Chapter 7:

Chapter 7

Hachiko - A Hachishakusama Story

So off I went, to the vault to see Hachiko. I thought I was going to be delayed by Hideki’s crap but he came to work and took over the shift like he was supposed to, even if he was late. Bookmark here

“Glad I didn’t have to stay the whole shift. Not sure I would have made it without killing the new guy. He’s worse than Hideki.”Bookmark here

As usual, I had to make sure no one was following me to go see Hachiko. Who knows what would happen if someone stumbled across her. She’s an 8 foot tall monster who could eat someone and use their bones as toothpicks. Bookmark here

“Wait a minute. I’ve never seen bones near there. Does she eat the bones too?”Bookmark here

“Looking at this vault in the daylight, it’s really built well isn’t it. You would think after all this time it would have degraded but back then they did build things better.”Bookmark here

I opened the door to the vault and this time, to my surprise, I saw Hachiko just sitting there, against the back wall of the vault, head down, with her arms wrapped around her knees. She seemed to be asleep but that was an awkward position to be sleeping in. I leaned over and started calling to her.Bookmark here

“Hachiko. Hey Hachiko. Hachiko!”Bookmark here

Hachiko slowly started to wake up.Bookmark here

“Is that youuuu Kazuuuuuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Yeah Hachiko, it’s me. Wake up.”Bookmark here

I watched as Hachiko stretched her arms out and yawned. Bookmark here

“Those teeth.”Bookmark here

Hachiko started to stretch out like a housecat A really big housecat. Then she looked up at me.Bookmark here

“I was thinking about you Kazuuuu. It was nice. Youuuu were just laying here next to me. It was peaceful and quiet.”Bookmark here

“Hachiko. That’s what you call a dream.”Bookmark here

“Dream? Really? Don’t think I ever had one before.”Bookmark here

“Really? But you’re like 1000 years old.”Bookmark here

“HEY! I’m not that old!”Bookmark here

I started laughing because she had the most serious look on her face. She should have known I was joking but I guess she took it seriously.Bookmark here

“What’s so funny Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Your face.”Bookmark here

Hachiko got into what I could only describe as an attack position. Kind of like a cat or dog when they see another and want to show dominance. She even started to snarl at me and show her teeth.Bookmark here

“Wait! Hachiko! That’s not what I meant! I meant the face you were making was funny because you took my joke so seriously.”Bookmark here

“So youuuu’re not saying my face looks funny and makes youuuuu laugh?”Bookmark here

“No. Of course not. Why would you think that? I think you’re beautiful.”Bookmark here

Hachiko started to get up but decided not to stand. She instead got into a sitting position and put her head down. Bookmark here

“I apologize Kazuuuu, I thought youuuu were being mean to me. I guess I really am just a dumb monster.”Bookmark here

“Pick your head up Hachiko. And stop calling yourself names. Why do you keep saying things like you’re dumb or stupid? Is that what those other humans taught you?”Bookmark here

I didn’t realize I sounded like I was scolding her at the time but it made me mad knowing that she was probably treated poorly. She actually started to shed a few tears and it was my fault. It was probably my inexperience in dealing with women or feelings or...maybe it was just me.Bookmark here

I took a seat on one of the crates near Hachiko and she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. I wiped her tears away.Bookmark here

“No Kazuuuu. Even the families I stayed with didn’t say much to me except for that one girl. They let me live with them but never much conversation. I may not uuuunderstand all the ways huuuumans commuuuunicate but I can try if youuu help me.”Bookmark here

“We can work on that Hachiko, especially if I take you out into the city.”Bookmark here

“Y-y-y-ouuuu really want to take me into the city? Aren’t youuu scared Kazuuuu? I am. I’m very scared of the huuuumans. Very scared.”Bookmark here

She reached around me with both arms and started squeezing me. At first it was like a hug but then she started squeezing harder and harder.Bookmark here

“Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Yes Kazuuuuu?”Bookmark here

“You realize if you squeeze me to death we can’t go right?”Bookmark here

“I apologize Kazuuu. I didn’t realize…”Bookmark here

She started to loosen her grip. Even though she still had her arms around me, we were back to hug level and not break my ribs level.Bookmark here

“Hachiko. We’ll go slow okay. I’ll help you learn to communicate better and when you’re ready I’ll take you out. You’ll be with me. I’ll protect you. I want to show you how much the world has changed since you’ve been in here. You don’t have to talk to anyone except me, I’ll do all the talking for us.”Bookmark here

“I don’t know Kazuuuu. I’m just happy that youuuu’re here with me. I don’t need the city or the stuuuupid huuuumans.”Bookmark here

