Chapter 5:

Preparation for the School Festival

Diary of a Lost Wish

I can't think of any wish to make today, it's almost 8 pm, and everything I think of I already wished for.

For example, I already wished for a singing electronic fish. I also wished for a phone with an unlimited battery.

This is why I want to stop the curse, sometimes I can't think of anything to wish.

I've been thinking that maybe I should ask for random things. For example, today wish for a pen, tomorrow a frying pan, the next day a bowling ball, and so on, but I feel like someday I will run out of ideas.

Also, that panda is always looking at me like if it was having fun or something.

Maybe as a miracle, Kanako calls me on my phone, “Hi, Meiko, do you have any idea for the school festival? Remember that our class needs to do something.”

“Ah! It's true, the school festival is soon. Well, I can't think of anything to suggest, at least right now, do you have any idea?” I nearly forgot the school festival.

“As a matter of fact, yes! I have some ideas, my first idea was doing a play but because we have little time to plan everything, that idea got to scrap.”

I'm relieved that she doesn't suggest a play, I can't act, “and what're your other ideas?”

“a horror house, but I'm sure another classroom is planning that. My other idea is that our class makes cakes and some desserts.”

“Oh, I like that idea, I hope the class likes it too. But maybe the other guys have something in mind too.”

“I know, I'm sure Takeshi will suggest something related to sports.”

“By the way, just for curiosity, what was your idea for a play? Did you already write it or something?”

“Well... sort of, I have the idea of "Magical Meiko-chan" a magic girl who fights demons but instead of killing them, they become friends with her.”

I'm glad we have little time to plan our classroom theme at the festival. We chat for some minutes until we hung up.

Thanks to that call I decided what is going to be my wish for today, “Pakya, I wish that our classroom votes for Kanako's idea for the festival.”

"If that's your wish, then it will become a reality, Pakya~"

The next day in our classroom, we vote for our classroom festival activity, Takeshi suggested a gym inside our classroom, some guys suggested a maid cafe, and Kanako suggested... the play.

My wish became a reality, and our classroom will do a play, I'm not sure if they would vote even without the wish, but it seems that everyone, including Ms. Yukari, liked the idea.

The next day we start the audition and also we decided on the costumes. I'm, of course, magical Meiko-chan, I will use a purple dress with an orange skirt in the form of a cupcake and a hat with a panda form.

Kanako is the demon queen, her costume will be a black dress with red lines vertically, and she will also have some red horns.

Takeshi is a demon, but he decided to use a karate gi.

As an invited actor, b-chan will perform as the magical bear who helps me.

The other classmates were in minor roles like my mother or father, but ironically some guys are acting as classmates of Meiko-chan.

Our president and vice president will be demons too.

The president is called Kentaro Morikawa. He's a short guy with white hair in the shape of a mushroom.

The vice president is Maya Ono, Takeshi's sister, she's timid and doesn't talk a lot. She has long green hair and glasses also, she's the tallest girl in our school and someone really nice. She's the one who is designing our costumes.

Both of them will be wearing similar clothes as Kanako for the play, but instead of black, it was yellow but still with red lines.

The main plot of the play is weird, I need to fight the demons so I can become friends with them and then friends with the demon queen so we could live all in happiness.

Ms. Yukari and the other students are helping with the decoration.

After the preparations, we start to practice, but we act really bad, except for Kanako.

A couple of days passed, and we practice more, today we will be practicing a scene where Meiko-chan needs to defeat the lazy demon, who is Kentaro.

“You think you can be my friend? I will crush your heart and send your soul to the abyss” Kentaro sounds menacing, I think the play is not for kids.

“I already defeat the exercise demon and the sorrow demon, if I become your friend I can finally challenge the demon queen,” I guess I'm acting fine, but it's a ridiculous play.

“Ebi... I mean magical Meiko, I will lend you my power so you can defeat him,” Takeshi said that while doing push-ups.

“Take mine too... Take my power and my sorrow and my... heart,” I think Maya just forgot her lines.

“Cut! Well, well, that wasn't half bad, let's take some rest for now,” the director, Kanako told us to stop.

“Takeshi, try to say magical Meiko-chan name right, I already change the hated demon for the exercise demon. So do your part, or I will cut you for the play.”

“Ok, Ms. director,” Takeshi made a military salute to Kanako for some reason.

“And Maya, you should remember your lines,” Kanako had a grin, but at the same time, she looked scary.

