Chapter 2:

First Base


Nojiko and Ace standing outside Ace’s house. Naobi opens the door and sees her brother standing with a girl and starts to wonder. “Are you Big brother’s Girlfriend?” Nojiko recoils as her face turns a bit red. “W-who me... A-Ace’s girlfriend” as she looks at Ace. Ace puts his hands in his pockets and draws his face closer to Nojiko’s while smirking. “Got a problem with that”

“N-No... I mean...”

“We could make a great couple”

“DON’T GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF SMART GUY!” Nojiko shouts. Her emotions turns from Cute and Vulnerable girl to A Death Metal Chick.

“I was only Joking...”

Nojiko looks the other away and out comes a soft sigh “We wouldn’t make a great couple since your types are like Mikasa”. Naobi confused and can not catch up with what is happening, she looks at both of them and smiles wide as she can. She throws her hands up in the air as she ran inside the house shouting “Aunt Yoshino Ace brought a girl home”. Ace flinches as he tries to call out to Naobi but chokes on the first syllable of Naobi’s name. Ace grabs Nojiko’s shoulders and quickly slides her away. “Yoshino I will be home before dinner bye!”

Ace and Nojiko arrives at Nojiko’s House. Ace sitting down in Nojiko’s bedroom, Nojiko brings drinks as she settles down to study. 

“GHAAA” Hours into studying Nojiko screams out of boredom and frustration to the difficult question. Ace looks up and asks what question she is struggling with. Nojiko lays her face flat on the table in complaint about the question.

“This is too hard”

“Well you just have to...”

“Hold that thought I’m going to freshen up”

Nojiko stands up as she exits the bedroom and runs a shower. Ace sits silently and checks Nojiko’s book.

“Well at least she got the other answers right. Now that we are not studying it’s overwhelming to be in a girls room... so that’s her bed huh... don’t think about it stay down boy stay”

He looks around the room and scopes a box under Nojiko’s bed. He crawls to the bed and looks under as he pulls the box out. He opens the box to a wonderful surprise.

Nojiko exists the shower as she dries herself with a towel. She walks back to her room only to find Ace gaming instead of studying. She Looks at the box and looks back at Ace.

“Where did you find that”

“In the box that was under your bed”

“You went through my stuff”

“Only these awesome games you were hiding”

“And yet I thought you were a boring person”


Nojiko walks up to Ace with a long face

“Hand me the other controller”

Ace looks up and sees Nojiko stripped-down to her shirt and underwear. Ace stares at Nojiko’s hot body. Nojiko violently snatches the other controller from Ace’s hand and sits down with her legs crossed.

“I hope you’re ready Ace”

“Bring it on”

Ace and Nojiko play their first match. Ace distracted by ‘Mrs hot body Nojiko’ he is unable to focus. Lewd thoughts starts to cloud Ace’s thoughts while he does not realise he is losing. K.O. the sound of Ace’s first defeat awakes him from dream land. Nojiko shines brightly, excited for he first win. Ace panics and wants another round.

“lets go again I wasn’t ready”

“Go cry in the corner loser”

“One more round this time I’ll win for sure”

“Bring it on Noob”

The matches go on and on with Nojiko coming out Victorious. Nojiko wins the last round, she stands up and throws her hands in the air. Ace sulks to the fact that he lost to a girl four consecutive times. Nojiko points at Ace with a smug look on her face. “From this day forward you’ll have to address me as your Master” she places her backhand under her mouth and out comes an evil genius’s laugh. 

Ace slowly stands up and suddenly trips over a book falling backwards. The book slides under Nojiko’s foot as she also slips and falls forward. THUD Nojiko falls over Ace. Ace and Nojiko open their eyes to a weird surprise. Nojiko sitting on Ace they both stare at each other with their faces all red.

Nojiko bits her lower lip as Ace keeps starring at Nojiko. Several thoughts crosses his mind ‘how did he end up with her like this’

“(Nojiko... First Friend I’ve made since me and my mom moved here. I happened to run into her at the video game store while roaming around getting familiar with the neighbourhood. From that day forward, I’ve been friends with her. Friends?... is that all we are I’ve always wanted a relationship with her that is more than just being friends... But Now)”

Nojiko slowly moves her hips back and forth. They both draw their faces near each other as they are about to kiss... 

“I’m home”

Nojiko’s Mother opens Nojiko’s bedroom door only to find Ace and Nojiko studying. Nojiko looks at her mother and gives her a warm welcome with a smile. “Welcome home Mom”.

“Hey Ace!” Mrs Kirisaki smiles as she looks at both of them studying. Ace turns his head to look at Mrs Kirisaki and smiles nervously. “Welcome Home Mrs Kirisaki”