Chapter 9:

Devil of Lust

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

The priest casually lifted his palm towards the incoming spear. "Mm."

The weapon collided with an invisible wall formed by the priest, the collision between it and the spear made such a barrier becoming visible to the naked eye. Unleashing a burst of air pressure around them.


The priest didn't move an inch from his stance, but the opposing force visibly and suddenly shattered the barrier, meeting the palm of his hand and began pushing him back at. Soon sending him soaring at high speeds, tearing through the village. Looking into the distance, Miyaura and Aisellia could see the Priest had cleared a large distance. Previously where he was standing to no longer in sight, audibly crashing into the mountain a far distance away. The priest's distant crash landing releasing a large amount of dirt into the air visible from even where they stood. The dust cloud rising higher than what remained of the buildings and homes of the village.

"Ooooh mister priest? What happened? Haha!"

The mysterious man said confidently, almost teasingly to the priest. The two girls watching him return standing straight, his head tilted slightly with the devilish grin still present while he spoke before breaking out into a burst of demented laughter to himself. Both girls could only look as if they'd seen a ghost. The man's eyes returning a grey color. Suddenly his head perked up, he began looking around curiously, seeming to snap out of a dark trance with his flaring demonic energy receding. Once he proved able to calm down, he slowly turned towards the girls and smiling confidently at them.

"Yo!" He said with a cheerful smile.

"Y-yo?! H-how?"

Aiselllia quickly questioned. Her eyes glanced at the man's chest where he had been impaled, seeing nothing but blood where the wound used to exist. Looking up at Miyaura she could see the woman was locked in a gaze at the man and then returning her gaze towards Aisellia.

"I lost myself little there. Last thing I remember...Oh!" The man said before taking a step closer towards the girls and crouching down becoming nearly at eye level with them. His eyes locked with Miyaura's as he placed his face only inches away from hers.

"Hmmmmm." he hummed going into a visible deep thought, embarrassing Miyaura slightly from how close their faces were while continued looking into her eyes.

"Nope, whatever happened to me two years ago is still making it hard to remember things. I feel like I've heard those words before though. It's been a while since I've gotten hurt that badly but it feels like I should be remembering something."

He announced while angrily scratching his head in frustration, returning to standing straight on his feet.

"Anyways looks like the Priest might still be alive. I'm pretty sure he's pissed by now. That's some pretty wicked demon shit he's got going on though."


"Hm?" She responded to Aisellia's call, looking down to Aisellia, her eyes following the noble as she pushed off Miyaura's lap to sit up. Aisellia brought a hand to the side of her mouth, prompting Miyaura to lean in curiously allowing Aisellia to whispered into her ear. While they shared a secret, the mysterious man seemed to move between various standing positions attempting to remember what he was trying to. Lost in a world of thought, he curiously inspected the girls, having a special focus on Miyaura. After several seconds the two girls created distance between them. Helping each other rise to their feet together but not without each physically struggling to do so. Once they proved able to stand on their feet, the two girls looked at each other, a slight blush of red on their cheeks.

"It's disappointingly our best bet here, given how the situation is."

"I'm all for it! I've got a feeling about him, that we've met before, no I'm positive now."

"Aren't you too excited to have a stranger do that?"

"Maaaybe, but he's no stranger to me! it looks like he can't remember but nothing has ever stopped me from remembering him. That face is a little different but those eyes are still the ones I fell for. You might like how it feels when it's the right person. Don't you think he's cute too?"

She said playfully winking an eye at her friend.

"Mi-mi-Miyaura! This is definitely not the time!"

She yelled out of embarrassment before turning her gaze towards the man lost in thought. Noticing his looks and going into a slight trance.

(He's certainly far from bad looking though...)

"Caught ya!"

Miyaura said playfully further teasing Aisellia. Aisellia quickly snapped out of her trance and caught herself and feeling embarrassed. Quickly needing to change the subject she began speaking to the man.

"Hey you, what's your name anyway?"

"I used to use an alias, Qrow most of the time, but how could I deny two wonderfully gifted women who make my sense of sight oh so worth it, my name. So you two can call me Karna. Don't go around spreading it though."

"Well then Karna, will you kill that priest for us?"

