Chapter 4:

Next Day: The chronicles of Club Activities - Part Two.

Cellular Redo

The previous day, Miss Suzuki said that all of the first years are required to join the club activities except for the ones who can't physically be there. Today we got almost shred to pieces by our senpai with their recruitment in front of the school gate this morning.  Nakano and I where looking for clubs we could join so we tried all the culture clubs and weren't that interested now we got to try the Arts club. In the arts clubs we tried drama and to be honest it really exhausted me, so I went outside for a breather. That's when I heard a melody from the gods coming from the other side of the hallway. When I tracked it down, to my surprise I found The honor student playing on the grand piano. 

She played until she hit the last note which then she messed up that last note. Naturally, she didn't notice me in front of the door. The piano was right by the window at the other side of the room facing at the back of the room. 

"Um..... " I studdled and it surprised her so she turned around and looked at me. 

"What do you want?" Saying it as mean as ever. She didn't realize it until she got a good look at me that I'm the one he met up with yesterday. 

"You again" as she showed a surprised look on her face. 

"H-hi" saying that while acting timid. 

"Wren't you not satisfied enough with violating me yesterday. Don't tell me you more don't you!?" she says. 

"Hold on I'm not here for that I swear. What happened yesterday was a mistake and I'm sorry on my part. I came here because I heard you play it was pretty beautiful." 

She didn't respond to me after my last remark and she was a bit flustered but was fighting not to show it. She moved closer to me. It is as if I  fished her with a complement I think. 

" You do think so?" She asked that while she looked like she was warming up her expression. 

"Yeah, I've never heard anything that beautiful in my life." I complemented her. 

"T-Then I'd pla...." I interrupted her before she could finish her sentence. 

"Buuut I'm not sure how to put this. The E note sounded a little off Right towards the end. It must be that it need to be tuned. I'm pretty sure you noticed that right." I stated but for some reason, I don't know, she became bright red and got pissed. 

"Of course I knew that, I'm a professional I don't want to be told by the likes of you. I'm leaving, this club is not does not interest my liking at all anyway." she says and straight up walks away from the classroom. 

Right now I'm thinking of what I did to make her that angry to just walk out of the club like that. A minute later a girl, looks like a senpai came in to the club room holding, what looked like important papers. She opened the door to expect the honor student but ended up finding me. 

"Where is she?" she asked all that confused at not knowing what happened. 

"If you're looking for the honor student, she got out not too long ago saying something about not joining this club." 

"Oh no! This is bad where did she go!?" She asked while panicking. 

"She went that way. " I pointed to the next hallway. As soon as I pointed, Senpai ran out of the club room to the direction I was pointing at. 

On the floor I found one of the papers she dropped while she ran out of the club room. It was a club termination notice saying 'if the club does not have the minimum of three club members it will be terminated. I finally realized what the honnor student was saying. I quickly ran of towards the same direction that senpai was headed only to find that she had already caught up with the honor student. 

"Please reconsider, the club needs you more than ever." she tries to persuade her to join the club but it all sounds like it not happening. 

"I'm sorry but my final decision stands as no. Nothing you say will make me reconsider." She replied harshly. 

"The reason for her leaving lies on me. All of this is my fault so can I take responsibility for whatever it is that I did for you to reconsider." I intervened from their conversation earlier to ask for forgiveness and bowed. 

"L-Like I said My final decision is Cristal clear and nothing you'd do can make me say otherwise." she say that while turning her back and then she leaves. 

"I'm really sorry Senpai, you would have had her join your club if I didn't mess it up. So I'm so sorry" I apologized while bowing to senpai. 

"No no no it's no big deal" she says that and I interrupted her from saying more. 


"Heh? So you know about the notice huh. Well, it is true that she was my top pick no doubt. But now I think about it with her joining, the club still needs another member member to meet the requirements to be an official club." she says that while disappointed. 

"Then if that's the case let me join the club to make the third member." I say that with a serious face. 

"Look, I know you feel responsible for what happened but the club won't be official if it had a ghost member who doesn't do anything in the club room. " She adds and I interrupted her again.

"I can play the guitar, but I'm a little rusty. At least you have one member to your club." I say. 

"That's great but we still don't have another member to meet the requirements." she says. 

"I said I'm the third member earlier right? And I mean it. I'll get the honnor student to reconsider no matter what." I say that while putting on a tough face. Senpai looked at me for a second and laughed a bit. 

"You're a pretty interesting first year I've ever you know. Oh where are my manners we haven't properly met, I'm Sachio Miyazaki, I'm a second year." 

"And I'm Ayato Hayashi, A first year. Nice to meet you Miyazaki senpai." 

"Nice to meet you too Hayashi. I'm going the used to be called a senpai."she awkwardly laughs. 

"How about you preper the registration forms and I'll find a way to make her reconsider." I say that. 

"But since I'm Club president, shouldn't I be the one to take responsibility?" she asked 

"No since I caused this mess I'm the one who had to fix this" I replied. 

