Chapter 12:

The Amazing bird!

Who will the Villainess choose?

“Whom will you choose, my lady?” This question rang in my heart like a warning bell. Bookmark here

“I will go with my fiance.'' I announced, though I was sure Damien would be fume and seeth in anger, my love life was still my priority. Maybe I would get that kiss in the party hall. With that thought I ignored the still ringing warning bells and concentrated on my wedding bells!Bookmark here

“But my lady.” he tried to add but i just raised my hand.Bookmark here

I moved towards my table and then wrote an apology letter.Bookmark here

“I apologize, but my first priority is my future husband, so I can not attend the tea party with you, my lord. I hope we will meet soon and this misunderstanding will not affect our deal and business relationship in future.” satisfied with the reply I patted my back and then passed the message to the reluctant messenger.Bookmark here

“I plead with you to think again my lady, this is the first time lord has decided to attend any party.” his eyes were filled with unshed tears. And I wonder if the men of this game were designed to cry over everything.Bookmark here

“I understand your dilemma, but I will always choose my husband first.” ‘So that he would choose me when the time comes’ I added in my heart, as I looked at both of them who left with contrasting emotions on their faces.Bookmark here

I sighed as I slumped on the chair. It hasn't been a day since i have landed here and all this mess has already started.Bookmark here

But then I looked at the golden letters with red borders and a smile bloomed on my lips. So, my efforts actually made a difference.Bookmark here

Tomorrow was going to be a great day! With that thought I immersed myself in the paperwork that was waiting for me.Bookmark here

I took a sigh as I finally finished all the work. I even have an idea of the work now. They mostly work in the fashion industry, designing clothes and jewels and different items made of magical stones. And Akira was responsible for checking that all the companies which they call stores were working properly.Bookmark here

I stretched my sore body and walked to my bed and closed my eyes.Bookmark here

I was running in the forest, my white dress was full of mud. It was torn from the sides and a few blood drops could be seen on my body, but I was still running. I could hear the footsteps coming closer and I panicked. “Akira, Akira.. You will be bound to me forever. I will find you no matter how many births you will take. You will be mine.” I could see the black shadow of the person. The person was tall and his grip on my body was strong yet he was hidden in the dark. I tried to concentrate and see him but i could not, my blurry eyes kept deceiving me but his voice came nearer.. “You will be mine. And when I will find you, I will never let you go.”Bookmark here

"Ahh!" I woke up screaming, drenched in sweat. I looked around with panic. I was in my room. There were lights on and I could see the maids standing in the distance. My scream startled them and they were trying to peek in to see what the matter was.Bookmark here

‘It was such a vivid dream as if he had really held my hand in his death grip.’Bookmark here

I took some deep breaths and calmed myself when my eyes fell on my hand. My eyes that were calmed a bit panicked again as I saw my hands. There were red marks on my fair skin, exactly where the man had held me in my dream.Bookmark here

“No.. this could not be true.” I checked my dress, there was no sign of mud or blood. I was on the soft bed. I shook my head and then held the pillow tightly in my arms as I tried to sleep again.Bookmark here

-------------------------------------Bookmark here

My eyes opened before the birth of the sun in the sky. I was so excited to go to the tea party today that I did not want to waste a single moment for it. There we would dance in each other's arms and then he would bring me closer to his body. I will fake surprise and he will smirk as he kisses me.Bookmark here

“Aah” I fell on my bed again with that dreamy look in my eyes.Bookmark here

“My lady, are you okay?” asked the maids as they ran towards me. I cleared my throat and faked the blank expressions.Bookmark here

“Yes, I am” when I put my feet down a maid kneeled and put fur sleepers in my feet, the other moved and wrapped the outer gown on my body. Third maid stood up with a glass of water and juice in her hands.Bookmark here

That was what we called life of luxury!Bookmark here

“Maria, prepare the bath, and bring the red dress for today. I want to look my best for today’s party.Bookmark here

The dress was bright red. I wore an emerald necklace with it and beautiful dangling earrings. Bookmark here

“My lady, you are looking stunning, everyone’s eyes will be on you today.” Bookmark here

“Yes, my lady, you are the most alluring noble in the whole empire.” They kept on praising me as I loved my image, Akira.. The most alluring girl ever made.. I Am now.Bookmark here

“My lady, would you like to have breakfast before going?” asked the most serious one among them and I shook my head.Bookmark here

“No, juice would be fine.” I replied as I gave myself one last look.Bookmark here

Just after I finished the glass of juice, I heard the knock on the door.Bookmark here

“My lady, the carriage from the royal palace is here to escort you to the party.” I smiled as my eyes shone with excitement. I stood up and walked out in hurried footsteps. Bookmark here

Oh! I was so much in love! But my cheerful smile died when I saw that the carriage was empty.Bookmark here

“Where is his highness?” I asked the royal knight who was waiting behind the carriage on his horse patiently.Bookmark here

“My lady, his highness will meet you directly at the party. He has instructed us to escort you to the party with all respect.`` I sighed and nodded. I thought that I had expected a lot!Bookmark here

``Take it positively Jesse, at least, he is attending the function with you.” I consoled my heart as I climbed the carriage.Bookmark here

I looked out of the window as we crossed the meadow and woods. Lost in my dreams of the days, I saw a strange bird flying near the carriage. Bookmark here

It was such a mesmerizing bird, that I have never seen such an exquisite bird. I took my hands out hesitantly but the bird sat on my palm without a care in the world earning a giggle from me.Bookmark here

“Hey pretty bird, where did you come from?”Bookmark here

“Koo koo” she chirped as if trying to reply to me and I giggled again.Bookmark here

“Aww, darling, you are so beautiful.” I exclaimed looking at its bright red and dark blue wings with a shade of yellow in the middle and red and white neck and face.Bookmark here

“Koo koo” she replied again..
“Awww, would you like to go to the party with me?” I asked the bird and it shook its head and suddenly looked angry as if it was trying to glare at me with its small eyes. But it only looked more adorable that way.Bookmark here

“What happened dear? You did not want to go to a party and meet my future husband?” I asked, and it shook its head again. Flying away from my palm. It fell to my shoulder and kissed my cheek with its small beak, making me surprised.Bookmark here

“Hey hey.. Is this a way of yours to coax me for not going to the party?” I was amused and surprisingly the bird bobbed her head up and down.Bookmark here

“Aww, isn't she adorable!” I murmured and the bird glared again. It gave me an angry look and flew out of the carriage, surprising me.Bookmark here

I thought that It was enjoying my company as much as I was enjoying it. What made it angry so suddenly?Bookmark here

But before I could ponder more, the carriage stopped with a jerk.Bookmark here

“My lady, we have reached our destination.”Bookmark here

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