"That would be a lot of effort and a risk of my life..."

"How much money would we have to promise you?"

Aisellia asked hastily. The male Karna raised a hand to his chin while in thought. Quickly coming up with his answer.

"I was already on a long trip and that didn't include fighting monstrous demons more than I already had to on the way by here. That priest guy is messing with a strong demon. This place felt familiar so I stopped to look around for a little. He'll probably just hide away somewhere for a while if I leave now, I already killed the other one that should kinda be enough right?"

He responded shrugging his shoulders. The two girls silently looked at each other for a few seconds before nodding in agreement with one another.

Aisellia Rae: "Then we'll have a trade. If you kill that fucking priest-"

Miyaura: "Also be our guardian and we take Aisellia back to her home safely-"

Aisellia Rae: "Once he's dead that is...we'll allow you to grope us wherever you want just once."

Miyaura: "And while we take Aisellia home I'll allow you to grope me personally from time to time along the way!"

Miyaura finished, leaning forward with a smile, slightly looking up at Karna playfully. Her actions purposely drawing his eyes down into her exposed cleavage. Karna froze, his face seeming dumbstruck by surprise with his mouth left open slightly. Soon shifting his eyes over to Aisellia who folded her arms under her breasts, lifting them slightly as she shyly averted her eyes from his.

"B-both...?" He said, his eyes switching between the two of them. Karna taking his time began to embarrass Aisellia, making her slightly upset from the buildup of embarrassment.

Aisellia shocked herself with her own improvised plan, drawing herself back a bit. Seeing Karna, she could see the dumb look on his face, drool starting to fall from his mouth. Miyaura simply giggled watching him in a lost state of mind.

"I think we broke him. Hee-hee."

"If we have a deal then you should hurry and end it. I should add in making you my personal bodyguard that follows my every command with what we're offering. Touching an only touched once Noble's body and a healthy girl like Miyaura should be more than enough for a pervert like you. I know it's asking you to really do more than what we were asking earlier to even pay you for first."

"Heeey, I'm healthy in other places Aisellia, see? It's all squishy soft too, impressive right?"

Miyaura said before giggling, genuinely wanting to update Aisellia on her figure that even she was impressed with. Miyaura suddenly turned her back towards them, slightly twisting her torso and looking over her shoulder back towards her hips. She gently began lifting the back skirt-like portion of the dress around her waist, revealing her thigh and a slight flash of her rounded and plump rear end, more and more of was revealed gradually before Aisellia quickly grabbed Miyaura's wrists. Forcing her to put her skirt back down.

"Certainly impressive indeed!" Aisellia quickly said enthusiastically attempting to stop her friend. Leaning in close to whisper to her while they were close.

"You're not wearing anything under there!"

"Oh! That is right isn't it? Whoops?"

Miyaura responded rubbing the back of her head as she laughed at her own blunder. Snapping out of the trance-like stare he had maintained vigilantly, a large smile of excitement was formed by Karna's lips.

(She's Thicc!) "DEAL!" He yelled, tossing his arms up in happy celebration. Quickly turning his back towards them and stepping forward. Planting his foot into the ground hard enough to break the ground slightly around his foot as he crouched down and leaned forward.

"I'll make this quick. For paradise!" he yelled as if it was a proper war cry before lunging forward off of his planted foot. His take-off would kick up a great burst of air and dirt onto the women. The dirt and small rocks brushing past the girls as well, causing them to shield their faces from it all. By the time the dirt dust cleared and the two looked forward. He was gone.

"I can't believe he actually agreed to that! He's like some super pervert or something!"

"Yup, super pervert. Looks like he's really motivated by boobs huh? It might be related to the demon part of him if he has a sin."

"You think so? If he can kill the priest then a deal's a deal. With that demon awake I'm sure us making a run for it without him will just get us killed by some other demon coming from the forest. Come on Miyaura, we should get further away from this spot. Let's see if we can find my luggage case somewhere. We can get you into some new clothes and some underwear to put on."

The two began walking off in the opposite direction of the mountain together, moving closer towards the entrance of the village.

"I don't think anyone I traveled with has a bra your size though, mine are pretty big but yours are astonishingly huge."

