Chapter 21:

A Forest Filled with Surprises

Why Kill? When Witches Can Be Tentacled!

“Onee-san! I’ll take these guys!” Snazzy shouted as he whipped through the water magic flung in the air.Bookmark here

The magicians and soldiers of Roswalia had never seen anything like it. The jellyfish slipped through their magic spells and weapons like a broken net trying to catch fish. They were doubly surprised when a tentacle slapped them in the face and sent a dreadful shock through their heads.Bookmark here

Maribell told him not to be merciful in this kingdom, as they expected none to be given towards them. Especially for those that had heinous thoughts running through their minds, she didn’t hesitate to turn their bodies into ash. For once, Maribell was thankful that her mind reading could allow her to discard any sense of guilt. These people deserved their fates, but for the ones who were truly innocent and merely following orders, Maribell held back the slightest bit. Snazzy could heal them if needed. They would merely wake up slimed upon.Bookmark here

Entire platoons of fighters were taken out as they moved through the regions of Roswalia. Ever since they invaded the border, there had been an alert out for them. Swarms of patrols scouring the area made it difficult for them to locate the rumored Witch in peace. So the only option they had was to ambush and take them out.Bookmark here

Luckily, these people weren’t used to a magician coming straight for them. Rather, chasing little girls and forcing them to submit were their expectations.Bookmark here

That very thought made Maribell’s blood boil. And when she conveyed that to Snazzy, he charged at the men like the kraken itself had awoken. Wearing his intentions so obviously wasn’t bad, but getting pepped up for the sake of others made Maribell feel the slightest bit jealous.Bookmark here

Jealous? Me? Why-Bookmark here

She could lie to no one but herself. Surely, if someone asked if she held feelings for the odd creature, her lips would tell the truth without fail. But what would be the answer? She was a bit nervous to find out.Bookmark here

As more armored men appeared before her sight, her attention went back to fighting against them. But as she raised her hand for another spell, a gust of wind whooshed by and smashed them into the trees. Heavy clunks sounded as their metal protectors buckled under the force. Like ragdolls, they fell limply to the ground.Bookmark here

“Oh, not a young, undeveloped magician girl, but a nubile, attractive one. How interesting…”Bookmark here

Maribell swung around in haste towards the new voice, the direction where that magic came from. She was surprised to see another magician girl walking around, and from how she carried herself, she was alone.Bookmark here

Maribell tried to gauge her actions by listening carefully to her thoughts, but the black-haired woman revealed nothing to her.Bookmark here

She’s not thinking of anything? How can that-Bookmark here

Before Maribell could finish that thought, the skimpily dressed woman was before her, a hand cupping her chin. Her crimson eyes stared into Maribell’s like they were trying to entice her. But after several moments, the mysterious lady’s eyes widened in surprise.Bookmark here

“Huh, it’s not working?” she whispered.Bookmark here

“What? What isn’t working?” Maribell asked in response.Bookmark here

The woman scanned her body and pondered. Her gaze caught the book upon Maribell’s earlobe.Bookmark here

“I see. No wonder that doesn’t work. The powers of Witches conflict.”Bookmark here

Hearing her talk of Witches, Maribell backpedaled, clutching her earring while charging up some magic. “Who are you? From your words, I take it that you know about Witches.”Bookmark here

“Relax dear. I won’t harm you. In fact, I’ve taken an even bigger interest in you now. Seraphina, the Witch of Orphans, is what I am called.” She took a graceful bow. “As for what I was doing before, it was just a little trick of mine. I couldn’t have you running off and causing a scene, so having you follow me to a safer place seemed appropriate.”Bookmark here

Even if Maribell’s mind reading didn’t work, Seraphina’s actions were highly suspicious. Something told her that she couldn’t believe a thing she said. The gaze in Seraphina’s eyes hungered for something from her, and it made her nervous.Bookmark here