Now that she loosened her grip I was able to slip my arm out and started stroking her hair in an attempt to calm her nerves a bit.Bookmark here

“Okay Hachiko. But I do want to show you one day what the world has become. You’ll be so amazed. Even I get amazed at some of the stuff humans have done over the years.”Bookmark here

“Maybe Kazuuuu. Maybe...”Bookmark here

“If we do go out one day, we have to get you new clothes. You can’t go out in these rags.”Bookmark here

“New clothes?! For me!? Really?! Are there huuuuman females as tall as me?! That’s amazing. Will I look like all those fancy ladies? That’s kind of exciting.”Bookmark here

“You really are excited aren’t you Hachiko. Not sure how I’m going to pull this off but now that I opened my mouth, I guess I have to.”Bookmark here

“No Hachiko, no women are as tall as you. I’m going to have to figure that part out. I figured out the sneakers, right?”Bookmark here

“Okay. I trust youuuu Kazuuuu. I’m trusting youuu to make me look pretty so I can go…..out….side.”Bookmark here

“That sounded really confident….”Bookmark here

I could feel her shaking as she said that. I guess no matter what, she’s going to be afraid.Bookmark here

“So will you trust me to measure you then?”Bookmark here

“Are youuuu just trying to touch my ass again Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“Wow. So forceful!”Bookmark here

“I’m kidding Hachi but I do have to if we’re going to get a good measurement.”Bookmark here

“Hachi?”Bookmark here

“Yes, short for Hachiko. It’s what we humans call a nickname. Like when you call me Kazu. It’s just a quicker way to say someone’s name.”Bookmark here

“Oooooh. I get it. It’s so efficient. I don’t think I ever heard anyone do something like that.”Bookmark here

Since we got a late start I pulled out my phone to check the time.Bookmark here

“Hey Kazuuuu! What’s that thing!?”Bookmark here

“My phone? Oh that’s right. You wouldn’t know what this is.”Bookmark here

She looked up at me like a lost puppy waiting for me to tell her what it was. Bookmark here

“Since she’s been in this vault probably well over 200 years, she might not even know about the original phone.”Bookmark here

“Tell me Kazuuuu! Tell me what that phone thing is please! Did I say it right?!”Bookmark here

“Hold on. Hold on. I’m going to. I’m just debating which way to tell you. Technology has come a long way since you were locked in here. I don’t even know if I’d call it technology from the year we’re guessing you were locked in this thing.”Bookmark here

“Is telling me really that difficult? I guess I really am...”Bookmark here

Before she finished that sentence I jumped in. She was about to call herself dumb or stupid or something and it just irked me to hear it.Bookmark here

“No Hachiko, it’s not that it's difficult really. But there were several steps and years of history to get to this one device. There’s just so many ways I can tell you. I can tell you myself or I can find a video on my phone and show you.”Bookmark here

“Vid...eo? On your phone? And this vid...eo would tell me? Are youuuu joking with me again? Do youuuu think I won’t uuuunderstand?”Bookmark here

I was debating how to tell her about the phone but my mind was a mass of jumbled thoughts because of how many years had passed. Should I have told her everything from the beginning? Somewhere in the middle? Just explain the phone I was showing her? Bookmark here

“Hachiko. Go sit where you were when I came in okay?”Bookmark here

“Okay….”Bookmark here

Hachiko started to crawl slowly over to the spot where she was instead of getting up to walk. At her height she could make it across the room quickly but she was definitely showing disappointment.Bookmark here

“Wow she’s upset. I just didn’t have the right words. Ugh.”Bookmark here

I got up to go to the same spot I asked Hachiko to go to and as I passed her I slapped her on the ass.Bookmark here

“Hey! Kaaaaazuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”Bookmark here

“Well hurry up and stop sulking. Come on.”Bookmark here

I sat in the same spot that Hachiko was sitting in when I came in and motioned to her to come sit next to me. But she stopped right in front of me and picked herself up. She was on her knees, right in front of me, looking right at me like she had something on her mind.Bookmark here

“Are youuuu done teasing me now?!”Bookmark here

I was looking up at an 8 foot tall creature who seemed agitated. I had to come up with an answer to keep her from getting upset again.Bookmark here

“Hachiko. I swear I’m not teasing you. Come sit next to me so I can explain what a video is and show you one that will help explain the phone.”Bookmark here

Hachiko grunted and then sat next to me, though she still thought I was teasing her since she still doesn’t know what a video is. I turned to look at her and she looked back at him. It’s not like we haven’t looked at each other before but for some reason this time we were like embarrassed teenagers. We made eye contact and then both turned away from each other. I’m pretty sure we were both blushing too.Bookmark here

“Ok Hachiko. I’m going to explain this to you as best as I can with the help of a video.”Bookmark here

