Chapter 2:

Administrator Rules

Livecraft: Trapped in the Game World

My name is Takeo Hayami and I just done streaming today. I worked in a company named Holostream, We are called Vtubers, Vtuber is for Virtual YourTuber.(Note:Its YouTuber but since I change the YouTube to YourTube, That's why its affected too)

Our work is just like Live Streamers but Unlike Live Streamers we are connected to a company that let us hide our real identity through Virtual Characters. Its really exhausting, Its fun to become a Live Streamer but exhausting in the same time cause you need to entertain your viewers, So blanking out while streaming is not a good idea, That's why we keep thinking what to talk about but in Collab, It wont be exhausting anymore cause we talk to each other that will make us able to think what to talk randomly.

Maybe I should sleep now, Since i finished bath before I streamed.

After changing my clothes and thinking does things I head down my bed and close my eyes.

I slept.

I wake up in a different ceiling.

'What is this things wrapping my body?' I thought as I look my body wrapped by a full diamond armor.

Maybe I'm dreaming since I just slept a while ago.

Looking to the mirror I can see my reflection that my eyes turned blue and my hair became long blonde hair.

"This is my Virtual Character" I spoke.

Remembering my previous facial feature I have a short white silver hair and green eyes. My real face looks not normal cause of our ancestors. Our ancestors have emerald color eyes and silver hair.

Looking back to the mirror. "Now I realized, My character is Gorgeous and Cool" I spoke to my self.

Looking at the mirror I seen a green floating square in my bottom right of my vision.I reached to it and tap.

My stats displayed.
Name: Hayami Takeo





Title: Ice Warrior[Due to Class and Element]
Hero of the Antarctica[Due to Completing the Story
Mode: Terror of Ice Serpent]
Super Human[Due to Reaching Level 100]

Skill: 1.Stab
2.Ice Slash
3.Ice Smash
4.Freeze Feet
5.Ice Wall
6.Snow Weather
7.Ice Enchant
8.Froze Zone(SS)

Effects: Freezing Resistance
Multiply Ice Magic Effect[Due to the Fang of Ice

Gear: (White)Diamond Helmet(Dyed)
Fang of Ice Serpent Necklace
Diamond ChestPlate(Clothed)
(Blue) Netherite Sword (Dyed)
White Mini Skirt
White Leg Socks
Diamond Knee Boots

Stats Level:Strength: 20
Sword Speed: 10(+10)
Presence Detection: 10(+10)
Class: 10
Ice Skills: 10(×2)
Froze Zone(SS):10(×4)
Freezing Resistance:5(×2)

Stat Points:7
Skill Points:27

It seems my stats are still the same.I tap again the green thing and the stats displayed in front of me disappeared like shut Television.

I feel a bit disturbing feeling to the things I wear so I change them to normal clothing.

After that I walk and reach the door.

"Ow!" I reacted as my feet hit in the table stand.

"Wait, That doesn't hurt at all, I'm sure that thing can make me shout right now, Well this is a dream" I spoke before going back to walk.

Reaching outside, I can smell the bloom of Cherry Blossoms. The calming wind and bright sunlight of summer.

Things are very peaceful. The blow of wind, Chirps of Birds, Flow of Water and the rustle of tree leaves, This place isn't like a dream at all and the peacefulness is very-

"Danchou!!" A familiar voice called.(Note: Danchou means Leader/Guild Leader)

"Ena?" I spoke.

She smiled.

I never expected to see Ena in my dream.

Tomi Ena or Ena, She have a sky blue eyes and Blonde Hair, Her race is angel, She really look like an angel same to her personality. It seems I able to picture her perfectly in my dream.

"Hayami Danchou lets explore around" She requested innocently.

"Sure" I replied.

She hold my right hand and grab me to walk.

"Hayami Danchou lets try exploring the Kohana Kensetsu!" She asked.(Note:Kensetsu means Construction)

"Sure, That place is amazing, I never explored there before" I spoke.

I wonder how that place will look like, I mean I didn't able to explore that place so its probably end up looking like a Fantasy Disney land.

We explored and we can see many beautiful things like pixel wool art, Food and Company Stall, Resource Machine, Circus, Zoo- Wait is this really zoo?, More like a experimental lab cause of the hanged and prisoned animals.

Looking around I notice someone following us.

"Bunny Ears?" I spoke.

"Bunny Ears?, Where?" Ena asked.

I pointed to the Ramen Food Stall. In the food stall, A gray bunny ears can be seen shaking.

Going close to the food stall, The ears disappeared so we immediately run towards and I can see a bunny girl digging to the ground with her Netherite Pickaxe.(Note: Netherite is a dark grey ingot looking that can be seen in nether but if your not a Minecraft player, Just imagine it as a dark grey colored ingot and if it got created as an item, Just imagine the item is dark grey)

"Rini?" We spoke in unison.

"Hic!" She reacted.

"What are you doing?" Ena asked.

"Umm j- j- just digging?" She spoke swinging her Netherite pickaxe.

"Come back here, We want you to tour us" Ena spoked.

"T- T- TOUR!!" She yelled.

"Yes, Is there a problem?, Or is this considered trespassing?" Ena wondered.

"N- n- no its n- not trespassing, And s- s- sure I- I'll tour you" She spoke awkwardly.

"Thank you" Ena thanked.

Rini put back the stone to its place that she dig earlier.

I never expected Rini is really like this shy.

Kohana Rini or Rini, Race: Bunny, She is a real comedian and her way of laugh is what makes it funny too and a war criminal in the same time, She even killed me 2 times in this game by prank. She have a grey hair that she used to hide in stones and sky blue eyes that made her cute and use it as her charm when she begged for something. About the Kohana Kensetsu, She's the one who made it with her only one employee Amaya.

"Rini" A girl called.