"That's okay, I never really liked wearing them much. They're constricting, uncomfortable and they hurt. I didn't want the village boys to go wild catching glimpses of skin so I always kept everything out of sight. That's why I always liked kimonos and Yukata. Helps hold them in all the right places better than shirts alone if done right. But they do make my boobs look pretty great."

"Do you plan to give him chances to look at them? I'm curious. It's no business of mine but can I know at least why you seem so willing to suddenly let him get such an eye and hand full? I can't imagine you so readily reveal your ass to some strange pervert."

She said watching her friend smile as they walked; bringing a smile to Aisellia's own face.

"You must not have been able to see it in my past. On that long night, the demons in the forest went on a rampage killing so many people. The cliff-side wasn't the only place with small homes. Families lived throughout the forests before the demons rampaged. Their red eyes glowing in the darkness in every corner I could see. I ran scared into the forest. I was scared and lost, the next thing I knew I was surrounded by demons. I can tell he honestly can't remember me right now, but I can feel it'll come to him eventually. Do you remember the conversation Eileen and I had at our house before everything happened?"

Suddenly Aisellia's eyes lit up with a sudden realization after thinking back to that conversation.

"You said you only had one person in mind you'd willingly...Wait does that mean-?"

"Mhm! I might have just been desperate in my time without him and just wanted to feel appreciated. I wanted to make an exceptions for a couple of guys before who ended up being sleazy and only obsessed with my body, they didn't even acknowledge my words or me as a person, just obsessed boys wanting to just enjoy my body. But it helped me realize Karna's the only man to steal my heart. He saved me from those demons. To this day I have no idea what led him there but he was the first person to make me feel like everything would be alright, that he wouldn't lose to any demon with someone like me close to him. He protected me all the way to the village, He saved my heart and body at the same time."

"Seeing what he can do now, does it makes sense how he was able to kill demons then?"

"Yeah, before he left me I asked him to stay but he said he couldn't. He's not a normal cursed one; I could feel the darkness in him that felt deeper than any demon in this area. I could sense things while I was sealed away. The demon that cursed me possessed that priest and became its host but the priest is dangerous. I could never forget a face. He's been to this village before when I was sealed, back then he was the demon hunter who betrayed everyone."

Aisellia's eyes widened from surprise. Visualizing possible ways the demon hunter could have survived and made his way back to the capital to plan for this day. Everything happening only making sense to how well-timed their trip was.

"If I'm right about who he is, I feel like our guy will win though! It's been years but even so, he still hasn't let me down even while he's been away. After all these years my feelings have never changed."

Miyaura said with an enthusiastic smile.

Elsewhere on the mountainside...

The priest's eyes flung wide open, looking around himself seeing his body forcefully embedded into the side of the mountain on its ground level. Taking a look at his right hand, seeing the spear he had originally thrown impaled through his hand pinning it to the mountain.

"Tch, that attack made me blackout...Impressive." The priest said while he removed the spear from his hand and removed himself from the mountain itself. Looking at the arm he had partially blocked the attack with, he noticed the sleeve of his clothes were shredded off; his arm visibly being bruised and damage. But this did not stop the priest from moving his arm, clenching and unclenching his fist to test its mobility.

"A minor miscalculation. I could feel his demonic presence from the depths of the cave, I was sure that was going to take him out of the picture. He isn't cursed so how exactly does he have the strength of a demon is the question. To survive this spear-"

Suddenly his eyes widened, feeling a heavy presence looming just over his shoulder. From the feeling alone, only the dark figure of a deathly hollow presence glared into his very core as if death had wrapped its arms around him from behind in a dark embrace. His eyes began to shift but before any real movement could be made it would be too late, Karna appearing on the ground at his side. Karna's fingers curved as if he were using claws and quickly swiped and struck the priest's head, jolting the man's whole body sideways crashing back into the mountain. Wincing in pain for a split second, he quickly reopened his eyes only seeing the palm of Karna's hand moving towards his eyes, gripping onto his face. Karna forcibly pushed the priest against the mountain's surface partially destroying the base of the mountain side base. Soon dashing sideways, dragging the priest brutally along the mountainside. In response the priest quickly delivered a kick to Karna's stomach sending him backward yet Karna easily maneuvered his body, spinning and twisting his body in mid-air to land on his feet.