“With the help….of a vid….eo?”Bookmark here

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to show her. Hachiko was intently looking and listening to me talk about my phone.Bookmark here

“This is what we call a cellular phone. It lets you communicate with other people who are far away. But it can do other things too.”Bookmark here

“Are youuuuu making fun of me Kazuuuu? Youuu can’t do that. Next thing youuuu know youuuu’ll be telling me that people can fly.”Bookmark here

“Actually…..”Bookmark here

Hachiko crossed her arms and started pouting. Bookmark here

“I guess I have to explain flying to her also now. Imagine if I told her people went to the moon.”Bookmark here

“Look, Hachi, I swear you can communicate with people over long distances. Just watch and I will put it on speaker so you can hear it too.”Bookmark here

“Speak….er?”Bookmark here

“I really have a lot to teach you. Be quiet for a few minutes okay. I’m going to make a phone call and let you listen.”Bookmark here

Since I finally got her calmed, I proceeded to call my sister Maki. Bookmark here

“Hopefully the shrimp is still awake or I’m going to look like a fool and have no way to prove this too her.”Bookmark here

So I hit the speed dial and waited for Maki to answer the phone.Bookmark here

“Maki. Hi Maki. Just wanted to call and let you know I’m okay.”Bookmark here

“’s late Kazu. Will you be home soon?”Bookmark here

“No. I’ll be late sis.”Bookmark here

“Is it because---.”Bookmark here

“Can’t talk right now Maki, we’ll talk when I get home.”Bookmark here

“Damned brat. Ugh.”Bookmark here

I turned to look at Hachiko but I didn’t realize how close she was. We were face to face again, there might have been maybe a centimeter between us. She looked like she was going to explode with joy or excitement or however I should say that. She was extremely excited and that was just from a phone call. Wait until she learns about the other features of phones.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuuuu! There was another voice!! Was that another huuuuman!? Who was that?!! Soooo another huuuuuman has one of these?!? This phone thing let you talk to them!? Is it magic?!! Tell me! Tell me!!”Bookmark here

“Okay, calm down Hachiko. We just started, there’s a lot more.”Bookmark here

“Just started?!?! There’s more!?”Bookmark here

Hachiko moved even closer to me, not that there was much space between us as it was. She wrapped her arm around mine, kind of like she thought I was going to escape or something and wanted to make sure I didn’t. She was as excited as a kid with a new toy.Bookmark here

“What you just heard was called a phone call. Using the phone, I could call someone else. Anyone in the world even. As long as they have one too. So yes it was another human. It was my little sister Maki.”Bookmark here

“Little sister? Will I get to meet this little sister if I go outside with youuuu?”Bookmark here

“Maybe Hachiko. You know we have a lot to consider if we go outside and I want you to be safe. That even includes my sister. I haven’t told her about you because I don’t even know how she’ll react.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu, I’m honored that youuu are trying to protect me.”Bookmark here

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”Bookmark here

Hachiko went to rest her head on my shoulder again.Bookmark here

“I’ll be with youuuuu so I’ll be safe. Show me more please.”Bookmark here

“Even though you’re hundreds of years old, you still have a somewhat childlike nature to you. It’s kind of cute."Bookmark here

Hachiko blushed and turned away to hide it from me but I saw her. Since she’s so pale it’s almost like her whole face turns red like in an anime or something.Bookmark here

So I started flipping through my phone to find a video that could explain phones from the very beginning. Good thing I didn’t even try to explain that part or we might have went down on of those rabbit holes that you never get out of.Bookmark here

“I will explain these other things you’re seeing later but remember when I mentioned movies? So remember when you chased me around the vault? If we captured that, it would be called a video. A movie would be a longer version of that. So they’re both moving pictures to some degree. But there can be short movies or long videos so it’s not as easy as that to explain.”Bookmark here

“Ok. I think I uuuunderstand……”Bookmark here

“Ok, let’s try this. This is a video that will explain what phones are. Phones didn’t look like this at the beginning. It was like using a string to move sound between two points.”Bookmark here

“A string? Really?”Bookmark here

“Yes. A string. Let’s watch this video and it will explain phones to you. I will have to explain more about videos and movies later. What you’re going to watch is a video but not a movie. A movie would be something scripted. Though videos can be scripted too so it’s not the best explanation.”Bookmark here

“Youuuu mean something like a….play? I think that’s what it was called. I never saw one but the older sister girl would try to tell me about it. Like she would try to….act it...out? I’m not suuuuure I’m saying it right.”Bookmark here

“Yes, something like that. Someone would write it and people would act it out, but then it gets filmed on a camera.”Bookmark here

