Chapter 5:

First Weekend: On a date or not.

Cellular Redo

It's finally Saturday and I just woke up with tears coming out of my eyes for some reason. I tried recollecting my dream to try and find the reason of my tears coming out. Bookmark here

It's all feel fuzzy, but what I remember was running in the fields chasing a girl. But I can't remember what happened after.  That dream not only left me with tears but sadness as well. Bookmark here

After I calmed down from that dream. I went down stairs to get some breakfast. This time Iroha made a light breakfast. Just a simple scrambled eggs and a toast with coffee. Bookmark here

"Morning Onii-Chan. Did you have a great night." she says. Bookmark here

"Well if I count the fatigue of my first week of school, Club hunting and constantly chasing Iwasaki. You tell me." I answered. Bookmark here

"You had a rough fist week." she sympathized for some reason I see her fidgeting like she's expecting something. I know what it is. Bookmark here

"I know you want me to ask you what happened to your week." I said with a straight face and she jolted. Bookmark here

"Jeez, don't treat me like a kid" she says while trying to hide the truth. Bookmark here

"But you where fidgeting a little while ago like you wanted me to asked you. I'm your big brother I know what's up." I said. Bookmark here

"Heh busted. Alright I admit I really wanted to. Y'know, most older brothers asks their younger sisters 'How was your week' or something like that. " she deepens her voice when she emphasized that part. Bookmark here

"sigh, If you really want me to say that much I'll say it. Hey Iroha, how was your week." I asked it so sarcastically. Bookmark here

"Well I went to school, learned a lot and returned home and preper dinner for my sweet and loverble big brother." She says that in a toddler voice. I patted her hair and she giggled a little. Bookmark here

After were done eating we decided to watch TV. But then suddenly I got a text. Hmm its from Nakano. It's a bunny sticker saying 'hi hi' follow up by a text that reads: Bookmark here

"Hey are you free today. If so, I was thinking we should hang out around town". Bookmark here

"Yeah I got nothing to do right so I'm down." Bookmark here

"Sweet where should we meet, the station, the park or the bus stop." Bookmark here

"Hmm, Since I'll be using the train I'd say the station." Bookmark here

"Cool let's meet at around one pm" Bookmark here

"OK but should we invite Taki????."Bookmark here

"I've already asked him but he said he was a tired. I think his club took a tol on his body." Bookmark here

"Make sense. Then I'll see you at around one then. " Bookmark here

She sent a sticker of a bunny saying "cya" at the back. She like sending a lot of those bunny character memes. I got up to go preper. It's past eleven and getting to the station will take me fifteen minutes or so and it'll take over thirty minutes to go to the other town. That means I have to get out at 12 or so. Bookmark here

"Hey Onii-Chan where are you going?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Oh I'm going to meet up with a friend in the next town over." I replied.  She sulked. Bookmark here

"Come one what's the problem? Why are you making that face. " I asked just to get her to talk. Bookmark here

"You leave you poor sweet little sister all alone while you hang out with your friends. How cruel." she pouts. Bookmark here

"What are you a middle aged wife." I retort. Bookmark here

"If I am then you'll be one of those deadbeat husbands who only depends on their wife's money and ends up using it to drink alcohol all the time. " Bookmark here

"Yeah don't get ahead of yourself. Look, I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow. I'll take you out to town and buy you whatever you want okay. I'll even give you a bonus by taking you to the movies how's that sound like." Bookmark here

"That's what I wanted to hear. I'm that case I'll hold on that offer. Have fun on your way to town Onii-Chan. " she smiles so innocently. Bookmark here

"Hey, did you just wanted me to take you to town didn't you" I say that and she whistled like she didn't say it. Looks like she planned it and as usual I can't say no to her. She trapped me like hooking a fish by letting it nibble on a bait. Bookmark here

I finished preparing and ready to go. I'm wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt with a T shirt underneath, a blue denim jeans and a pair of grey shoes. To top off my look I placed my waist bag diagonally on my chest. Bookmark here

"Alright I'm heading out, I won't be out that late but if I do don't wait out for me." I say that while I get out the door. Bookmark here

"Okay have a nice day." she responds. Bookmark here

I headed to the station and it looks like I just might be early. I can't wait to see Nakano's face if I get early. Bookmark here

I got to the other train station an as I thought I was early but five minutes after my arrival she then found me. Bookmark here

"Oh Hayashi there you are." She says while she's running towards my direction while waving.Bookmark here

 She was wearing a pullover, a mini skirt with opaque stockings and to top up with her get up, she helped a handbag. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, with a white ribbon, and for as the tip of her hair was resting on her shoulder, her bangs was neatly parted to the right side of her face. Bookmark here

"Did you wait long" she asked. Bookmark here

"Not at all. I just got here around 5 minutes ago in fact." I replied. Bookmark here

"You sure dressed for the occasion." I continued by complementing her look. Bookmark here

"Thanks. You don't look so bad your self hotshot." she complained me as well. Well this is my first time being complemented by a girl so I blush a bit. Bookmark here

"Shall we"  she asked asked. Bookmark here

"We shall."  I responded. She started walking in from of me as we got out of the station. Bookmark here

"So where to now?" she casually asks. Bookmark here

"Eh!? How should I know? You invited me while I was watching a movie with my sister." I responded. Bookmark here

"Well since this is a date I thought you might take control of where we go this afternoon." she says with a smile on her face. Bookmark here

"D-Date!! Since when was this a date." I flustered a bit. Bookmark here

"Well a boy and a girl hanging out alone could could mean that they are dating in a date." she continued. Bookmark here

"I only came here just to hang in town with my friend. You didn't say anything about it being a date." I got even worse. Bookmark here

"Relax I'm only joking. I did call you here for us to hang." she giggled. Bookmark here