Speaking of the devil, Amaya just arrived.

Mikazuki Amaya or Amaya, A kind girl and cold in the same time. The way she acts is very cold and she's always emotionless. She got purple hair and purple eyes that give her a emotionless face. And just what I said earlier she's a member of Kohana Kensetsu.

While looking around I felt cold all of the sudden after a breath just touched behind my neck that go across my spines that give me a chilling feeling.

"Your K Cup is Unguarded!" Umi whispered.

As soon she whispered her hands reached to my chest.

"Ughh!!" I moaned.

"Hehe~, I'm horny today after seeing you all here in my dream" Umi spoked.

"Umi stop!, Go to horny jail!" I begged as she continuously touch my chest.

"You cant defy your master" She spoke.

It seems I don't have a choice.

I reached to my inventory box and equip my chest plate armor. As soon my armor equipped, Umi was thrown away.

"Noooo!, My K Cup!" Umi spoke touching my armored chest.

"Stop that please, Stop calling it K cup its only E cup size" I spoke.

"I know but K cup doesn't mean for size, Its stands for Knight Cup or Knight's Chest" She spoke.

"You know, Your horny logic sometimes surpassed normal brain, I should probably bonk you" I spoke.

"Well I suffered in it too. I don't want to be horny, I want to be happy" Umi spoke.

Kanokawa Umi or Umi, Race Mermaid, She got a blue eyes and pink hair, But most importantly, She's very horny.

"But the problem is your being horny is what makes you happy" A girl joined.

She's Mana, Sumiye Mana, She have blonde short hair and blue eyes, She use a Alias sometimes and the alias she use is Watson, Her race is human but she's our detective.

"Mana your here" Ena spoke.

"Did you guys notice something?" Mana asked.

We look to each other.

"No" We all spoke in unison.

"I see, Let me guess, You guys are feeling this as your dream right now, Right?" Mana asked.

"Yes" We spoke in unison.

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"Yes, Think about it. If were all dreaming then why are we all connected?" Mana asked.

We thought

"I heard that when you have a good bond to someone, You'll be able to connect in their dream" A familiar voice joined.

"Ayaka!" Ena called.

"Yahoo, Elite Ayaka is here!" Ayaka spoke.

Wisteria Ayaka or Ayaka, She is just a normal girl with a beauty of Wisteria cause of her black hair and purple eyes and Wisteria designed purple Yukata.

"I think I agree with you too" Mana spoke.

"Well what if this is a new reality" Umi spoke.

"New Reality?" Mana asked.

"Well you guys heard about being transported in another world?, What if that's what happen?" Umi spoke.

"That way of thinking surpassed reality" I spoke.

"Well, We are into a situation of supernatural so having fantasy idea isn't so bad" Umi spoke.

"I think i agree with Umi, But-" Mana spoke.

"But what?" Ayaka asked.

"That would be a big problem" Mana spoke.

"How about you two?, Do you have an opinion?" Mana asked to Amaya and Rini that sitting in the bench.

"Well, I don't have an idea, How about you senpai?" Amaya asked to Rini.

"I- I don't have a idea either Rini~" Rini answered.

"Konichiwa Minna-san" A green tab appear in front of us showing a sound wave when it talk.

All of us look to it.

"How's the experience, Good right?. I'm the game administrator, In other words, The god of this world. Anyway I have a bad news for you. If you think your dreaming, Then your not, This world as what you known, This is the game you played called Livecraft. Well I know your enjoying your time but what if I say, Stop wasting it. I mean right now your trapped here and since your trapped here that means you cant get out. Do you even have an idea how?, No right?, In this massive infinite possibility world there's no way you can think an idea easily how to get out. If you die you revive, If you go to the sky, You can, But the outer space is what you see and still not your world so its useless" The green tab spoke.

While listening, I'm starting to worried about my family, But among all of the Holostream members, I'm the only one who's calm. My friends are starting to shake their nerves, Listening to the tab.

"In this world, PvP is on, As you can see the off option for PvP is locked, But don't worry you wont feel pain here. But the problem is, When you get killed by a fellow player, Its the end. Actually all players I send to this world is a total of 50 000, Including Children who play this game of course" The tab spoke.

"Ohh no, Your kidding right!?" Ena spoke as her tears flow to her eyes.

"Ohh yeah actually, Since earlier, Some crazy people do some killing to others and its unavoidable so the total now is 49 000+ players left, I mean its their dream so they release their frustration out to this world. Now, I'm sure you want to get out this world right?, There is a way but not simple as you think. And that is, Defeat me. I'll open a portal every month to fight me, Make sure to level up so you can defeat me. I'll unlock the Portal Option now, Its your decision if you want to fight me. Also, There is another simpler way to get out in this world and that is, Acquiring other's soul. In another words, Kill each other" The tab spoke before it disappeared.

All of us look to each other with tense eyes.

"You all are not planning to kill each other right?" Mana asked.

Rini can be seen holding her dagger staring at it. "Tssk" She gritted her teeth.

"I wanna get out but-" Ena kneel down. "There's no way I'll do something like that!" She cried.

"This is the worst situation than i thought" Mana spoke as she bit her nail in her thumb."Why something like this should happen" Ayaka muttered while looking to her palm."The problem is-, How to solve this problem, There is a choice to get out by fighting the administrator but that's impossible, Doing it is reckless and just end us up being thrown to unknown worst possibility.

"Hayami, How can you stay calm" Mana asked.

"Actually I'm worried and thinking in the same time. And did you guys notice that floating island?" I asked as i pointed the huge floating island far away from us.

"Well I just noticed it" Ena answered.

"Me too" Ayaka joined.

"Well lets investigate it later. But first-, Lets find the others. Lets go" Mana spoke.

"Yeah" We spoke in unison as we follow her.