Just as his feet touched the ground it only took a blink of the eye to suddenly miss seeing Karna ducking. The priest with the spear in hand passing over his enemy, aiming to take off Karna's head with the attack. Both quickly turned to face each other, as the priest turned he would thrust his spear towards Karna's head once again leading Karna into moving his head to the side allowing the spear to pass by his head. At supernatural speeds the Priest retracted and thrust the spear repeatedly, each blow evaded by Karna while they quickly moved around their battlespace. The priest twisting his body around, he forcibly swung horizontally. In response Karna pressed off the ground and twisted his body mid-air allowing the spear to pass right under his body, quickly landing on his feet once again. The Priest easily manipulated, spun, and attacked with his spear whirling around his body, proving he has formal mastery over the use of the weapon. For every few strikes missed by the priest, Karna quickly returns alternating punches and kicks, each one landing only increased the Priest's visible facial rage even further, making him swing harder and faster. Simple swings transitioning to powerful ones which the forceful swings alone cracked and broke apart the ground and buildings surrounding them from the sheer power behind the attacks. From a bird's eye view, the two would move sporadically fighting at great speeds moving and destroying the area of the village not far from the mountain. Their battle covering large distances in very short periods of time.

The Priests initiated his next attack, he turned his back toward Karna after missing a swing, thrusting the circular base of his polearm backward between his rib and his arm having, this clever attack connect with great force striking Karna's face. The strike connecting the stunning blunt attack stopped in his tracks. Continuing his twisting momentum to face Karna again, his eyes widened seeing Karna was no longer there stunned from his attack in such a short amount of time. Immediately his eyes looked down, to see Karna crouched low. Although quick enough to notice Karna's disappearing, it was not fast enough as the priest suddenly noticed that with a kick Karna had swept his feet from right from under him. Causing his body to flip to shift horizontally, now Karna's superior speed and fighting ability could be seen. Performing several quick spins using the spinning momentum of his sweep kick, rising on his leg, lining his body up with the priests from his formerly crouched positioning. He came to a sudden stop unleashing a powerful snapping kick to the Priest's chest, having such a force it temporarily looked as if his foot had sunk into the priest's chest. The impact sending the priest flying away at breakneck speeds. Demon Priest Leon flying through and breaking several homes while soaring into the surrounding forest itself. Unable to stop his flight, the priest could only continue breaking down trees along the way involuntarily with his own body.

Back inside the Village...

Miyaura and Aisellia could be seen inside a standing village small home at the southern end of the village. Miyaura leaning forward pulling up her skirt to her waist. Paired with the top resembled that of a noble woman's blouse, Miyaura having it tightly fitting her obviously due to the size of her bust. The shirt being sleeveless and due to the chest area being too small to button up its center, given the size of her breasts. Optioning to just leave the majority of the chest unbuttoned, exposing the girl's own shoulders and a great deal of her cleavage.

"So cuuute! I've never seen clothes like these before! And whatever it's made of feels wonderful on my skin! The boob area's way too small though...and the skirt is squeezing me to death."

Miyaura announced. Hearing a popping sound both girls looked down the Miyaura's chest, witnessing how the very fabrics stressed to keep the girl's breasts contained. Immediately her breasts exploded out of the confines of her shirt, instantly launching every button on it into various directions, yet now without the buttons simply rested easy behind the fabric still covering her although much less now prompting both girls to sigh. Aisellia, seeing that Miyaura held a small waist but her bust and hips, realized anything the nobles had brought clearly wasn't going to fit her properly. Leading Miyaura to simply put back on what she had on with the addition of a cloak Aisellia had in her luggage. With her new cloak and gift, Miyaura began hugging herself happily. Leading Aisellia to giggle in response, before going into a thought which quickly made her looked saddened.

"It's okay Aisellia, I might know what you're worried about. He might have turned out a demon guy that may be no good anymore...but I get the feeling in my heart he's still not an evil person as I did then. But that's not all you're worried about is it?"

"Honestly no. If he's as much of a perv seeing as he had no problem with making it so obvious...I'm worried for us is all. Men tend to be conceited and horrible in this world. Then again women too in our own ways..."

