Chapter 8:

Chapter 8

Hachiko - A Hachishakusama Story

“Stop calling yourself a monster.”Bookmark here

“Then what am I Kazuuuu? If I wasn’t a monster they wouldn’t have locked me in here. I live much longer than huuuumans. If I’m not a monster then what am I?!”Bookmark here

Hachiko started crying again and I wasn’t sure what to say this time. She is a monster. Seemingly a vampire, in fact. But I didn’t want to call her a monster and I was never able to get her to stop calling herself that.Bookmark here

“I’m just a big, stuuuupid, scary monster and one day youuuu might not want to come back.”Bookmark here

I slipped my arm out from her grip and put my arms around her. I figured it was going to be the only way to get her calm again.Bookmark here

“Hey. Stop crying. I don’t know what will happen in the future and neither do you. We just need to go one step at a time.”Bookmark here

“And youuuu still want to come back and see this big stuuuupid monster?”Bookmark here

“Maybe if you stop calling yourself that. You’re not a big stupid monster. Well, you kind of are a big monster but you’re not stupid. You just don’t know about these things because those idiots locked you in here for so long.”Bookmark here

“But compared to huuuumans I’m so primative. I know I’m not like huuuumans. I’m more like a cavewoman.”Bookmark here

“The only one you have to deal with is me. No one else is here and I don’t think of you that way.”Bookmark here

I kissed her on the forehead and Hachiko uses her hands to push away from me.Bookmark here

“W-w-w-what did y-y-y-youuuu just do Kazuuuu? Are y-y-y-youuuu tasting me?”Bookmark here

Hachiko wrapped her arms around her knees as if she was trying to curl up into a ball like she was unsure and maybe even scared.Bookmark here

“Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Y-y-y-y-yessssss.”Bookmark here

“That was called a kiss.”Bookmark here

“Kissss?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Has no one ever shown you any type of affection?”Bookmark here

“No Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Oh. How can I put this...I did it to kind of calm your mind.”Bookmark here

“Well my mind is not very calm right now! Y-y-y-y-ouuuu just tasted me. Are monsters tasty to huuuumans? Y-y-y-youuuu told me that I’m one of those uuuurban legend things. Do huuuumans eat uuuurban legends? Is that why those huuuumans wanted to hunt me?”Bookmark here

I just couldn’t hold back my laughter.anymore. I started laughing and Hachiko was completely confused by the situation because she thought I was trying to eat her. Isn’t she usually the one threatening to eat someone?Bookmark here

“I knew it! Y-y-y-youuuu want to eat me! Kazuuuu don’t eat me!”Bookmark here

“Aren’t you the one who always threatens to eat me?!”Bookmark here

I walked over to Hachiko and kissed her on the forehead again.Bookmark here

“S-s-s-stop tasting me Kazuuuu!”Bookmark here

“Hachiko, calm down!” Bookmark here

Now I didn’t know what to do. She really seemed to think I was tasting her. So I went behind her and wrapped my arms around her.Bookmark here

“Would you calm down already?!”Bookmark here

“Y-y-y-youuuuuu sure youuuu’re not tasting me?”Bookmark here

I have to admit that messing with her was fun. It wasn’t long ago that the big 8 foot vampire monster lady was threatening to eat me. So I kept messing with her. I kissed her on the top of her head but she was still shivering. I guess she really was scared taht I might be tasting her. What the hell did those idiots do to her. Anyway, after that I moved to her right side. She still had her head down with her arms wrapped around her knees but I could get a peek at her from under her arms. I moved in closer and peeked in from the gap between her arms. She was looking back at me so I guess she felt me next to her.Bookmark here

“Heeeeeey. I can see you in there.”Bookmark here

“So?!”Bookmark here

“I know you’re stronger than me so I’m not going to try to pry your arms open. I’m just going to keep poking you until you let your guard down.”Bookmark here

“Poke me all youuuu want. I’m not coming out until y-y-y-y-youuuu tell me what youuuu were doing.”Bookmark here

“I was tasting you.”Bookmark here

Hachiko changed positions without thinking. She was still sitting but she raised her right arm to point at me. She didn’t realize she left herself open for me to slide in.Bookmark here

“I knew it!”Bookmark here

I slid right in, under her arm and now I was face to face with her. I wrapped my arms around her so she couldn’t escape unless she used force. Which was not the best move but luckily she didn’t fight back. She probably could have thrown me across the room.Bookmark here

“Hachiko. Hachiko! Calm down! I was kidding!”Bookmark here

“Youuuu suuuure?”Bookmark here

“Let’s try this again. This time I won’t surprise you.”Bookmark here

“Ooooo….kay Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Are you sure? Are you calm now?”Bookmark here

So I kissed her on the forehead again. But this time she didn’t react like she was being tasted.Bookmark here