"Yet, for some reason I feel more hurt that you psyching me earlier." I say that feeling insulted while she laughs. Bookmark here

"But I wasn't joking about the part on asking where to go." she says that as she calms down from laughing. Bookmark here

"Well since I missed lunch why don't we go grab something to eat let's say over there." I pointed at a ramen restaurant in front of us across the street. Bookmark here

"Okay sounds good. We have our first stop. Let's gooo." I she marches on. Bookmark here

"What are you a grade schooler?" I say. Bookmark here

We got in the Ramen restaurant the waiter welcomed us in. And the store looked lively inside. You could here people, young and old, socializing and going about their business. The waiter escorted us to the nearest table. We sat down and ordered some ramen. I ordered Tonkatsu Ramen while she ordered Miso Ramen. Bookmark here

"So Nakano, did you join the drama club. " I striked a question while we waited for our ramen. Bookmark here

"Yeah I did." she followed on. Bookmark here

"Wow, seriously you joined that club. A normal person would stay away from it. You gotta be a wackjob to compete with those wackos. You're amazing you know." probably not the best I should've said at that moment. Bookmark here

"Oh yeah, by not normal are you referring me as a wack job." she says that with a smiling face while hiding a her rage. Bookmark here

"No not what I meant. What I mean was that I'm amazed you could tolerate that much looney. Not that I'm saying it's a bad thing joining the club." I tried to calm her down. Bookmark here

"Yeah it you're right. It is kinda looney in that club room. And most of the time they play around instead of playing some roles or something. It's pretty fun and I don't regret joining that club. How about you how is it in the music club." she casually turned the question on me. Bookmark here

"Well haven't done anything yet since we just became an official club, but apart from almost being shut down and I persisting Iwasaki to join things look pretty fine I guess. Bookmark here

"Iwasaki, as in Tamako Iwasaki the honor student." she asked while so puzzled. Bookmark here

"The one and only." I said. Bookmark here

"So that's why you where moving in and out the classroom during lunch every day and why you delivered those handouts in our classroom with her and dragged outside the classroom. To be honest I thought you too where dating. There's no way she'd date a shabby guy like you anyway." her words hurt more that how they are true. Bookmark here

"Did you have to state the obvious that much. I mean it's bad enough that it's crystal clear but you don't have to point it out. It makes the the whole thing hurt even more than it already does. " I respond to what she said and she laughed. Bookmark here

A little while later or ramen came in. At glance they both look delicious. Bookmark here

"Man I haven't had ramen in ages. And this one looks good." I say that while battling to not drool. Bookmark here

"Hey I got an idea, why don't we take a picture and send it toHeika-Sama and let's see how he'd react." she took out her phone. Bookmark here

"I'm pretty sure I can sense some ill remarks coming from him, will fly towards me." I say. Bookmark here

"Ah don't worry about it I'm pretty sure you'd be fine, say cheese" she moved next to me, faced her phone landscape into selfie mode and made a funny looking peace pose and I did a peace pose as well. Bookmark here

She included the two ramen in the photo as well. After she took the photo she immediately sent it to Taki. Bookmark here

About a few seconds after Nakano sent a picture I got a message. And it was from, you guessed, Taki. Bookmark here

"It's from Taki." Nakano looked at my massage. He sent me a Bible, no, a world encyclopaedia sized death threats. Bookmark here

"See, I told you this would happen. Is this even legal. The better question is where does he get the time to write this. " I said responding to she laughed so awkwardly. Bookmark here

We ate our ramen and continued chatting. We finished our food and waited for a little while and got out of the Ramen restaurant. Bookmark here

"Man that was soo good." says that with enjoyment. Bookmark here

"Yeah I'll say. I haven't eaten like that in ages. Even though I like Iroha's dishes, it's pretty nice to eat out once in a while." I say. Bookmark here

"So now where too next?" she casually asked. Bookmark here

"Since we've eaten why don't we stop by the arcade and blow off some steam there. I'd be fun." I suggest. Bookmark here

"How about some Karaoke instead. The arcade is no fun if Taki's not here. Since we know he'd lose I'd make him a fun punching bag for junior high students." She says while mocking Taki. Bookmark here

"It's a good thing he's not here, because I think that last remark would kill him for sure. Especially coming from you."I retorted. Bookmark here

We went to the Karaoke place that was a couple of blocks away from the ramen restaurant we just ate from. We finally reached the place and as soon as we got in. The hostess greeted us. We picked a room. And ordered some drinks to our room. Bookmark here

"What song are you going to sing." she asked. She handed me the karaoke panel. Bookmark here

"Hmm... Lemme see... How about this one. " I picked a song I used listen to when I was a kid. I sang with the right tempo of the song and wasn't off beat as well. Bookmark here

"Wow that was amazing. You didn't tell me that you could sing like that." she says while surprised. Bookmark here

"Well I've known this song since I was in junior high. It's only natural I know the lyrics by heart." I boasted. Bookmark here

"Okay my turn." she singed one of the songs that where trending. She messed up some of the lyrics but it looked like she was having fun. In fact she kept singing until our time was up. We then headed to the train station. Bookmark here

"I had a lot of fun today."  she said that while  we where sitting on the bench, waiting for the next train. Bookmark here

"Yeah me too. I never had this fun since never. Well it's only natural since I didn't have any friends." I said that. Bookmark here

"It's an honor for me to be your first friend to hang out with." Bookmark here

"Yeah it's not that much of honor you know." I said that and we both laughed. Finally her train stopped by and we said our goodbyes. Then few minutes past my train came as well. I got in and the thought of having the greatest day of my life kept lingering in my mind. Bookmark here

 I gotta admit today was pretty awesome. Bookmark here

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