Chapter 2:

A Memory in the clouds

Cursed Seasons

"W......who are you?".

The voice of the young boy was still and confused. The young one seemed to be dazed and knew not of what world he woke up in, though Haruka had no idea of what could have caused it and none on what could have happened to help solve it. Haruka leaned down to the boy and tried to see the damage that he was suffering from, though his body seemed to be covered in ash and scorch marks like the boy set himself on fire or burned his skin with a match.

The boy's light blue hair and Violent-like eyes seemed to dance around the air around her and left the air in which it floated in a frozen glory of cold air and warm singularities. It wasnt normal on how the settlement around the two seemed full of problems and questions, though there was no time to explain everything. Haruka began to chip away the dirt and ash around the boy and grabbed him by his arm to pull him up.

"My name is Haruka. Haruka Yanato. What's your name? How did you end up here?"

Haruka asked a lot of questions to the boy but he wasn't in any shape to answer. When she picked him up and slogged his arm around her shoulder to help him keep his balance, blood seemed to run down from the side of his head.

"Your bleeding....."

Haruka began to make a sigh from the remark she committed her self, but she couldn't help but keep quiet until spoke again, only with a more concerned voice.

"You need medical house is nearby..."

Haruka herself didn't know why she was helping such a strange situation thrive but she didn't want the boy to die in her arms.

Soon after, Haruka brought the boy to her home and laid him across the couch. She had no idea why she was doing this, but on instinct she ran to the bathroom and grabbed a few items to clean his wounds.

"Stay still....this will only hurt a little"

Haruka came back downstairs and began to wet a cotton ball with alcohol and slowly applied it to the blood running down the boy's face. Like any other human being, the boy reacted with it feeling like it was like someone was putting acid on his body.

"Calm down....its just alcohol."

Haruka managed to clean the blood off of the boy's body, though he was silent and distant. This behavior was normal for someone who was just brought into a strangers house.

"The least you can do is thank me"

The boy stayed silent for a moment before looking at her.

"I don't know what is going on, but thank you for helping me."

Haruka smiled and gave a significant gesture as she stood up

"What's your name?"

The young boy began to ponder at the thought but only came up with a sigh, but then back to a sting as the pain pierced him again.


"Calm down you big baby...your badly hurt...there is a lot of blood coming out of the left side..."

The boy began to lay back trying to cope with the pain

"I don't remember my name....I don't know why. All I can remember are..."

Haruka stopped him as she began to wipe up the blood from his face and neck. She didn't know why she was going as far as to wipe the blood off, but she was just doing what she knew.

"Well more over your very lucky that I found you. There isn't a hospital in the area, so you would have bled out if I didn't help you. Or worst you would have frozen to death from the ice cold rain."

The boy looked at Haruka with confused eyes, like he didn't know what she was even talking about.

"I don't know what you mean, Its April....doesn't Freezing rain come closer to October? Plus why was it raining when there isn't a storm cloud in the sky?"

Haruka began to sigh more and more as he talked.

"You honestly talk to much. I'm only to say this once, so you better listen because your not staying here long. You, what ever your name is, are in one of the most convoluted cities in Japan. Your in Sapporo, the city with daily weather. We don't get normal qualities to have certain weather like a Sun for hot weather or clouds for rain. They happen either way. The strangest it has ever been was a Thunderstorm with no clouds. Rain can still happen either way when there is no storm cloud. The best weather we had was a Humid day with a few clouds."

The boy nodded acknowledging the statement made by her. Though he took a deep breath.

"That's all terrific and all, but the thing is....I cant remember my own name...and I don't remember anything. Do you have or seen anything with me that could help? Or something with a name on it?"

Haruka simple shook her head.

"Nope, nothing."

The boy looked at her with a ridiculous grin almost to the point where he could burst out in laughter.

"Well that certainly odd, though its not impossible"

Haruka didn't know what was going on, though he scuffed and offered an ice bag to the boy.

" the way where did you find me?"

Haruka pointed toward the small part of town.

"I found you in Ground Zero"

"Ground Zero?" The boy asked

"Ground Zero is the sector of the city of Sapporo that was affected by the strange meteor shower a few years ago. Some say that a meteor hit one of our generators and completely destroyed the power-lines to nearly irreplaceable. So they boarded up the section that was shut down and built new homes for those that lost theirs and even began to reinforce the transformers so it doesn't blow out the power to another sector in any other case."

The boy began to look into the window toward where she pointed and seemed emotionless for a moment.

"Hmmm? Is that right. So does that mean I would have lived there before? Maybe to revisit it?"

"Maybe...but don't expect me to become a charity for the Amnesia. I only brought you in so you wouldn't freeze to death, plus I was only nearby."

The boy nodded and looked down toward the clothes he was wearing. The cloth seemed scorched and worn. There were deep lines and holes on the top. The whole outfit seemed to be some sort of robe. The robes themselves look genuine and original though it seemed to resemble cultist robes worn by Cult Priests.

" i should call the hospital to see if they can care for you in the morning."

Haruka began to rise up off the ground and walked off to the side of the cough and handed the boy a comforter and a pillow.

"You can sleep on the couch but in the morning your going to the hospital for proper treatment"

The boy nodded.

Haruka turned off the lights to the house, though there is an ominous sight as there is a man standing outside in a cloak looking at Haruka's home with a smile on his face, though its unknown of what he looks like.

"Well it seems you wont be a problem for a while. Afterall, You deserve this."

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