“Do it again Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

I kissed her on the forehead again, in the same spot.Bookmark here

“Still not suuuure I believe youuuu. Doooo it again.”Bookmark here

Guess at this point, she finally realized I wasn't trying to eat her. So again I kissed her on the forehead. Her head was still down but I could tell she was blushing.Bookmark here

“Youuuu might need to do it again Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Okay, now you’re just being greedy.”Bookmark here

“I just want to be suuuure that youuuu won’t try to eat me.”Bookmark here

“Hachiko, you’re like 8 feet tall. That’s a whole lot of meat.”Bookmark here

“Hey! Don’t be mean to me! I’m not a lot of...”Bookmark here

I just started poking her in the side.Bookmark here

“I’m not meat…”Bookmark here

She started pouting so I gave in and kissed her on the forehead again. I guess if I went through the stuff she did, I might be weary of someone’s intentions too. Even if I’ve been spending time with someone.Bookmark here

Hachiko picked her head up and she was still blushing. I put my hands on her shoulders and looked directly at her.Bookmark here

“Do you believe me now? No more thinking I’m trying to taste you?”Bookmark here

“Maybe...I might believe youuu if youuuuu did it again...”Bookmark here

“She really does have a sweet innocent side to her.”Bookmark here

So yeah, I gave her another kiss on the forehead. I never would have expected this from her at all.Bookmark here

“Are you done playing around? I still have to measure you.”Bookmark here

“W-w-why are youuuu measuring me? Trying to see if I fit in y-y-youuuur huuuuman oven?”Bookmark here

“Ha ha. Though I do wonder if you might fit in an oven...”Bookmark here

“Kaaaaaaazuuuuuuuuuu!”Bookmark here

Okay, messing with Hachiko time was over, we needed to get her measured. So I got up and walked to the area where the crates were and called Hachiko to come over. I wanted to get started on taking her measurements since it was already late.Bookmark here

“Hey Hachiko, come over here.”Bookmark here

As Hachiko walked over to me, I started to realize just how tall she was. I mean I knew she was tall but when you’re sitting and she’s towering over you, it’s truly an amazing sight. Getting clothes for her will be difficult. I was beginning to think I might have made a mistake by saying I could come up with clothes for her. Now that I was getting an even better look at her, she was a giant. And the hips. Daaaaamn. Her chest is kind of large too. But I still went into my bag to find the long cloth tape measure I brought with me.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu are youuuuu suuuure about taking me outside? I’m still afraid of huuuumans youuuuu know. And I don’t want anything to happen to youuuu for being with me.”Bookmark here

I didn’t know what to say to her right then. I wanted to take her out but it was definitely not a smart move or one I’d recommend to anyone else. Bookmark here

“I don’t know actually. I just know I want to do something special...with you.”Bookmark here

“But Kazuuuu. What if youuuuu can’t find clothes for me? What if someone notices that I’m different? I’m just happy that youuuu come to see me. I don’t want to be trouble for youuuu.”Bookmark here

“Look. We can worry about that later okay. I will see what I can do on the clothes thing. And they’ll definitely notice you’re different but that should be fine. There are many different people out there Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Youuuu should know something else then Kazuuuu. I can’t let sunlight touuuuch me at all, I will burn up and possibly die. That’s why I always go out at night.”Bookmark here

“Oh. Well I did think you might have some issues with light if you’re really part vampire. I guess I should have realized the sunlight thing based on the stories of vampires. I’ll think of something for that too.”Bookmark here

I got down on my knees to start measuring her from her calves up. Bookmark here

“She has some pretty thick calves, you can tell she runs a lot. Still somewhat soft but mostly firm.”Bookmark here

“Since we already know your shoe size we can bypass that. But I may need to get you more. Looks like you wore these down already. You should probably take them off when you go looking for food.”Bookmark here

“But I can’t control it Kazuuu. When I get really hungry, I turn feral and I…”Bookmark here

I interrupted her because it seemed like she was going to say something that might make me feel bad or sad or whatever the feeling is that she gets when she talks about her monster side. Bookmark here

“I get it. I get it. Maybe take them off and only wear them after you wake up so you’re not wearing them down?”Bookmark here

“Okay! I can do that Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

I started to move up to her thighs and they were pretty firm too. She had some tree trunk thighs on her. Really thick and firm. It really left me curious just how fast she could run.Bookmark here

“So that’s how she’s able to chase down deer. I would not want to be running from her. Just seems like an instant game over.”Bookmark here

As I started to move up, I skipped her hips and moved to her waist. She noticed that I did that too.Bookmark here

“Hey Kazuuuu. Isn’t there something else youuuu want to measure?”Bookmark here

“Did I miss something?”Bookmark here

Hachiko hip checked me but she didn’t realize her strength and she knocked me right over the crate I was standing by. Not like just falling over the crate either. I had some hang time. I actually landed flat on my back from her attack.Bookmark here