“What do you- mrph!!!” Bookmark here

Maribell was taken aback as lips suddenly drew upon her, muffling her cries. In no way had she anticipated that her own lips would be stolen by another person, a girl of all people! She pushed back, separating herself from Seraphina.Bookmark here

“What, what is the meaning of this?!” she cried, flame crackling upon the twitching fingers of her palm.Bookmark here

“You looked just so appetizing that I couldn’t help myself. It’s been quite some time since I’ve met someone mature enough to play around with.” A wink and a smirk accompanied it.Bookmark here

First, jellyfish. Then, other Witches. What is going on? Why am I attracting nothing but abnormal relationships?!Bookmark here

Luckily, the little jellyfish didn’t see…Bookmark here

The sound of metal weapons clattering echoed a short distance away. Snazzy, who had been armed with a sword in every tentacle, dropped the blades with a look of awe on his face.Bookmark here

Or did he?Bookmark here

“Ehhh… So you’re like that, huh?” Snazzy floated towards them with a blank look on his face.Bookmark here

“Um, no- that’s not what…” Maribell waved her hands in front to firmly reject that notion. She didn’t even need to read thoughts to know what the scene looked like to him. Wait, why am I acting like I’ve been caught red-handed in an affair! Do I actually care what he-, eek!”Bookmark here

Snazzy’s face hovered right up to her, staring holes with those beady eyes of his.Bookmark here

“Don’t mind me. Continue.”Bookmark here

“Excuse… me?” Maribell blinked, unsure of what he meant.Bookmark here

Snazzy backed up and floated like he was relaxing on his side.Bookmark here

“A little yuri play is quite nice. All I need is some popcorn and maybe a spot of tea.” Snazzy’s lips curled into a teasing smile.Bookmark here

Scouring his thoughts for the meaning of that, Maribell’s face went beet red. The flood of girls love scenes made her want to scream and set fire to her brain. Rather than finding it strange, the little beast actually encouraged it!Bookmark here

Seraphina looked back and forth between the exchange before finally bursting out laughing. It finally occurred to Snazzy to question who the random girl was. Maribell smacked him in the back of the head as the thought, secret lover, floated in his mind.Bookmark here

“Hahahaha, you two are too much! That is the first time someone has encouraged that part of my behavior!” Seraphina said as her giggles died down.Bookmark here

Hesitantly, Maribell explained who she was, and what happened up to the point of their… sudden kiss. Snazzy nodded, understanding that they had likely found the Witch that they were looking for. The only question remaining was, What grimoire did she possess?Bookmark here

Seraphina smirked as she brought forth her awakened grimoire. The fact that the two in front of her didn’t recoil in terror further confirmed that Maribell was also Witch. She didn’t mind revealing her cards if that were the case. After all, she needed all the help she could get against the Kingdom of Roswalia, and another Witch would be a good addition.Bookmark here

From what little she saw of the two, Seraphina could surmise that they weren’t bad people, at least not in the same vein as the devout idiots she slayed. A blessed beast allying himself with her was also a point of interest.Bookmark here

Still, it wasn’t like she trusted them quite yet.Bookmark here

Quickly, she used the moment of confusion, as they pondered about her intentions, to quickly cast Fornicatio under her breath. The spell cancelled out with a dark pulse as it approached Maribell. But even if a Witch’s powers didn’t work on another Witch, there was another target present.Bookmark here

“Eh? What, Onee-san? You look quite lovely today. Good enough to stroke all over.” Snazzy turned to Maribell and pounced upon her.Bookmark here

“Eeeyahhh!!!” Maribell screamed. Within moments, stretchy feelers wrapped around her body and slithered all over. Snazzy had ensnared her in a giant bear hug and was stroking all across her body. Ticklish spots, sensitive spots, spots that made her twitch uncontrollably. They crawled underneath her clothing and teased the skin hiding under them.Bookmark here

