Chapter 5:

The assault on white prison part one

District C

Tell me he woke up," exclaimed Equinox, materializing from behind Ciga.

I haven't noticed anything different," said Ciga depressively, "but it shouldn't be long now.

The F.O.C. soldiers caught Dante - said Equinox desperately, banging on the wall as broken bricks fell, covering it with large cracks -, they are cornering us and we don't have as many members as before.

I'll go with you - affirmed Ciga, while he clenched his fist with a decisive look.

You risk even if you don't have powers? - said Equinox, surprised by Ciga's words.

Dante, he always supported me - said Ciga, looking firmly at Equinox -, I can't abandon him in a situation like this.

I couldn't refuse those words - said Equinox, with a smile -, come with me.

They walked together through the dark sewers, to their right a white light seeks to escape through an open door, entering a room Ciga, sees the man who played billiards, still not knowing his name. There is also a thin man with a scar on his eyebrow and spiky hair.

You're coming with us boy - interrupted Grendell, getting up from his chair -, my name is Grendell, we've met before.

Yes - affirmed Ciga, with great surprise -, you were playing billiards at the bar.

My name is Nekros - exclaimed the thin man with a cough -, I'm your replacement at the newspaper, it's a pleasure.

The pleasure is mine - replied Ciga, looking at him with some trepidation.

As you can imagine - said Nekros, wiping his mouth -, these names are pseudonyms, so as not to compromise our public and family life.

That's right, you already know mine by the watch - said Equinox, while walking to the front -, you should have a pseudonym, it would be inconvenient to be in an operation, to call you by your name and have the government assassinate you at the mayor's office.

You can call me, Prime - said Ciga, putting his hand in his sack.

I'm going to guess that Dante, told you about the masks - exclaimed Grendell, walking towards a central table -, since this is an infiltration and rescue operation.

So what are their powers," said Ciga excitedly, as she took her hand out of the bag with the mask.

We don't have time for that - interrupted Equinox, activating a holographic map from the central table -, you will find out as the operation progresses.

Okay - said Ciga, with some disappointment.

You just follow us - said Equinox, while printing the map on paper -, we already know the plans but take this copy.

This is it - said Ciga, very surprised -, since when did the white house have a prison underneath.

Raising his eyes, he sees how they all put on their own masks.

Grendell wears a pig with closed eyes, a pale pink with a river of tears flowing from his closed eyes. Nekros has a mask in the shape of a goat skull with a breathing mask, in a sepulchral shade of black.
Equinox wore matte black snorkel glasses, underneath covering his mouth was a red Japanese demon mask with large yellowish fangs.

They all left the sewers wearing brown robes, while the holographic map fades behind them, running and jumping over the buildings.

Since there are powers the prison is under the white house - Equinox answered, while leading the group over the buildings -, since the powers must not expose themselves to the country, they study, hold and kill the power bearers in that prison. If we are lucky Volt will still have his, the main thing is that they stay close to me as we infiltrate.

Volt? - asked Ciga, looking strangely at Equinox.

Volt, that's Dante's pseudonym - Grendell quickly answered.

He should be in the operating room, which is located in basement 2 - exclaimed Equinox, while seeing the white house in the distance -, The government's priority is to remove the powers of the destruction branch and study the other branches, since they can control them more easily.

Those of the destruction branch are usually indomitable - interrupted Nekros, looking at Ciga.

That's right, besides we could find allies down there - said Equinox, while stopping at the last building, in front of the white house -, we will enter through the door, take the elevator down to basement 1 which is a warehouse and finally from the control room we look for a route to basement 2 which is the medical wing, with the operating room where Volt should be included.

Wouldn't it be easier, take the measurements of the rooms on the map, go down and make a tunnel? - Ciga asked, looking at his printed map.

The subway facilities are surrounded by 25 cm of electrified iron with alarms - answered Nekros, showing Ciga how the map made that clear in small letters.

Let's go! - exclaimed Equinox, jumping down from the building.

Ciga Prime
Ciga Prime