“A cam...era? I thought they only take still pictures?”Bookmark here

“So you do know what a camera is. This is a much more advanced camera than the one you’re thinking of though. A movie is usually done as a form of entertainment. Now let me show you this video. We’ll talk more about this stuff later.”Bookmark here

I finally found a video that explained phones from the original concept to the current cell phones. Once I pressed play, Hachiko was as still as a statue while watching the video. She was completely engrossed by the video.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuu? Kazuuuuuuuu!? So all this...happened while I was in here?”Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am. But there is a lot, lot more. Phones are a big part of it but wait until you see cars and TVs and computers. In your time people died when they got sick right? Well not anymore because science has come a long way.”Bookmark here

“Wow!!! Kazuuuu….I’m still afraid to go out there but now I uuuunderstand what youuuu meant when youuu say a lot has changed. Can we see more of these video things? But youuuuu know...I’d be happy if I could just stay here and watch these videos with youuuu.”Bookmark here

“We’ll watch more but for now I need to measure you so I can try to figure out clothing for you.”Bookmark here

“Youuuu promise we can watch more?”Bookmark here

“Yes, I swear. Maybe next time we can watch a movie. Like a zombie movie so you can see how scary it was like when you chased me in the dark.”Bookmark here

Hachiko put her head down thinking I was admonishing her. I have to remember that she’s kind of sensitive. After noticing this, I put my hand on her head and started stroking her hair.Bookmark here

“Hey. Pick your head up. It’s okay. I was joking.”Bookmark here

“But I…”Bookmark here

“Shhhhhhh… it’s okay, really.”Bookmark here

This is when I thought of something that would pick her spirits back up. I turned to Hachiko and put my phone in her hands. I thought it looked small in my hands but it was so tiny in hers. Her hands are huge.Bookmark here

“Let me show you how to make a video?”Bookmark here

“REAWWWY!?!??!”Bookmark here

I always try not to laugh when she drags or slurs words but it’s not that it’s funny. It’s actually kind of cute. This really tall creature has a cutesy side.Bookmark here

“Wow that was loud. Okay Hachiko, I’m going to show you how to make a video. Pay attention okay?”Bookmark here

“And youuuu can do it with this cell phone thing?”Bookmark here

“Yes Hachiko.”Bookmark here

I walked over to her and started showing her how to use the phone to make a video. I walked her through every step from how to turn on the phone, all the way to recording video. Then I turned it off to see if she remembered everything that she needed to do if she wanted to make a video. Bookmark here

“So when I go over to the other side of the room, I’m going to raise my right arm. That’s the signal. Okay?”Bookmark here

“Okay Kazuuuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Get ready. Here I go.”Bookmark here

I proceeded to walk to the other side of the room. I wanted to mess with her and raise my left arm or do something else instead of my right arm but I decided not to. She was so excited and I didn’t want to take that away from her or make her feel like I was purposely making fun of her.Bookmark here

“Remember to point it at me so I’m on the screen. Okay?”Bookmark here

“I can do it Kazuuuu!”Bookmark here

I raised my right arm to signal her to start recording. It seems like she remembered everything just fine. Since we were in the vault there wasn’t much I could really do so I took off my backpack and then sat down on one of the crates. After that I took off my left sneaker and pretended I was examining it and then I put it back on. Bookmark here

“Okay Hachiko. Press the red dot again.”Bookmark here

“Okay….. I did it Kazuuuu. I did it!”Bookmark here

As I started walking back to the other side of the room, I could see the excitement in Hachiko’s eyes. For her it was a big accomplishment. I wasn’t even sure she’d be able to with those huge hands of hers but it seems like she got it. I patted her on the head since she seemed to like me doing that. Then I sat next to her and she wrapped her arm around mine.Bookmark here

“Okay, let’s see what you got.”Bookmark here

I took the phone from her to show her how to play the video but decided to give it back to her and let her play it herself since it was her video.Bookmark here

“Here’s how you play the video. See the symbol that looks like it’s pointing to the right? Press that and the video will play.”Bookmark here

“Okay. Press this thing and the video will play. Got it.”Bookmark here

Hachiko pressed the play icon and watched her video in utter amazement. I was watching her while she watched the video. I wanted to see what her reaction would be.Bookmark here

“I did it! I did it! I did it! I made a video thing! That’s youuuu but youuuu’re in the cell phone thing!”Bookmark here

“You did good.”Bookmark here

“So if I had one of those cell phone things I could call youuuu? Like when youuu called the little sister person?”Bookmark here

“Little sister person? You mean Maki. I guess you could.”Bookmark here

“Maybe some day in the fuuuture? I know I’m just a monster but I want to be able to hear youuuur voice when youuuuu’re not here.”Bookmark here

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