Chapter 3:

Next Day: The chronicles of Club Activities - Part one.

Cellular Redo

While rubbing my swollen cheek from a slap of the school idol's vicious slaps,I returned to the classroom for a well deserved lunch made from adorable little sister. The whole 'excursion' took about 10 minutes, right now I have more than 30 minutes to have some lunch before classes resume again. 

I returned back to my seat and find that Miss Nakano waiting for me. Taki started following me to my seat. 

"Oh hey you're finally back. Huh, why is your cheek all red"Miss Nakano asks. 

"Let's just say, I fell into a cliché and paid a terrible price for it. " I replied while rubbing my cheek. 

"I don't really get it, but that was some fall." she replied. 

For some reason I could sense Taki is trying to stab me with his eyes while I was talking to Miss Nakano. 

"What's eating you up." I just asked even though I knew I was regrets it. 

"YOU!! Since when are you all chummy with a girl, no not just any girl, Miss Chiasa Nakano no less" he yelled.

If he's this mad about me doing small talk with Miss Nakano, I could only imagine what he'll do to me if I explain my misunderstanding with the Honnor student earlier. 

"I don't know why are you getting all riled up for, we're just making small talks" I replied while talking my seat. 

"You traitor"

"In what way"

"I thought we're friends"

"We are" 

"You're supposed to be lonely like the rest of us." 

"Don't drag me in your delusional world. Jeez the nerve of that guy." 

"I see you guys get along really well. How long have you two been friends?" Miss Nakano asked. 

"Nah. We weren't friends for that long. In fact we just met each other since the entrance exam period" 

"Oh I see, now I remember you. Your that idiot who said he'd rule this school or something. Calling himself the harem king that's hilarious." 

"C'mon, I had enough embarrassing moments in my life so could you just cut it out already I wanna forget that cringy moment as soon as possible." 

"Too bad it's stuck for the rest of your life now, maybe we should call you Heika-Sama instead." she says that with a bursting out of laughter. 

"C'mon Ayato help your buddy up. She's picking on me." 

"Dude what am I your mother. Deal with it your self Heika Sama" 

"YOU TOO!!!" 

While we're picking on Taki I took out my bento. Finally the time has come for me to feast on my sister's great cooking. The content inside my bento was two onigiri and two broccoli on the big portion of the bento box, two tamagoyaki on the top right corner and some grapes on the bottom. Looking at the food it's self is making me more hungry than I already am. "Itadakimasu" I say. 

I was busy eating my onigiri and then I noticed Nakano and Taki are looking at me. I imagine that they are staring at my lunch. 

"Hayashi doesn't that lunch look a little..... blan don't you think?"

"It may be. But I like it because my little sister made it for me. To me, it's not the blanness of the lunch it's the thought that count." 

"What ever you say wierdo."

The entire lunch was all about Miss Nakano Making fun of Taki's embassing king of the harem crap he pulled today. We continued with our lessons for the day and it was finally time to go home. 

Taki and Miss Nakano where waiting for me in the main gate. We finally met up and where walking to the train station.  As soon as we got out of the gate I saw a black fancy car passing us and the rear passenger was no other than our honor student herself. I was distracted by her royalty profile. It looked so perfect that I would even forget her flustered look she showed after her lesson. 

"Hayashi are you even listening!?" 

"Huh? What where we talking about?"

In deep in thought, I didn't hear Nakano who was apparently getting irritated for ignoring her from what they where discussing about. 

"Come on. What, where you thinking about a girl or something. You're quite a horn dog thinking about a girl while walking with another next to you." 

"N-No I wasn't thinking of that" well she was half right it's but I'm not gonna let her know that, I won't hear the end of it. 

"Anyway, what where you two talking about." I was trying to change the subject I would soon regret it later. 

"Since you were spacing in your own world, Heita Sama and I where talking about which clubs we're gonna try out tomorrow. So which one are you gonna join? " 

"I don't know yet, but I'm not quite sure which one will I choose since I didn't join any clubs in my last school. " 

"You already know what I'm gonna choose, the soccer club. Imma be the Ace of the club and be popular with ladies." 

"You're still on about that. Good luck with that but don't make a fool of yourself like how you did this morning."


Nakano and I laughed as he melted up with anger. 

"Say, Miss Nakano what club will you join?" 

She stopped laughing and moving for a moment and you could fell from the chill in the air that she is upset about something. Taki and I noticed the room and stopped for a little while two. 

"Huh, what club would I like to join? Why don't you try and guess."

"What, no fair. We don't know you that much to guess what club activity you'd be interested to join. 

"How about the track club?"

The air froze again and this time the atmosphere felt heavier than before. Miss Nakano paused for a moment again. 

"Boop Boop that answer was wrong."

"What, man I really thought I hit the nail to the hammer on that one." 

"Haha too bad. But I'm also quite curious, why did you think I'd choose the track team anyway?"

"Well back in the introduction you said that you're into sports. And in our school there are a lot of sports groups. Most of them might have a lot of members in them. And to participate in events or matches or something you need to be chosen by your overall performance right? So unless you're that good in the particular sport you'd be benched for the rest of the season. While on the other hand on the track team is the safest bet since everyone can participate. "

After my explanation she started to giggle and burst out of laughter and continued saying,"What the hell who are you, a detective or something? Tell you what, why don't we just wait and see what club Nakano would choose. " 

We finally reached the station and parted our separate ways. I dropped by the convenient store on my way home and grabbed some snacks and drinks. 