“Now that I have you detained, let’s start with some answers from you. What grimoire do you possess? And don’t bother trying to convince the little one to release you. The Grimoire of Lust turns desires to obsessions. And only I can stop it,” Seraphina said with a laugh, “but I do have to say. Part of me wishes that you’ll stay silent, so that I can enjoy this scene a little longer…”Bookmark here

Seraphina reached under Maribell’s clothes and drew circles with her fingers upon her bare skin. Being quite weak to torture, it took only that much for her to spew out that she had the Grimoire of Lies.Bookmark here

“Oh, that one? Too bad you can’t read my thoughts right now. I’ll have to actually use my lips to show you each one of my little fantasies in vivid detail.”Bookmark here

A shiver went down Maribell’s spine. Her eyes went wide wondering what she could possibly mean by that. Seraphina’s hand traced up Maribell’s thigh, approaching dangerous territory. All that time, their eyes locked. Seraphina sure loved the fear that came from a person’s first time.Bookmark here

That was why they both missed Snazzy starting to glow. With a shrill cry, Snazzy pepped-up from the stimulating atmosphere. And all at once, his tendrils went slack. They retreated back to his body as he suddenly looked around blankly like he had no idea what had happened.Bookmark here

“Eh, what did I miss? Oh… you two should really find a room.” Snazzy wagged a tentacle as if lecturing them. “I know that you don’t consider me human, but voyeurism of love between Witches crosses the species boundary!”Bookmark here

As Maribell simply got red and angry at him again, Seraphina stared blankly at Snazzy.Bookmark here

He… he broke out of a Witch’s spell?Bookmark here

That thought sent Seraphina’s mind into a blaze. She turned to her grimoire again and parsed quickly through it. This obviously drew the attention of Maribell and Snazzy, who were ready to fight back at a moment’s notice.Bookmark here

But something felt different from Seraphina’s demeanor. No longer did she have a sadistic look, searching for means to relieve herself of boredom. Now, her face was flustered as she fervently scanned each page.Bookmark here

“A moment! I need to know!” she howled as Snazzy tried to approach her to ask what was going on.Bookmark here

But then, her eyes froze upon one page of her grimoire. In a section that detailed the powers and nature of a Witch possessing this grimoire, one line was buried at the bottom.Bookmark here

He who breaketh the Witch’s magic. He who overcometh the Witch’s powers. Look to him in reverence, for he shall be thy Master!Bookmark here

Seraphina broke into a nervous sweat, thinking that it could not be. Granted that he was a blessed beast and reincarnated being, she found it hard to believe that the tiny sea creature could demonstrate such power.Bookmark here

It has to be a fluke! It has to be!Bookmark here

Seraphina brought up her grimoire to try a spell from it again, but Maribell stepped in front to shield Snazzy. She was brimming with magic power from his excited state. There was no way that she would lose against Seraphina this time. She wouldn’t allow for her partner to be afflicted with whatever spell Seraphina was planning.Bookmark here

“No, let her. I’ve got a strange feeling about this.” Snazzy placed a tentacle on Maribell’s shoulder. “That isn’t a look of aggression like before, but one of someone trying to make sense of something.”Bookmark here

Snazzy knew the face of someone lost and confused. Seraphina’s expression told him that she was trying to hold onto something. Like a distraught child who lashed out at her parents to check if they would still be there for her regardless, Seraphina seemed to ooze with that same feeling as she launched her spell.Bookmark here

Fornicatio!”Bookmark here

But this time, the spell fizzled as it hit Snazzy’s glowing body, still pepped-up from the intimate scene before. Snazzy laughed with a sense of victory. Though, it was more a habit than actually understanding what he won against.Bookmark here

But for Seraphina, it meant something much different. She instantly prostrated herself before Snazzy, causing both him and Maribell to recoil in surprise.Bookmark here

“My one Master, I have waited for you since being given the Grimoire of Lust. And now you stand before me. You stand before all of us Witches once again! Oh, great Demon Lord reborn!”Bookmark here

Snazzy couldn’t believe his ears.Bookmark here

Demon Lord?!
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