"Hee-hee, you're really thoughtful Aisellia, you know that? I like that about you! So besides our safety, you're worried about my heart when it comes to him and other girls he'll flirt with? It won't hurt me if he does flirt with another girl. I can just bash their face in!"

She said raising a fist with a look of determination which made Aisellia awkwardly smile.

"By the time we get you back home, I'll find out if he still the type of person I can give my heart to. I'll just be keeping my promise all those years ago, by his side helping him live to his heart's content which will make me happy. Every day he opens his eyes, every second he takes another breath, I'll do my best to make them special. It'll be rewarding if I let him enjoy things as he pleases and still chooses to be all over me! Maybe not all the time but as long as I'm not ignored and he respects my feelings. No matter who I met, he's always had my affection but I'll have a chance to show him, my love, now. It's my part of the promise to learn to love myself and every part of myself. I'll win my reward by making him enjoy having me beside him more than any girl he'll meet for the long run if I have to. Thinking about it now it actually wouldn't bother me as long as I still get his attention more often than them."

Miyaura said, looking around the house they were in before turning back to Aisellia revealing a smile on her face.

"If I can work on myself further from this day on and give him every bit of support as I can, I'll be Best Girl for sure! I have the advantage with these!"

Miyaura finished saying, taking the opportunity to gently grip onto and lift onto her own breasts for emphasis. Making Aisellia giggle from seeing once again how happy she was with her body and overall self.

"Self Love, to understand and earn true love huh? You know Miyaura, I don't care what anyone ever said about you. You're beyond wise in ways plenty of people are too scared to even explore. If you feel like relying on him is what's best for us then I have no problem putting the same trust in him."

Suddenly the house began to shake a few times, a couple of seconds in between each quake. After a silent pause, the two girls looked at each other.

"It sounds far but we can still feel it over here..."

Aisellia stated, turning her body to look outside one of the windows. Miyaura quickly took a posture revealing her shyness as she began twiddling her fingers.

"Aisellia? If you at some point start thinking you might like him too...then I don't mind sharing him with you. I'd be happy to share our handsome groper; I also wouldn't mind you getting to feel the happiness in my heart now that's kept me going for so long. When you finally discover a person who's able to bring so many feelings to your heart, mind, and body. It's strange. All this time I was sealed I had a lot of time to think about having him all to myself, but being able to be friends with you has got me thinking I would be alright if you fell in love with him too."

"W-what?! Me like that pervert? He's out there right now fighting a monster priest exponentially stronger than Leo not for money, but for boobs! W-why would you want another woman to love him anyway?"

Aisellia said, looking quite embarrassed as she turned her eyes away from Miyaura.

"It's fine with me if it's you. Put simply, it'll make him live each day even happier with the two of us. I can enjoy being a big part of that happiness. If he does decide his attention wants different things at times I won't mind much but I rather have it be you. I'm sure he wouldn't mind either, you're pretty sexy yourself. Just saying the idea will always be on the table for you if things turn out that way hee-hee!"

"Um. Thank you Miyaura? I know that means a lot for you. So I'll promise you, even though it's more than likely not going to happen, I'll keep an open mind on this journey. What is he though? He looks like a regular person but he has the speed and strength of a demon. Are you able to feel anything from him? You're able to sense the energy of demons right?"

"Yes. I could feel an unending pool of darkness inside him, if I tried to explain it, it's like being swallowed into the sea, virtually endless...but it's like all that is restrained by another part of him, a light side holding it all like a glass jar. Demons you feel their ominous aura, their killing intent, and rage. Human's it's more like a natural life force feeling to their aura. The desire to follow those impulses to satisfy yourself at the cost and sacrifice of other beings without a second thought... it's like Leo said, demons are instinctual things, savage monsters unable to think more and more the longer you go without hurting someone and satisfying your sin. Yet in Karna, like those years ago, I can feel that battle inside him has only caused him to suffer, waiting to be able to let some of that darkness out of him. I can picture his conflict with himself on the inside."