“Hachiko! What was that for?!”Bookmark here

“I apologize Kazuuuu. I didn’t think I would almost kill you.”Bookmark here

Hachiko ran over to me and leaned over to try and help me up.Bookmark here

“Youuuu’re not broken are youuuuu!!? Are youuuu still alive?!? Wait youuuu just screamed at me, youuuuu’re alive. I didn’t mean to hurt youuuu Kazuuu.”Bookmark here

“You didn’t have to try to kill me with your big ass.”Bookmark here

“I apologize again Kazuuuu. I wasn’t trying to hurt youuuu. I was...just...I was...I was just….I just wanted to push youuu a little. I wasn’t trying to kill youuuu! I swear!”Bookmark here

“So you were trying to be playful?”Bookmark here

Hachiko put her head down kind of like she was being scolded but that wasn’t my intention. I was just trying to figure out why she sent me flying. But she knew she was way too rough that time even though she wasn’t trying to be.Bookmark here

“It’s okay. I’ll survive….maybe.”Bookmark here

“Well, youuuu didn’t measure my hips and do youuuu say it. I wanted youuuu to?”Bookmark here

“I was going to but thought I would tease you a bit like you keep doing to me about the first time we met. I wasn’t expecting you to try to kill me though.”Bookmark here

“I apologize again Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Can you say, I’m sorry?”Bookmark here

“I’m suuuurry?”Bookmark here

“Hahahaha. No, it’s sorry not surry. Say that when you want to apologize. Instead of saying I apologize, say I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

“I’m suuurry. I’m suuuuuurry. I’m suuuurry.”Bookmark here

I got myself up and stood on the crate I just flew over, thanks to Hachiko, and put my hands on her cheeks and gave a little squeeze.Bookmark here

“Okay, try it now.”Bookmark here

“I suuuuuuuuuurry.”Bookmark here

“Guess she really can’t say it.”Bookmark here

“Okay, okay. Close enough.”Bookmark here

Since we were closer to being eye to eye, she leaned in to me but was kind of staring. I wasn’t sure why though until she finally said something after about a minute. Glad she did because it was getting kind of awkward.Bookmark here

“Hey Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“What’s up Hachiko?”Bookmark here

Did youuuu say I have a big ass?”Bookmark here

“That depends if you plan to hip check me again.”Bookmark here

Hachiko looked at me and gave me a mischievous smile.Bookmark here

“At least I’m not short.”Bookmark here

“I’m not short! I’m kind of tall for a human. You’re just a giant!”Bookmark here

“But if youuuu’re going to get accuuuurate measuuurements on me, you need to stand on---”Bookmark here

“Alright you. Let’s finish and then we can watch a movie.”Bookmark here

“A movie!?!? Really?!!??! That thing you told me about with the actors?!?!?”Bookmark here

Hachiko started bouncing up and down like an excited child who just got promised a trip to an amusement park. I seem to be making a lot of references like this but how else could I explain her excitement.Bookmark here

“You know...I could get used to being around her…”Bookmark here

“Okay. Are you done bouncing now? Let me measure you.”Bookmark here

She tried to stand still but she was excited. She kept giggling and jiggling while I tried to get her measurements.Bookmark here

“I have to get your waist measurement again since SOMEONE tried to kill me.”Bookmark here

“I’m s-s-suuuuuurry Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

I tried so hard not to laugh at that. It’s not like I was laughing at her but if you heard her say it, it was just funny how she was trying so hard to do it. No, that’s not right...Bookmark here

Anyway, I got behind Hachiko and went to measure her waist. I noticed her midsection was pretty firm too and without thinking, I started poking at her.Bookmark here

“You’re kind of firm Hachiko. You must really do a lot of running.”Bookmark here

I wasn’t sure how to measure her hips. From the back it would kind of be like I’m hugging her ass. She really does have wide hips. And it’s not like I’d be able to get a good number from behind her. But if I move to the front, she would probably tease me more about the first time we met when I accidentally bumped her, since I obviously would be grabbing her or reaching around her anyway.Bookmark here

“Hachi, you have to stop giggling so I can get a good measurement.”Bookmark here

“I’m just happy I get to watch a movie with youuuu, Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

So I came up with a compromise. I handed her one end of the tape measure and asked her to hold it in place, while I walked around her to meet back where she was holding the tape measure. As I went around her I smacked her on the ass. I had somewhat of a measurement but wanted to mess with her.Bookmark here

“Would you stand still?”Bookmark here

“I didn’t move!”Bookmark here

I gave her the other end of the tape measure so now she had both ends and I could see the number but I wanted to make sure it was on her hips. I looked at the number and played it off.Bookmark here

“I’m going to go around you again and just make sure it’s on your hips. So hold that right there okay?”Bookmark here