That's easier said than done. Firstly, I don't know which class is she in and secondly, I even if I find her I don't know what I'll do or say to let her join the club. This is such a huge pain in the ass. 

While I was thinking of what should I do about the honnor student mess I bumped into Nakano and accidentally glenced her clievege a little bit since she opened the top of her shirt to get some fresh air from the activities that they did in the drama club room. I looked away very quickly and blushed a little. 

"There you are Ayato. Where did you go. Hmm... Is something wrong? Your face is looking red." 

"Well nothing. It's just that my face is all red because of the activities we did in the drama club and I'm quite exhausted y'know." Was my excuse. 

"Anyway the drama club looks kinda fun so I think I'm gonna join it how about you?" she asked.

"Well I'm gonna join the music club." I quickly answered it. 

"Music club? This school has a music club? The better question is you can play an instrument. "She asked. 

"As a matter of fact, I can but I'm a little rusty since I haven't played for a while." I say that but it looks like she still doesn't believe me. 

We continued until we reached to the shoe lockers. Nakano went to the bathroom and she said I can wait for her at the gates. While I was walking towards the gate I spotted the honnor student heading to the back of the gym. I followed her and saw her standing with another guy. It sorta looks like a confession. 


"Are you kidding me. This is a joke right? You asked me to waise my time and meet you here for you to ask me out. There's no way I'd ever go out with the likes of you. So I suggest you'd never waste my precious time ever again." She rejected him like that and walked away. And she had an aloof expression the entire confession and its as if she didn't care. When she was rejecting him, I could have sworn that the place felt colder it's as if she froze the air or something..

Damn talk about ripping your heart out and stomping it to pieces. But I gotta give him some credit, he's got balls to confess on the second day of the school semester and to her no doubt. But in the end, he ended up with a ice cold rejection as a reminder of this day. I feel sorry for him. Crap, now the complecation ladder of convincing her just went up after seeing that ice cold regection. She is gonna be difficult to persuade her now. 

DAY ONE starts I went to school early to find the honnor student who, I've heard, I always gets to school early. 

"Hey, can I have a minute with you." I pointed her out and she continued walking. 

"What do you want?" she asked like she is not interested. 

"I wanna talk to you. Please consider joining the music club it really needs you." I say that while stopping her moving. 

"What! Didn't I already tell you that Im not joining and nothing can change my mind." she raised her voice a bit. 

"I already know that, that's why I'm asking you to join" I persistent. 

"That doesn't even make any sense. I TOLD YOU NO MEANS No. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE." you could tell that she's getting annoyed but that wont stop me from making her join. 

DAY TWO. This time she got to school later than usual so I tried looking for her around campus. Fortunately, she's basically the celebrity of the school so I could finding her was easier than I thought. One student said she's in class 1A. During lunchtime I went to her class directly. I found her she sits at the middle row at the first table. But I couldn't find her as she wasn't in the club room. 

I asked one of the girls if she's in the class they told me she just stepped out. She could be in the faculty room. I rushed there and to my surprise, I found her at the corner next to her class and it looks like a teacher is right next to her. 

"Can you do me a favor? Please take the works sheets on top of my table in the facility room and bring them to class 1C?" the teacher asked. 

"Not a problem" she responds.

"The worksheets might be a lot may I help her. Besides I'm in class 1C" I stepped in. And it looks like she is irritated to see my face. 

"It's not a problem I can take them all by myself" she says by trying to fake a smile. 

"But aren't there are a lot of worksheets it I'll be a lot faster if you got a hand." I insisted. 

"Ah not a problem this way you could finish a lot faster. The more the merrier." she says. Thank god she insisted I'd help. 

Now paired up with her it could give me a chance to at least talk to her. We got into the faculty room and we found a mountain of worksheets and it turns out the sheets. Even though she regret saying it, and will rather die saying it, she was glad that I was helping her. We shared the portion into two and heded to the classroom. 

"Just so you know the answer is no." she broke the ice by already disagreeing. 

"No on what, the last time I checked I didn't ask you anything. That's dangerous y'know. You should listen before you talk." I mocked her. 

"Then you're not going to ask me?" she asked. 

"What if I did right now?" I asked. 

"Then it'll be a no." she shut me down. 

We reached class 1C and dropped of the worksheets and after she went back to her classroom and I followed her. 

"Don't you have something better to do than following me around?" she says so while being irritated. 

"Yeah I do. And that is to change your mind." I persisted. 

"I'm not gonna change my mind" she controlled her voice not sound like she's shouting. 

I followed her back to her classroom. And before I say something, the bell rang. Saved by the bell. There's still a next time. 

Since I already know where her class is after school I directly went to her classroom and waited for her. 

"You're still following me. Why are so persistent?" she asked. 

"I told I won't give up until you change your mind and join the music club." I answered. 

