Chapter 4:

Chapter 4

Blood Throne

The running of the vampires was so fast that if a normal human was close, he would only see a spot pass, if they were vampires with good skills they could not even see a thing.Victor and Caleb had already passed the surgit, therefore they were faster and had to adapt to the speed of the other two, which could still be seen as spots.
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After running for 2 hours they reached the point that Count Popescu had said. A wooded flat area.Bookmark here

The squad that accompanied them were vampires who had had the surgit less than a year ago, and were the lowest in the military chain of command.
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But they had yet to find the werewolves. They began to search for traces of them around them. After an hour of searching, they managed to find some broken branches.

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"The area is humid, there should be some tracks, the werewolves are not careful and they are heavy, they move on the ground, not through trees"Bookmark here

Caleb observed, he was the smart one of his group so no one contradicted him.

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"I can't smell any other races around here, just a human scent"Bookmark here

Altair added. That muscle brain was good at detecting problems, that's why they also took him seriously even though he was usually an idiot.

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"Maybe we are not in the right area"- Mihail said and continued exploring the area.Bookmark here

After another 20 minutes without finding anything; Altair started hitting trees with his mace.

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"Damn, this is a waste of time. Come out bastards" (Altair)Bookmark here

"Should we go back?" (Victor)

"We can't go back, that scented little sh*t will make Mihail look bad if we come back empty-handed" (Caleb)Bookmark here

"Do you suspect that is his intention?" (Mihail)

"Most likely, it seems that his ambition is growing" (Caleb)Bookmark here

"Hu ... why would he do that?" (Altair)

"You are such an idiot, he wants to diminish Mihail's authority so that the heir is his grandson" (Caleb)Bookmark here

"What? But the prophecy is clear, Mihail is who the next Emperor should be. Are you not thinking too much?" (Altair)

"Some people know no limit to his ambition" (Caleb)Bookmark here

"If he manages to make me look like an idiot often, or disappears from the map, he can make Alessio see as the true heir, although I still can't think of how, the prophecy is very clear"

"Then what should we do? Are we looking for the werewolves? Their territory is very far away, it will take us several days to get there" (Victor)Bookmark here


Altair yelled and threw himself to the ground pushing Victor away.Bookmark here

A black shadow hid in the distance. Observe the place where Victor was a moment before, a bullet was left in place.

"Smells like humans," Altair pointed out.Bookmark here

"Vânători," Mihail said with a bad feeling.

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There were several reasons why the magical races hid, and one of them was the hunters, called vânători, since the Middle Ages a group of humans had emerged who decided to eliminate all magical races. These humans used all kinds of methods to become strong and be able to compete against the supernatural. But it had been several years since they had managed to lose track of them. It was a reason why they had left their homeland, Romania since everyone knew that vampires came from there. And they just had to show up now, that was very bad luck.Bookmark here

Victor quickly got up and took out his claws and fangs, and he spoke.

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"Mihail, you are the leader, give us orders"Bookmark here

Mihail was nervous, but he had always been good at having a poker face under any circumstance; I ignore his fear and surprise.

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"Altair, how many are there?"Bookmark here

"Detect 8"- he said with a growl

"Let's try to leave a couple alive for questioning, the others are unnecessary"Bookmark here

Mihail ordered coldly, but the truth is that he hadn't killed someone yet, although it was natural for a vampire, he still didn't feel ready.

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While saying this, a rain of bullets was directed at them, the squad intervened to protect them, 8 fell, it made no sense, the bullets were damaging them but it was not enough to kill them.

"But how useless, why did you pass the surgit if you are going to fall so easy?" - Altair yelled at them.Bookmark here

The rest of the squad drew their swords and charged forward.Their speed was impressive, but some threads that they had not noticed were pulled and from the fallen leaves on the ground more hidden submachine guns came out that were definitely not waiting.

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One by one Mihail watched as a squad was annihilated and the hidden submachine guns diminished their ammunition.Desperate he realized that they would have to fight, that was never the plan, being noble mixing to kill humans was far below his status, but he had run out of servants, those bullets could not be normal.

"Be careful with the bullets, there is something strange in them, we will have to fight ourselves"- Mihail shoutedBookmark here

"Damn vânători, I'll have to get dirty with their blood. Just 8 measly humans" - Caleb group
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Altair like Mihail, still did not have the nails and fangs but he took his mace and launched himself to defeat the first hunter. The other 3 followed, wielding their weapons.Bookmark here

They could smell them but Altair and Mihail fought hand to hand, and the hunters had machine guns that allowed them to keep their distance. Although they could evade them, it took concentration and did not allow them to get close so fast.

Victor had the sword in his left hand, but in his right, he manifested his special ability, a blood whip, and used it to deflect the bullets. Caleb was behind him using it as a shield to activate his special ability: mind manipulation, although it worked at a distance, he couldn't use it while running avoiding bullets.Bookmark here

"Unclean dogs, your toys won't work against me"

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Altair shouted madly closing the distance and attacking the nearest hunter, he hit him on the head with his mace but he buried himself in the hunter's helmet. The hunter looked stunned but he recovered and began shooting at full blast. Altair narrowly evaded him with great reflexes, but without a weapon, he had to fight with blows.Bookmark here

Mihail went for the next hunter, all of them dressed in black from head to toe, with helmets and pistols, submachine guns, and other weapons, they were also hidden in the treetops, he did not understand why they had not been detected before, vampires were sensitive to other presences. But this was not the time to worry.

He could feel Caleb using his ability and managing to turn one hunter against another hunter. Mihail used his speed to evade bullets because he was facing a submachine gun and a rifle at the same time, he didn't have time to fight back.Bookmark here

'Pathetic Mihail'.

He ran supporting his feet in the trees to gain height, circling more worthy of a dancer than a vampire. He finally caught up with a sturdy hunter and forcefully thrust his halberd apart and smashed the submachine gun with one blow.Bookmark here

There were not enough trees to hide and block the shots. And the area was very flat so they were exposed.
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He put his hand on the hunter's neck and began to squeeze but the man's neck was too thick and he couldn't get around with one hand. The hunter took out a dagger and attacked him, Mihail had to retreat to another tree. He could smell the poison on the dagger, if he touched it it would be troublesome, the hunters were well prepared.

The robust hunter caught up with him and began to attack him with the poisoned dagger, another hunter of small stature gave him support with a pistol, and he had to fight against both, he used his body to evade the dagger, and the halberd to deflect the bullets, he couldn't afford to focus on the others.Bookmark here

He could feel the time go by and he kept fighting those two, the numerical disadvantage was worse than he imagined for being human.

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He maximized his senses to fight 2 and managed to grasp the situation of the others, Altair had problems with the same hunter because he was left without a weapon. A hunter was dead; another was fighting another hunter. Caleb kept his power to control the mind of one of them and his body was exposed because Victor was fighting the other two, if any of them left Victor he could go and defeat Caleb.Bookmark here

Finally, it seemed that the little hunter with the pistol at a short distance had caught on to the panorama, and he took aim at Caleb. 

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Mihail panicked but if he protected Caleb, the robust hunter could get close, and considering his knowledge of the poison, a single touch would put him to sleep. If an adult vampire would be in serious condition with that garlic-based poison, the one who was still minor would not survive, heir or not.Bookmark here

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