Chapter 3:

A Truth beneath the Sky.

Cursed Seasons

Haruka began her daily regimen as she does everyday. She wakes up, goes to the bathroom, freshens herself up, gets dressed, eats break fest, and then heads out to school. Though today was a little different. Other then the fact that it was Saturday, it was because she had a guest in her house that was more then likely not invited.

She walked down the stairs to find the blue haired boy laying down still asleep after a long night. She moves closer to him.

For a moment, Haruka could see, and more extremely feel, the boy's breathing. It was cold. Colder then a winter day, but it was probably due to the heat in the house being lopsided due to the strange weather. She sighed for a moment.

"Mom and dad should really get a new system for the temperature in the house. It would be better if we controlled it rather then it being automatic and waking up to a freezing home just because its hot out......but i cant complain much......Its better so we can have a nice home whenever we get back...."

Haruka sighed again before looking toward the boy again. This time, she wondered why wasn't he fazed by the cold in the house? Was he use to it? 

There were so many questions that needed to be answered. Though, Haruka couldnt get any with the boy asleep. 

Haruka went closer to the boy. Almost getting too close, though she looked at him with eyes of kind eyes and pity. She sat at the arm of the cough he slept in and began to shake his body slightly.

"Hey, get up"

The boy slowly opened his eyes and saw Haruka sitting above him. He blinked a few times before he spoke to her.


Haruka nodded before getting up and brushing off a bit of her hair to the side.

"Get up...I'm taking you to the hospital. That way you can get out of my house."

The boy nodded before he got up, though when he did there was a large spot on the couch. It was a large wet spot that only took up the size of a toddler. Was this his doing?

Haruka looked almost pissed when she saw the mark though after examining for a moment, it turned out to be water. Maybe the boy was still wet after being in the rain last night? Or did he leave back out? Haruka questioned everything, though it wasn't anything strange like she hoped. 

"Come on...the sooner your gone the better."

Haruka led the boy outside of her house. The sun was beaming down to the people around them and the boy looked at it almost with hateful eyes.

"I hate summer.........", the boy replied.

"Its spring dummy", Haruka replied

Haruka looked toward the sky for a moment only to appreciate that fact, it was sunny. It would be a great time to take him to the hospital as it would fix a problem she was forced to live with.

"The hospital is on the other side of town so we have time to get you there....just dont leave my sight and you'll be fine."

The boy nodded as they walked toward the nearest hospital across town. 

(Mid-time break)

With the sun beaming down steadily, Haruka and the boy reached the hospital with no loss of time or effort. It only took them about 40 minutes of walking. 

When the duo walked in, Haruka walked up with the boy to the front counter.

"Excuse me Nurse?', Haruka asked.

"Yes? How may I help you?", The Nurse replied

"I am here, to drop off this.....guy, I found him in Ground Zero passed out and he cant remember anything.", Haruka said.

The nurse looked at the boy and played along with the story, though she wasnt a very nice nurse.

"Well the kid doesnt look knocked out, and.....he doesnt seem to be lost since he is with you, but Im sorry we dont do returns to the hospital even if your parents dont want him."

Haruka got annoyed and looked at the nurse with vengeful eyes.

"That's not it Nurse, I took the boy in for the night since it was storming out and the phone lines were down at my house. I cant just up and bring him from my house to here in the deadly cold rain with a 40 minute walk alone at a brisk pace. With him on my shoulders it would take me likely 3 times as long. I am here to get him some medical attention, so i will appreciate it if you could help out..."

Haruka was absolutely livid with such people who act stupid or just plain dumb over the most simplest of reason. This one being to mess with her. Though, the nurse understood and called in a doctor to take a look at the boy for her. She told them that they would likely wait a few minutes.

After waiting for so long, Haruka began to look at the boy. He was sitting straight up and his posture was that of a gentlemen's. Was he royalty or something? Or does he always sit down? More and more questions to get answered later. 

When the Doctor came up, he looked toward the boy first then Haruka.

"Alright, Miss. What seems to be he problem?"

Haruka stood up and began to explain the situation again to the doctor but added the details that might help out. 

"I was walking home from school and it began to rain out. I took a short cut through Ground Zero and I found this boy there in the middle of a crater, though when i went to help he was unconscious. I attempted to help, but the phone-lines were down due to a local construction team doing their jobs. So i brought him back to my house to get him out of the rain and took care of him for the night. He has amnesia and no possible identification of any sort. He seems to be around 16-18 years old and he has lost knowledge academically as it would seem."

The Doctor looked at  the boy and began to examine him for a moment. He noticed that the boy had a tore jacket on that seemed to reach down to his knees. There were several scorch marks on his jacket and arms, though his hair was a frosty blue and his eyes were a dark purple. 

The doctor looked at the boy again and nodded. 

"Well alright. We shall take him in for some examination and such, though when we are done he has to go back somewhere if we cant recover any memories. I am afraid that he will be living with you until we can contact the local government for more info. It should only be a few more days, though if the government works quick as it does, it should be able to get him out of your hair and into a life of his own pretty soon."

Haruka was happy to hear that he was leaving but the overwhelming anger built up to know he would come back.

"Cant he stay in the hospital until the government comes?"

The doctor nodded and looked at Haruka.

"Is he that bad to live with that you cant take it?"

Haruka shook her head, though she flustered as she spoke again.

"A man and a woman who are not together in a romantic way shouldn't be living together."

The Doctor smiled and nodded to her comment.

"Alright miss.  We will take him off your hands for a little while. Though we recommend that you come by to see him. Concerning his condition. You likely saved his life more then you know. It will be very generous to see the person who saved his life every now and then."

Haruka tilted her head and then looked behind her to see the boy staring back.  She nodded and began to walk out.

"Ill come back Monday after school to visit."

With that, the boy was left in charge of the hospital for the time being and Haruka was again a home alone girl with a mind of a complicated woman. 


Cursed Seasons

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