Chapter 3:

One, Two Many Stalkers


Ace walks home after a long day. The illumination of the full moon shines brightly on the dark alley. Ace’s stomach growls alerting him that he is late for dinner. He scopes a vending machine and pats himself down for his wallet. “Damn” Ace flashes back to the time he lost his wallet. He realises that it had fallen out during the moment he had with Nojiko. He takes out his phone and tries to contact Her. Ace is suddenly disturbed by the unsettling noise in the alley. He slowly walks closer to the sound. Ace turns on the flash light of his phone then suddenly...

Meow a cat jumps out of a trash can and runs away. “Stupid alley cat” Ace calms his breath as he turns around, He sees a girl in front of him. The big breasted, short brown haired school girl in a red scarf startles him. Ace flashes the phone’s torch to the strangers eyes, trying to get a better look at her. The girl complains about the intense light as she blocks it out with her palm.

“Would you get that thing away from me”

“Oh sorry my bad”

Ace turns off the light and stares at the strange girl. The strange girl feels violated by Ace’s sudden lustful stare. She looks away blushing and twiddling her thumbs. Ace seems to find her familiar he looks at her closely as the familiar girl’s face turns completely red. 

“W-would you stop starring” The girl replies. Ace squints his eyes as nostalgia catches on to him. “Wait I know you” He shouts out from the top of his lungs. The familiar girl is startled by Ace’s high pitch voice. She quickly replies to Ace’s short statement.

“How could you know me... We just met”

“You’re that stalker girl who has been following me around the whole day”

“Who... Me?”

The familiar girl feels offended by Ace’s quick assumption. She step her foot down as she yells back at Ace.

“For your information I wasn’t stalking I was just observing you”

“That’s literally the same thing”

“No it’s not”

“Why are you following me anyway creepy stalker”

“Would you stop calling me a stalker I have a name you know” 

The familiar girl folds her arms and looks away. Ace stays silent for a few seconds. He calms his breath and asks the question. “So what’s your name”. Familiar Girl closes her eyes and pouts as her head starts to steam. Feeling irritated by Ace’s question, She turns her back folding her arms. “As if I intend to tell you”.

“Well okay then... Bye”

Ace puts his hands in his pockets as he turns and starts to walk away. Familiar girl starts to follow Ace behind.

“Now, tell me why you’re following me”

“This happens to be my route home too”

“Oh is that so”


Ace cringes to Familiar girls reply. “(Not only she’s a creepy stalker she could happen to be a crazy serial killer, well I must be over exaggerating, but she’s nuts)”. Ace picks up the pace as she does the same. He stops walking and sighs. Ace tries to run, Familiar girl grabs Ace’s bag and pulls it to stop him. 







The familiar girl keeps pulling on Ace’s bag. Ace holding on to his bag, The ‘Ace’s bag’ Tug of war goes on for a short while until the girl’s hands slipped and both players falling back. THUD the sound of them landing on their backs. Ace pulls his torso forward rubbing the back of his head. Familiar girl rubs the side of her hip, with her legs wide open, her skirt flashes her panties to Ace. Ace slowly opens his eyes to a wonderful surprise that arouses him. He keeps his eyes direct to familiar girl’s striped panties. Familiar girl open her eyes, she looks at Ace then looks at her legs. Feeling embarrassed and violated by Ace’s stare, Familiar girl quickly closes her legs and throws her shoe at Ace’s face. 

Familiar girl and Ace sitting down on the ground with both their backs against the wall. She hands him tissues to wipe the blood of his nose. Feeling ashamed about how she acted recently she shrugs and hugs her legs.



“My Name... you wanted to know my name... it’s Nishimura Nishina”



“I’m Scott, Ace Scott”

Ace turns his head and looks at Nishimura. Nishimura stays quite for a while. She clams her breath, looks down and rests her chin on the arms.

“I’m sorry”


“I should haven’t acted the way I did... I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault really”


“Yeah... it was just a little misunderstanding”

Nishimura stands up slowly and dusts herself off. She stands in front of Ace and reaches out her hand. “I guess we can call it a truce”. Ace looks at her and reaches his hand out to her. He grabs her hand and helps himself up in the process of a handshake. “I’m sure we can”. They both look at each other smiling. They start to giggle to the whole event that happened earlier. Ace breaks the handshake and pockets his hands.

“Well Then I should leave I’m already late for dinner, my aunts going to scold me if I stay out too late”

“See you around then”

“You too (I don’t doubt I will see her face more often)”