Chapter 4:

Fear of Death follows from Fear of Life


Nishimura and Ace wave at each other goodbye. Nishimura stands as she watches Ace leave. She feels an unwelcome presence near by. The Presence rubs Nishimura the wrong way, she rests her arms as she slowly reaches for her knife. A Shadow figure stands behind Nishimura. Nishina Nishimura quickly draws her weapon and turns for a quick stab. The shadow blocks and deflects Nishimura’s hand. She draws her handgun from her waist with her other hand, the shadow kicks Nishimura’s handgun and grabs her by the neck. “AHHH” Nishimura screams for help. Ace returning home stops to look back and sees Nishimura being chocked. “NISHIMURA” Ace turns and runs back to her.

Nishimura, her neck about to snap, she struggles to free from the choke hold as her brain starves for oxygen. Ace tackles the shadow figure with a punch sending it flying back. Nishimura falls on the ground coughing and gasping for air. Ace looks at Nishimura “Are you alright?” he asks worried about her. Nishimura nods her head. The shadow with black eyes slowly stands up and steps into the moon light.

Ace stands his ground, “Who are you” he ask as he looks into the strangers eyes. “You mean you don’t know... poor kid” The Demon Assassin draws out a blade from his sleeve and rushes towards Ace in a heart beat. Nishimura quickly stands up and blocks the Demon’s blade attack with hers.



“No time to explain just run”



Ace takes Nishimura’s advice and makes a break for it. The Demon slashes Nishimura’s blade and kicks her aside and chases after Ace. Nishimura stands up and pounces on the demons back. The Demon Judo flips Nishimura in front, he sits on her and tires to plunge his blade into Nishimura’s chest. Nishimura blocks man’s wrist so that the blade can’t reach. “Ahhh” Nishimura screams as she struggles to over power the demon. Ace turns and sees the demon on-top of Nishimura, Ace finds a steel pipe laying beside his feet, he grabs it and clenches it tight. Nishimura still struggling, the Demon over powers her as the blade slowly sinks into Nishimura’s shoulder. Ace swings the steel pipe and lands a hit on the Demon’s face mounting it off Nishimura.

The Demon Assassin stands up as blood and steam slowly runs down His face from his forehead. “Silver steel pipe, smart Kid”. Ace stands his ground ready to deliver another fatal blow. The Demon swings his blade as Ace blocks it with the pipe, the blade cuts the pipe diagonally like butter. Ace uses the sharp edge point of the half pipe and runs blindly towards the demon. The Demon blocks it and stabs Ace through the chest. 

“No!” Nishimura screams as she sees the blade protruding through Ace’s back. The Demon Assassin retracts his blade and leaves Ace falling down on his knees then flat on his face. Nishimura picks up her handgun. She delivers the first five shots, as the demon deflects the four bullets and the fifth bullet pierce his shoulder. Nishimura takes five more shots as the Demons turns into black murk and flies away. 

Nishimura drops her gun and rushes to Ace’s aid. “No, no, no, Ace, wake up...You can’t go...Not like this” Ace replies to himself “It’s raining” blindly starring to the night sky. DapDap rain drops falls gently on Ace’s face as it starts to rain. “Wake up Ace wake up... You losing a lot of blood, don’t fall asleep or you’ll die...Just try to stay awake as much as possible there’s no time... Ace wake up, Hold on just a little longer... Please” Nishimura screams out crying. Ace lying on the floor has lost lot of blood he loses conciousness.

“The moon... it sure is pretty...”


Nishimura's voice slowly fades into Ace’s ears as His vision blurs until it blacks out.