“Ah... well... yes! I will remember my lines,” Maya is scared of Kanako.

I think with this play Kanako became the real demon queen.

“Meiko, I need to talk to you,” Kanako is talking to me, now is my turn for a punishment, “I think you should have a catchphrase like in magical girls shows.”

“Ok I guess, what do you think about Pakya~” I didn't have to think a lot about it, but for some reason, I made a pose with three fingers with my right hand on my forehead, my right eye wink, and my left knee is a little up.

I don't know why I made that pose, but Pakya seems happy.

“I love it! you should use it, you were born for this performance,” Kanako looks happy and continues to talk, “by the way, can you search for b-chan? he hasn't shown up, and we are skipping some parts because of him.”

“Ok, I will search for him.”

I left, and some others left the place, Takeshi stays there practicing for the play with the other classmates.

While I'm searching for b-chan, Kentaro starts talking to me, “Ebihara, remember that I'm the best in our classroom. I have the best notes, and I'm the best looking guy in the class, I will perform better than you.”

Kentaro looks like a punk even though he is the class president, and he is really weird, every time he talks he moves his hands and body in circles like if he was crazy.

“Ok... but this is not a competition, just get right your lines, and everyone will get fun of this play,” I didn't know what to say.

“I don't think so, I consider you my biggest rival, for example, you beat me on the last math test, so you won't defeat me now!”

“I guess, just leave me for now, I need to search for b-chan,” I walk faster while waving my hand like if I was saying bye.

“If I defeat you, would you consider going out on a date with me?”

“I can't hear you! we will talk later, I need to go now!” I heard him perfectly, but I don't understand what he means by defeat, plus he was waving his hands in the air like a mad man, and I really need to search for b-chan.

I get to the entrance, and I notice a little girl with purple short hair and a school uniform there, I think I already saw her. I get close to her, but I see Maya practicing, and I decide to talk to her first.

“Maya, you are practicing a lot, I think you will do a good job,” I tell her.

“th-thanks, but... I feel like I'm doing an awful job, plus Kanako was mad at me,” Maya answer while looking worried.

“Don't worry about Kanako, she is just so passionate about acting, so she wants everything to be perfect, but I'm sure with some practice you will do a fine performance.”

“Yeah, I will continue to practice, pakya~” Maya did the pose I made “I think I did the pose right.”

“Ah, yes, I did something like that,” I'm dying of embarrassment “well, I need to find b-chan, see you later Maya.”

I'm at the entrance of the castle, well our school but I can't find that girl. On the ground, I see b-chan sleeping.

“Wake up b-chan!” I try to wake him up talking and moving him and but he is sleeping deeply.

Suddenly the little girl appears “You won't wake him up!”

“what did you do to b-chan?”

“Nothing, but he will stay like that if you don't play with me.”

“play with you?! but why? just wake him up.”

“Please, play with me for a while, and that bear will wake up.”

“C'mon I need to go soon.”

“It won't take long, we will only play two games, and as I said if you win that bear will wake.”

“fine, I will play but promise me to wake b-chan.”

We started playing rock, paper, scissors. She won first by using paper, but the other two times I won, first with paper, and the second with scissors.

“You think you are good? then, how about this game?” the girl takes some poker cards from her pocket, and we start to play.

I don't know the rules, but somehow I won, we were seeing the rule card so often because she also didn't know the rules, but I think she was having fun.

“I defeat you two times, wake b-chan now!” I tell her.

“Fine, that bear will wake up, but you won't!”

Suddenly some purple smoke appears, and I hear a weird word “Nyankya~”

I feel sleepy, but I see a cat with bat wings and some horns. My sight is blurry, and I passing out, but I see that b-chan wakes up and starts running.

Maybe it's late, but I remember that she was the girl who was outside my house with a cat the other day.

I'm not sure how many hours passed, but I slowly regain my conscience.

“Meiko, wake up!” I hear Kanako's voice, I'm on the infirmary bed, and I see her with Takeshi, Hana, and Maya.

“b-chan told us that something happened to you, so we went running to find you, then Takeshi took you to the infirmary with the help of Maya. Hana saw you while they were carrying you and followed them.”

“I think I was just tired, maybe I slept without even knowing,” I tell them a lie because I don't know who exactly was that girl, and I also don't want to worry them more.

Everyone is worry about me, and they are telling me to get better, that I shouldn't overwork, and so on.

Some minutes later I notice something really bad... my diary is missing, maybe that girl stole it.