"I'm home" I shouted as I opened the door but my Iroha was in the kitchen preparing tonight's dinner. I went straight to the kitchen. 

"Oh Big brother your home. How's your day at your new school? " 

"You sound like a mother asking her child who came back from school." 

"In that case you can be my child them as I'm asking the question."

"Aren't you a bit too young to be a mom, and aren't I a lot older to be your child." 

"fufu. I'm basically the mother of this house since I do the cleaning and the cooking in this house don't you think?" 

"You got a point there. Regardless to whatever you call yourself, you're still my favorite cute little sister." 

"Dinner is almost ready, I've already set up the bath for you so do you mind taking a bath before you eat. Also you can't eat snacks before you eat, it's gonna spoil your dinner. "

"Alright mom, I'm gonna take my bath now." 

In the bathtub I'm still thinking about what kind of Club Activity should I join the possibilities are really a lot. From the pamphlet we received from school, it says that Clubs are categorized into three groups, Sports, Culture and Art. Since I'm not that in to sports I guess I'll pass that category. Then all that is left is Culture and Art. I guess I'll try them tomorrow. 

I finished my bath and went to the kitchen finding Iroha finished preparing dinner. She made tempura for dinner tonight. 

The next morning, I met up with Miss Nakano but, what was strange was I couldn't find where Taki is. Instead of him, we found various club booths basically everywhere demanding to get new members to join their club. It looked like a festival but without the amazing food. 

"Wow the school looks lovely today, huh." 

"Yeah and it looks like our senpais are targeting new members for their clubs. And their target is us the first year's." 

"Excuse me, you three do you wanna join our club" 

"His about our club" 

"No our club" 

They all flocked in the like hungry predators and we looked like a meal ready to be scarfed down. Without thinking, I grabbed Miss Nakano and slipped out of the Savage Senpais. 

"Fhew, that was close good thing we made it out alive. Miss Nakano are you alright? " I asked that without even realizing that I still grabbed Miss Nakano's hand.

"Ahh Hayashi... You're....." She seemed flustered while saying that. I finally realized why she's all flustered after a split second. 

"Ah sorry about that I sorda panicked and, you know." I said that while letting go of her hand and backing up at a small distance. 

She inhaled a little bit to get her composure back. "That was one hell of a rush good thing you where there to protect me. O Great Knight and Shining armor." she finished that sentence with a punch in the chest. 

"Ow that hurts you know." 

"Ahahaha, Stop being all that wimpy. I didn't punch you that hard you know." 

"Yeah but it still hurt you know" 

"While on that note. Would you, like stop with the honorific tittle And just call me Nakano. Because it sounds all weird when you keep adding 'when' where talking. 

"Okay Nakano, how thats that sound like?" 

"That sounds great, way better than you always Adding 'miss' all the time." 

We kept talking until we reached the classroom where we found Taki the moment I opened the door. 

"Oh, Taki what are you doing standing right next to the door?" 

"Oh I was, barricading a door from from those animals" he replied. Looks like he is paranoid from the all the commotion outside. And he said he wants to be a harem king. 

"Way the go protecting the classroom from practically nothing. Now move out of the was so we could get in." I retorted. 

Class went all normal for our second day, well not so good during lunch time since the senpais where basically trying to scout us. Then finally After school. I was stopped by Nakano on the way outside the classroom. 

"Hey Hayashi. What club are you gonna join to day?" she asked. 

"I still haven't decided yet. That's why I'm gonna try some of them until I see which one suites me best." 

"Why don't I join you. It'll probably be fun to do something anyway." 

We went to the club building and we tried the cultural activities and where not very impressed that much of the activities so we went to the Art Club Activities instead we started with the Drama Club. 

"Welcome to the drama cluuuub" Saying that with a dramatic voice was the club captain. 

"So I assume you're here to join the club." saying that while he sings this time. 

"As you can see here we not only do club activities we biiiirh protection at it a Highest peek." Saying all of that with a dramatic voice. 

Yeah he could at least choose one role because I'm getting annoyed by his back and forth changing roles all the time. I know it's being dramatic is part of the package but it's pissing me off. 

"No we just here to observe." saying that while holding all my anger away a bit. 

"Oh I see, well then get ready to be mesmerized by our beauty of our club." Saying while singing. 

Keep it together Ayato remember you're here to observe not get annoyed by Dramatic senpai. 

Right of the bat we where given roles to act and I gatta say I sucked at playing the role I was given and after that we where dancing from out of nowhere. At the moment I just wanted a little breather so I went outside to get some fresh air. 

Man those drama guys are major intense. I me I could barely keep up. While I was sitting and trying to catch my breath, I heard a melody coming from the the other room across the hallway. I went in to investigate where did it come from. To my surprise I found perfectly long hair, goddess profile like posture sitting on a grand piano seat. That's right it was none other than the honor student her self. She was playing so marvelously that I couldn't keep my eyes off her. 

Real Aire
Nanashima Rito