"Going by what you said, when we offered to let him grope us for killing them...he didn't act like those fiends and...forced what he wanted from us. I noticed once we proposed we were alright with him coping a feel...In a way what we really offered him was permission for his heart's glimpse to have a moment of happiness, the best things to exist in his world. Perverted but it's just one of the things he must honestly like most about the world, not fighting against his own instincts and desires constantly."

"A glimpse of his paradise. We're all born human; it's not out of the ordinary to be attracted to another person physically or mentally. He just seems to like some things more than others in this world; as his motivators that keep his will going. I think he's pretty normal as long as he's being himself about it. He could have but he didn't lie to us."

Miyaura said. Aisellia took a second to think before moving closer to Miyaura, away from the window.

"Hm. I guess I can't blame him there. It's all up to him now to earn what he loves too. The deal was just some crazy split-second idea. Without it, I was sure we were going to die. It's the only gamble we could bet on."

Aisellia finished, folding her arms under her breasts and walking up to Miyaura with a confident smile.

"I was always told I was pretty smart, but I think I have a few things I could learn from you Miyaura."

"Then I'll learn things from you too! But plans and strategies are a little hard so If you don't mind, I can leave those to you and I can be the muscle!"

Inside the forest...

*Pant* *Pant* The priest attempted to catch his breath, his clothes covered In dirt and torn in places, kneeling on a single knee looking forward in the direction he had come from. An extensive amount of trees visibly toppled and broken creating a path of destruction his body was forced to take. Being in disbelief of Karna's last attack that sent him through the village and into the forest itself. Looking at the damage caused to his body, the priest visibly became angered, a large vein pulsing on his head while he gritted his teeth submitting to internal deep rage. This emotional reaction suddenly caused his left eye to vibrate before it shifted to a red color, the eye looking heavily demonic in comparison to the other normal eye.

(How can he be that strong? If he were a demon I'd guess he's consumed a lot of humans to become that powerful but that's far from it. I can smell the human in him but one with a curse shouldn't be able to live long, much less be able to become stronger.)

The priest looked at his side, seeing nothing on the ground around him as if he was searching for something. "Tch. The Holy relic is gone. It helped keep the demon in check...If I can hurry and-ughn!" The Priest gripped his head in pain, swaying his body side to side in the process.

"Damnit! Already?!"

"You fool of a human. Betrayed by those you worked to protect only to be sacrificed, in your ignorance you believed the power of a demon could be captivated by man." The priest's eyes widened, hearing a deep voice beginning to speak to him in his mind.

(No! All this time he's just been waiting for the perfect chance. The boy, the old man, the girl, and I were right in its trap all along. Now with a body he's sure will work he's making his-AAAAH!)

The priest let out an agonizing scream gripping his head intensely, soon his other eye changed to reflect the appearance of his demonic eye. The priest's body quickly ceasing all motion before lifting his head once again, glaring into the distance with his demonic eyes and elongated fangs. Hunching over the demon priest briefly vomited, his muscles growing significantly enough to shred apart the priest's attire significantly. He released a great yell aiming his chest to the sky. Its yell stretching across the entirety of the forest, reaching even the extents of its other side passing over the village.

Inside the village, the voice of the demon could be heard even in the home Aisellia and Miyaura stood in. The sudden sound and echo quickly gained their attention even at their distance from the previously shaking building.

"W-what's happening?! Even the air feels heavy on my shoulders!"

Aisellia's words got Miyaura's attention. Miyaura turned her gaze to Aisellia with a concerned expression on her face.

"Oh no. It's that priest; I think the demon has finally taken the human side over. A demon can sense the demonic power of other demons. As a demon get's stronger they are able to sense human life. A powerful demon's energy feels like a pressure on weaker demons but that demon is unleashing his full power."

"Human's can't sense energy, so if I can feel it in the air then..."

Miyaura nodded confirming Aisellia's thoughts before closing her eyes, focusing on the energy around her.

"Mm, he's stronger than we could have thought. His power is creeping through the entire village forest. It makes no sense! Not just that but every demon is moving. It's just like the first rampage when I was a little girl!"

"They're all going to help the Priest!" Aisellia exclaimed, piecing together what was coming next for them all quickly in her mind.

"That's weird, it's like while they're moving together the small weaker ones are disappearing." Miyaura noted.