt like I'm touching something soft. For some reason I hear some moaning. Bookmark here

When I opened my eyes was on top of a girl. Not just any girl, but her. Bookmark here

"Wait, I know this girl. Isn't she the honor student from before?" I asked myself. Bookmark here

For some reason she's looking a bit flustered. Without realizing it, I was squeezing her brest. The supplies fell the other direction. To be honest I hesitated to remove my hand because I was destracted by how soft and amazing her brest is. Bookmark here

"Ah Sorry, I'm so blessed, I mean so sorry. Are you alright" I said that after I backed up. She backed up herself and hid her chest area. Bookmark here

"YOU PERVERT!!!" she screamed while she slapped me. She then got up. In a split of a second she was gone. Her slap was really painful that it even left a hand mark across my left side of my cheek. Bookmark here

And that's how I met the priest, smartest and most popular girl in school. My proof, was a big sting mark on my left side of my cheek. Although our meet today was a misunderstanding, I hope we get to get along soon. I hope. Bookmark here

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