Chapter 11:

Whom shall i choose?

Who will the Villainess choose?

“You are looking lost, Akira” I heard the voice that broke my reverie. The man was already sitting there and looking at me.Bookmark here

His face with those scars that have turned light due to use of magic rings still looked intimidating. His eyes were deep blue, able to suck souls out of your body and his lips that had been curved into a smile looked like a devil was snickering.Bookmark here

“I was thinking about the deal with lord Damien.” I gave a paltry excuse and concentrated on the soup in front of me.Bookmark here

“I heard.. You went to meet him last night. And surprisingly he even accepted your sudden intrusion. Not only that.. You went to meet the crown prince too. And for that, you missed your meetings and whole schedule.” Though he was sounding nonchalant, I knew he was suspicious of my sudden action. Bookmark here

‘Can i say i was too impulsive yesterday. Sigh. I don't even think about anything else except my kiss. But i could not see it in the near future. All I could see was the brooding face of the crown prince, the threatening glare of lord Damien and the greedy eyes of the so -called father of Akira! Ah.. what a mess!’Bookmark here

“I wanted to strengthen my relationship with both of them. We need new properties to start a new business of mana stones. I am planning to make a magical bracelet that can cure scars completely. It will help you in recovering more, father.” i replied, i know this will lure him enough to turn blind eyes for a while. Till then I will learn more about business from her jumbled memories.Bookmark here

“Have you found stronger magical stones for that?” he asked me with the same stoic face, but his voice was filled with longing and joy. Bookmark here

“I have heard a rumor that the new mine of lord Damien is filled with rarest magical stones. And there is one healing stone that was equal to the size of a bird. It is the most powerful stone that ever existed, father. If it can not cure you then nothing could ever cure you. We have to make sure that we will be the one to claim it before anyone else will know about it.” Although there were magical stones in reality, I was exaggerating a lot to make this old man agree.Bookmark here

I knew I would sound selfish and deceiving. But this old man! He used Akira as the source to run his business and expand it and when the time would come he would not choose her as heir. And what dumb excuse he would give! ‘Akira was the fiancee of the crown prince, the future empress, so she did not need to be the heir of this dukedom.’ ha!Bookmark here

Since the man could be greedy to his own daughter, why should I work as a machine for his empire. I would just spend all my time securing my place as the wife of the crown prince.Bookmark here

“If that is the case, then do not worry about the daily routine. Try your best to get the healing stone from lord Damien. In fact, why don't you go for a site visit with him on the weekend when you have a fixed time. I will make all the necessary arrangements.” he nodded at his decision and I rolled my eyes.Bookmark here

‘Tsk tsk.. The property belongs to Damien, only he could decide whether we can go or not. And do the necessary arrangement. Then what kind of arrangements did this old man was talking about!!’ but i nodded like a good girl Akira was! Wow! Did I just feel that the villainess of the story was a good girl!Bookmark here

I took a sip of the soup and almost moaned then and there. The food was damn tasty. I forgot about the man completely and concentrated on the food, on the meat in front of me. That beefsteak was so yummy. Bookmark here

“Have you not eaten yesterday or for days?” ‘He meant to ask where my table manners are?’ but who cares.Bookmark here

“Yes father” I nodded my head and continued to eat with the same vigor.Bookmark here

“I will handle the daily matters from now on. You go and meet Damien whenever possible. I will write a letter to him this instant that you will assist him in the whole process of handling the new mine.'' He kept on giving instruction and I kept nodding but my all attention was on food by then.Bookmark here

Finally I burped and patted my stomach with satisfaction. The maids looked at me with a shocked face but I just shrugged and moved to my room. Since the man had offered that he would help me in daily matters then let him handle the office for a day. I will take the rest.Bookmark here

I walked to my room and then laid on my bed. The mattress was so soft and the blanket was so warm that my body felt so comfortable and relaxed. I closed my eyes to feel the softness.Bookmark here

“My lady.. My lady” the noise forced me to open my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and opened them slowly. It took me a few seconds to adjust to the light when I looked around. Bookmark here

“My lady there is a letter from Lord Damien and from the Crown prince both and the messengers are saying that both have instructed to deliver the letters to you personally.” I frowned as I loved my sleep more than them. But I nodded my head and adjusted my dress as I walked out.Bookmark here

Only then did I notice it was already past noon. The sun was already high in the sky.Bookmark here

“My lady”Bookmark here

“My lady” Bookmark here

Both men wished and vowed to me simultaneously. And then looked at each other with cold eyes.Bookmark here

“Is there something urgent?” I asked them to cut their shooting daggers from their eyes.Bookmark here

“Ah, yes. My lady crown prince has sent an invitation letter to you. He wants to attend the Monique tea party with you.”Bookmark here

“Really” I could not contain my happiness when I heard that. I literally wanted to dance then and there. How! He was looking so cold just yesterday that I could not believe my ears that he.. He has invited me to attend a tea party with him.Bookmark here

He looked at their other messenger with a proud smirk, making me confused. But I ignored it as I looked at his beautiful handwriting. Each word was written like it was a painting. My eyes were so dreamy!Bookmark here

“My lady” called the other messenger and I cleared my throat.Bookmark here

“Oh, yes, you have a letter for me too. Right?” I asked and he nodded.Bookmark here

“Yes, my lady.”Bookmark here

“Lord Damien has instructed me to inform you that an invitation letter has been sent by him. He wants to attend the Monique tea party with you.”Bookmark here

“Huh? Pardon”Bookmark here

I completely forgot about the manners of royal nobles when I heard his message. How could that stoic, burning and fuming man want to attend the party and that also with me! Bookmark here

“By any chance did your master banged his head on the wall?” I was completely stunned at this absurd idea.Bookmark here

The whole empire knew that I was engaged to the crown prince. Then how could I go out with someone else. That is also his biggest enemy!Bookmark here

“Pardon my lady, but you were the one to send the letter first that you want to meet him tomorrow morning. And you are ready to adjust to anytime he could grant you from his busy schedule. It's only after reading your letter did the lord decide to go with you.” he replied in an abusive tone and i fumed.
‘That old man..!! He did not waste a second in writing the letter! It feels like i fell in my own trap this time’Bookmark here

“So, my lady, what shall I reply to the crown prince?”Bookmark here

“So, my lady, what shall I reply to my lord?”Bookmark here

They both asked simultaneously, glaring at each other and then looking at me with expectant eyes.Bookmark here

“,....................”Bookmark here

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