Chapter 10:

Nosy aunts of neighborhood

Who will the Villainess choose?

All night, my precious night was spent on the papers. I was not Akira, so it was not easy for me to do them. I have thought that like I had read in novels, the transmigrated soul gets all the qualities and brains of the girl. Then why the hell i have to read each paper four to five times to understand what it meant.Bookmark here

I really want to bang my head on the wall in the end.Bookmark here

“My lady, you are looking tired. Why don't you go and rest for a while.'' I really wanted to beat my side when he said that. The first rays of sun have already started touching the sky.Bookmark here

“What is your name?” I also looked at him and he blinked. He could not believe that I was asking his name. Well since he was old, i never paid attention to him in the game. I only know about handsome boys and beautiful girls and the main character of the story.Bookmark here

“My name is Phil my lady.” he replied in an embarrassed tone as he had to introduce himself again after years of working together.Bookmark here

“So, Phil. since it's already morning. I would not get enough time to sleep. So, rather than trying to sleep, how about we both discuss a few things.`` I took out a few empty parches and a magical feather in my hand. Bookmark here

“I am always available at your service my lady.'' The bewildered man was pondering which business deal I was about to discuss now.Bookmark here

“Well, I want to know everything related to Andrew. What does he like to eat, who are his friends, where does he spend time with, and his other leisure activities. Everything that I should know as a wife. Basically I want you to write his biography in the next 24 hours.`` I replied, noting down all the points which I wanted to know.Bookmark here

“My lady, you will have the training as an empress starting next month anyway. Didn't you say that wasting your time over something you are going to know in the future will waste your today only.'' I muttered a curse under my breath when I listened to his words. That was something Akira would say, but I was not her and I did not have a month to spare.Bookmark here

When I would be taking the classes to be an empress he would find the player and fall in love with her. So, I have to strike first before that happens.Bookmark here

“That was past, now I could not take the risk. So, I can not wait for one more month.”Bookmark here

He frowned at my words and then turned silent.Bookmark here

“May i know what has changed, my lady” i must say he was like the nosy aunts that live in the neighborhood and poke their nose in everything you do! Yet you have to behave amiable with them, in case they gossip about you more than usual.Bookmark here

Thank goodness, I was habitual of a lot of aunts, so I could handle this man who was of gossipy nature easily.Bookmark here

“This marriage would strengthen our position in the empire as I would be the empress. But as you can see the interest of the crown prince does not lie in me. And if it continued there is a high chance that he would bring a concubine or more break the alliance and marry someone else. So, it is important to improve my relationship with him. It would be an insult to me and the dukedom if anything happened as I mentioned above.” my words hit straight where it should be, the man’s eyes filled with determination as he looked at me.Bookmark here

“You do not need to worry, my lady. I will try my best to get all the information and make sure that you will win the heart of his royal highness.” He spoke like a brave soldier who was sent for the borders to fight with the enemy.Bookmark here

“Good, at the same time I want all the information about Archduke Damien too. I want to convince him to sign all the deals for the future with us. For that i need his weakness too.'' I added and he bowed his head with admiration filled eyes.Bookmark here

“You have always been intelligent when it comes to business my lady. But today you are looking much more witty and crafty, My lady” the proud smirk forming on my face stiffened and I glared at the man who was insulting me and praising me at the same time.Bookmark here

“You may go now.” I replied looking towards the window.Bookmark here

“My lady, your father has asked me to inform you that he will have breakfast with you.” Just when I thought there would be some peace in my life and I would get time to observe this place more, another explosive dropped on me.Bookmark here

“I will be there in two hours.” I replied curtly as I continued to look out of the window. I heard the footsteps that turned fainted with time and sighed.Bookmark here

This place, these things were so normal, so realistic that I still could not believe that I had turned into a gaming character. Would my family be missing me? I sighed remembering my brother. Would he be happy that I was finally gone from his life?Bookmark here

“My lady.. Would you like to take a bath?” asked the maids, who entered in. they must be informed about the timing of breakfast. Bookmark here

Everyone here was afraid of the duke after all. I nodded my head and followed them in the bath area.Bookmark here

I could not explain in words.. How good it felt when two ladies give you a bath and massage your tired body. It felt like I was rejuvenated. I closed my eyes and moaned as their hands worked on my arms and back at the same time.Bookmark here

They stiffened when I moaned and stopped moving.Bookmark here

“Keep going on. You are doing so well.`` I replied, and finally they started moving again. I wish I could spend all my time here, but then the delicacies were waiting for me too.Bookmark here

I changed into a beautiful pink dress. It had pearls on its neckline and hem. It was so soft to the skin that I fell in love with its touch.Bookmark here

After getting ready, I walked to my father's private dining room, which was used when we shared lunch together. The room was darker in shade, with dark green and mahogany colour. Bookmark here

I sat on my seat that was on the other corner of the dining table that had seating for twenty people. Just as I looked at the exotic dishes filling the table. I felt my mouth watering and drool forming on the corner or my lips.Bookmark here

But I still needed to wait for my father to arrive. I sighed as I felt bad for the food, who would turn cold soon. Bookmark here

But such exotic food can be bad even if it's cold, right?’Bookmark here

Just when I was wondering that, I heard the footsteps of my father. I stood up and bowed my head as I looked at Duke Ivor Kinsman, the third most powerful person of the empire, after the royal family and the cursed Archduke family.Bookmark here

He used to be the biggest and richest businessman of the empire but his wife died in a fire accident and he burnt his face and hands too. Since then he was working from the shadows and the whole management was assigned to young Akira from a young age. Bookmark here

While other girls were playing with dolls and kitchen sets, Akira was attending business meetings and how to run an empire. When other girls go shopping for clothes, Akira was learning how to make the best dress and how to sell them well.Bookmark here

When other girls went to dance classes Akira went to mines and fields for work. Until now, she was burdened with responsibilities. And when she accepted it and did her best, others started criticizing her as a greedy woman who wanted the whole empire for herself rather than sharing it with her distant relatives. And cold hearted as she never played and smiled like normal girls of her age and she didn't even have friends. Not even a single one.Bookmark here

When I used to play the game, I even felt that Akira was a selfish, greedy and cold hearted person who wanted to keep the crown prince for herself even when she did not love her. But now that I am in her shoes. It felt like she was just asking for her rights that I was taking for granted. After all, she had nothing to call hers except that marriage.Bookmark here

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