"Why is it important if I join?And why me especially. Aren't there more students in this school who would join either than me? If you could answer that question then I might just consider joining. " She said and I tensed up.

"Ah because...." I mudered. To be honest I'm not really sure myself. I let her go this time and kept thinking about it. 

I returned back to the Club room empty handed, again. I entered the club room and found Miyazaki senpai sitting on the table so I joined her. 

"So how did it go?" she asked. 

"No good for today either." I replied and sulked on the table. 

"Why don't we find another club member because she doesn't want to join anytime soon." she says.

"Yeah why don't we."I replied ready to quit. But then I remembered her saying 'Why is it important if I join?And why me especially. Aren't there more students in this school who would join either than me?' 

"No I'll try again tomorrow. I know it a bit pointless for me to try but for some reason I feel like I should try." I replied and for some reason I felt that was the right thing to do. 

"Isn't there anything I can do I'm the club president and I feel though I haven't done anything to help in this situation." she says that with a sad tone. 

"Like I said, this is my responsibility so please allow me to fix it. But, if things go south could you please find other members that want to join?" 

"I'll do my best and you too I have faith in you. Goodluck." she says. 

DAY THREE it's lunch time and I'm on my desk pondering on a new plan to get her on board but still couldn't come up with anything. Suddenly, I hear a commotion in front of the door and to my surprise the honor student is next to my classroom door. 

"There you are. Could you PLEASE come see me outside." she says while she dragged me out the classroom. 

 "Hey... Wait....." while she draggs me outside. I could feel the eye stabs that guys kept giving me especially from Taki. 

"What? Why did you drag me outside all of a sudden." I asked out of confusion. 

"YOU! What would it take for you to stop following me around." saying that while she is angry. 

"Wait what. I haven't done anything this morning. I don't know what are taking about." I ask again just to clear all the confusion. 

"Thanks to you, keeping pestering me all the time and persisting on getting me to join the music club. All of my classmates think that you and I are dating." she continues. 

"What, me dating you? To be honest, I'll be the luckiest guy in the world if I'd be dating someone like you." I say that with a smile on my face. But then I see her blush a little. 

"Anyway could we get back to the subject at hand. I'd appreciate it if you could give up on recruiting me." She says. I paused for a second. 

"I'm sorry but that's not an option for me. And I know that finding another person is easier than keep on persisting you to join. Do you remember what you said yesterday, well here's my answer: It's because of the song you played in the club room. Even though that key was out of tuned, your play style was flawless, you followed the songs tempo perfectly and to top it all off you were shining like a goddess."

"Is that all?" she asked with an aloof expression. 

"But your song it self sounded like you where crying out for help. Like you needed someone to save you from I don't what." after I said that her aloof expression tensed up a little and she turned around.

"W-Well that will be all I have to say for now." She says and started walking away. 

"Wait!" I stopped her. "Just so you know I will not give up recruiting you nor give up finding whatever it is that you're asking help for." she didn't respond back instead she went back to her classroom like I didn't say anything. 

After school I headed straight to the club room to discuss what had happened today at lunch time. When I opened the club room door I found Senpai at the usual seat. 

"Hayashi how'd it go today?" she asked while I set down to the chair beside the table. 

"No luck today either." 

"Yeah no luck on my end either" She said 

"But I'll try again next time. I'm pretty sure I will do it then." 

"Yeah me too" the moment she finished my sentence, someone was knocking at the club room door. 

"I'll get it" I said and when I opened the door I was surprised to see The honor student was the one who was knocking. 

"What are you doing here?" 

"What does it look like? I came to join." saying that trying to put up a straight face. 

"I thought you said that there's no way I'd change your mind" I say that. 

"Well I did say I was going to consider joining if you gave me your answer and besides, if I didn't join you'd keep on asking me for the rest of my school high school years. " It's true, I wasn't planning on stopping until she says yes. 

"Does this mean" said Miyazaki senpai. 

"We have a new member" I finished her sentence. 

Out of excitement we both screamed, "OH YEAH" 

"I can't believe the honor student joined our club." I say that with more excitement. 

"Hey not so loud. We get it, I joined the club. And also could you guys stop calling me by 'Honnor student' all the time. I do have a name you know." 

"Ah, sorry about that. I never got to know your name." 

"Are you serious you've been chasing me down to join your club for more than three days and yet you don't know my name." 

"You say that and yet you don't even know ours." I mocked her and she started to get flustered and looked like she didn't have any comeback. 

"It's Iwasaki, Tamako Iwasaki and don't you forget it.". 'Don't you forget it?' really what are you some kind of a Kingsman. 

"I'm Hayashi, Ayato Hayashi and this is Sachio Miyazaki senpai."

"I nice to meet you" said Miyazaki senpai to Iwasaki and bowed. 

"Right, nice to meet you too." Iwasaki bowed as well. 

And that concludes the tiring first week in high school. It was really rowdy though I'd say everything is worth remembering. 

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