I tugged at the tape measure after walking behind her and again I slapped her on the ass. Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu!?”Bookmark here

“You ummmm...weren’t standing straight.”Bookmark here

“Are youuuuu doing that on purpose Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Doing what?”Bookmark here

I smacked her on the ass again but this time I moved the tape measure but it was an accident.Bookmark here

“Oops. I moved the tape.”Bookmark here

“Kaaaaazuuuuuuuuu. Stop being naughty.”Bookmark here

“I have no clue what you’re talking about. I accidentally moved the tape measure.”Bookmark here

She wasn’t holding the tape measure too tightly. I went to move it and she dropped it. I picked up the tape measure and instead of measuring her hips, I went to measure the length of her leg. Bookmark here

“Hey! I thought youuuu were measuring my hips. What happened!?”Bookmark here

“Oh I already got that before I asked you to stand still.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuu!”Bookmark here

“I never said I didn’t. Now stand still so we can finish.”Bookmark here

“Youuuu promised we would watch a movie.”Bookmark here

“I know.”Bookmark here

“Youuuu’ll keep youuuur word, won’t youuuu?”Bookmark here

“I will.”Bookmark here

I got back on the crate to be sure I could reach her upper torso. I got behind her and took measurements of her arms, torso length, neck width, underbust and then wrapped the tape measure around her chest to get the final measurement. I didn’t know how women measured clothes at the time but I know that is a big number for her chest. I mean she has large breasts afterall. Now I need to figure out clothes for her. Bookmark here

“Hey Kazuuuu. Would my body be ummm...something like a huuuuman female that someone might be interested in...if I was huuuuman?”Bookmark here

“Are you trying to ask if you might be considered attractive?”Bookmark here

“Yes! That!”Bookmark here

“Thick, meaty, enough for a whole family to have dinner for a week…”Bookmark here


“Hahahahahahahaha. I still can’t believe you thought I wanted to eat you.”Bookmark here

“Stupid Kazuuuu…”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Hachiko. Was just too easy to pass up. If you were human I would say you’re very attractive….even for a non human.”Bookmark here

This little conversation made Hachiko to smile and blush which I didn’t see because I was behind her. Bookmark here

“Did I answer your question?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Very much so. Youuuu made me very happy.”Bookmark here

“Good. Let’s go watch that movie now.”Bookmark here

I let go of the tape measure and started writing down her measurements as I got off the crate. I then grabbed her by the hand and walked her over to the wall where they were watching the video before and had her sit down while I looked for a movie for us to watch and figured out a way to set my phone down so they can watch together.Bookmark here

“Why don’t we watch a zombie movie. I mentioned it before when you chased me that other time I came, so now you can see what I meant.”Bookmark here

“Okay, Kazuuuu. I would like that.”Bookmark here

Looking through what was available, I picked 28 Days Later. I propped up my phone like it was on a tripod so he didn’t have to hold it while we watched the movie. I walked back to where Hachiko was and sat next to her. She wrapped her arms around me and put her head on my shoulder. About 20 minutes into the movie I fell asleep and she kept watching in utter amazement since she never saw anything like it before. As the movie ended I started to wake up and realized he missed the whole movie.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu, what are those symbols on the screen?”Bookmark here

“Those are called credits. Do you not know how to read, Hachiko?”Bookmark here

“No I do not. The huuuumans always said reading was for the rich so none of the families I lived with was rich enough to learn to read.”Bookmark here

“That’s kind of sad. Credits are all the people who worked on the movie. All those people you saw on the screen are there and all the people using the cameras and a bunch of other stuff too.”Bookmark here

“Cameras? Like the cell phone thing?”Bookmark here

“Not exactly. Filming a movie uses a lot of cameras and other people who you never see in the movie. Movies usually have over 100 people working on them.”Bookmark here

“Wow. That’s amazing. But I guess I can never see that.”Bookmark here

“Maybe I can find what we call a director’s cut. It has some of the people who filmed the movie on it and they talk about what it’s like to film the movie. They share funny stories that happen on the movie set, some of the problems and successes of the movie and other things that you might find interesting. It won’t be the same as being there but at least you can have an idea of what it’s like.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu. Why wouuuuld youuuu do all this for me? No huuuuman has ever treated me this well?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know. I just feel like doing it. Do you not want me here?”Bookmark here

“No! I want youuuu here! Please come see me again...and again...and again...and---”Bookmark here

I place my hand over her mouth to try to get her to calm down a bit.Bookmark here

“I promise I will come back to see you. We still have a date.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu. I know youuuuu probably have to leave soon but can we stay like this a little longer?”Bookmark here

“Okay.”Bookmark here

We both kind of fell asleep like that. It was peaceful. About an hour or two later I woke up. I slipped out of her grip and lightly placed her down on the floor. I grabbed the sack pillow I made and put it under her head. After that I headed home.Bookmark here

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