Chapter 0:

Summoned myself by Accident!

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

“Hey, something is not right.”Bookmark here

“Isn’t the hero this time supposed to be a woman?”Bookmark here

“Something must have gone wrong with the summoning circle!”Bookmark here

“Does it matter? This is what our God has sent to us! There must be a reason to it.”Bookmark here

Urgh. Such incessant chatter. Bookmark here

I rubbed my aching head as I listened to- hold on, people? Strange. There was not supposed to be anyone in the room except for me and the otherworlder.
Bookmark here

“Oh, cease your jabbering. Did Amaris brought you people here to bother me again?”Bookmark here

I looked around what seems to be a grandiose hall with gilded byzantine pillars, mandala-embellished walls, and tall candelabrums, and then saw maybe eight, or ten… - no, confound it- hundreds of robed as well as armored people who have their gazes fixed upon me. Bookmark here

At the foremost front of the group was a tall bearded man wearing a ruby dalmatic over a white tunic then tied together with a gold sash. Underneath my feet was a still-glimmering intricate magic circle, and in front and between me and the mortals scratching their heads were magic totems that seems to have been laid as ritual offerings. I breathed out a heavy sigh. Bookmark here

This isn’t the Heaven Realm.Bookmark here

“How dare you speak to the High Priest that way!?” A man in full heavy plate armor approached me, the metal clunking and resounding across the hall for each and every step, then grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. "Hero or not, this guy needs to learn his manners!”Bookmark here

Hmph. This mortal is the one who needs to relearn their mannersBookmark here

The fingers in my right hand twitched as I prepared to punish this insolent fool, “You mortals need to be reminded who you are addressing to.”Bookmark here

"What are you talking-"
Bookmark here

Electricity of fearsome magical energy crackled through the air, momentarily darkening the surroundings, as my fist connected with the man's armor thus sending him flying through the air onto one of the nearby pillars with a loud thud. As the man slips into unconsciousness, bits of debris from the column and from his now-broken armor crumbled onto the floor around him.Bookmark here

“It can't be! With just one strike?!”Bookmark here

The crowd gasped. Perplexed mumblings can be heard in the silence that followed the attack inside the hall. I straightened my back and fixed the collar of my shirt- a shirt I do not remember wearing in the first place. Yet, for the time being, it did not matter.Bookmark here

“Every last one of you mortals, hear my words!" a thunderous voice finally broke the stillness of the room and ended the indistinct mutterings, "I will make this simple so that your feeble brains can fathom it:Bookmark here

I am Aelius- your God!”Bookmark here

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