Chapter 3:

Thanks Idiot!

Unethical Service Provider

When Salier said that he wouldn’t open his eyes as long as the skull emoji was there, the skull let out a laugh and then its voice sounded inside Salier’s head.

“OK, Let’s see how long you can stay like this.'' Even though the skull said this, it really underestimated Salier’s attitude. More than an hour passed, but Salier did not make any sound, let alone opening his eyes.

When the skull checked his brainwaves, it found that Salier was sleeping.

‘What a bastard. Doesn’t he know how precious this chance is for him? If he fails to accept me in time and they find out about it, I might be in for punishment. Just wait, you bastard, I will get revenge on you.’ The skull emoji made a teeth-gritting action, then it canceled the projection on Salier’s mind.

“You bastard, wake up. I have canceled my projection, you can open your eyes now.” The skull made a roaring sound as Salier slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing no skull in front of him, he gave a triumphant smile and then asked in a questioning tone.

“I clearly don’t remember begging you. Anyway, tell me about what I asked for earlier. What is this system and what are the points?”

There was silence for a moment, as if the skull was protesting, then its voice again sounded inside Salier's mind.

“Just you wait, little shit. You will beg me…” After a brief pause, it continued.

“The system is made to help you become an overlord in the crime industry. The official name for the system is Unethical Service Provider. As the name suggests, we will provide every unethical and illegal service there is. As for the points, you can spend them to use system services. Now look in front of you.”

When the skull explained this and spoke the last sentence, a transparent screen popped up in front of Salier.

On it, different stats were displayed. Salier felt like he was looking at a game screen, but when he thought for a second, he understood it was really a game. Not for him, but for those who made the system.

Unlike Salier, who was the player, they were the game maker. The screen in front of him showed his stats.

[Name: Salier]

[Current Planet: Earth]

[Intelligence: 17 (Average=10)]

[Stamina: 6 (Average=10)] Affects your Health, Speed, and Strength.

[Servants: 0]

[Intelligence Personnel: 0]

[Hideouts: 0]

[Evilness: 160/160 (Average=10)]

[Points: 100 ]

[Time Value: 0 ]

[Utilities: Store, Information center]

[Tasks: None]

Seeing this, Salier was silent for a moment, then he closed his eyes again and slowly asked.

“So explain everything to me now. What is this screen saying? What are all these points, [Slaves] and other shit.”

When he asked this, the skull’s voice sounded in his head.

“Since you just got the system, I will provide you with information for free, but only this time. If you ask me questions next time, then either you will beg me or you will use the points you have.”

Then it explained the panel to Salier.

“I think you can understand what it means by [intelligence and Stamina]. As for [servants], it means the servants you can buy from the store. There are different categories for them and you can freely buy them as much as you want. There is no upper limit as long as you have enough points.”

“[Intelligence personnel] are also your servants, but unlike servants, they have more intelligence and can become your right hands. They will never betray you. [Hideouts] are what the name suggests. You can also buy them from the system and while in a [Hideout], it can shield you from being tracked, though it depends on the level of the hideout.”

“Evilness means the evil you have done. A killer who has killed over 100 people will only have it around 20 to 30 and it will not increase after that no matter how many you kill. So now you see why we chose you? Well, as your evilness increases, you will get more benefits.”

“Now points are things that you can use in the store. One way to get them is exchanging your evilness for Points. 1 evilness will get you 100 points. This process is not reversible. You can also earn points by completing missions or by providing unethical and evil services.”

“Now come to the store and information center. You can open the store by clicking the text or by thinking about it in your mind. You can buy many things from the store. To open the information center, the process is the same as the store. As for the tasks, I will issue tasks for you from time to time and you have to complete them. That's all if you want to know more, then use the information center and buy that information.”

Salier listened to all this with full attentiveness and, unlike his aloof behavior earlier, his eyes were more serious.

After the skull finished, Salier returned to his previous state and made a complaining face.

“You scammer, you said you will provide all the information for free this time, but you mentioned nothing about the [Time Value]. You fucking cheater. First, you try to play nice, then you withhold the information. If you did not want to provide information, then you should have said from the start. Why try to seem magnanimous?”

The skull made teeth-gritting again and then it replied.

“I am telling you, you will beg me, and I will make sure you kneel in front of me. You will call me dad, you little shit. Anyway, It's not that I did not want to tell you that information, you have to discover it yourself or you can buy it from the information center but let me remind you it will cost around 1 million points so forget about it for the time being.”

Salier made a dissatisfied face and then clicked on the store text on the panel. Immediately after that, a new screen popped up.

There were only a few things listed in the store.

[Health Restore primary: 2 P] (Restore health to full within 2 hours)

[Health Restore medium: 5 P] (Restore health to full within 30 minutes)

[1 Star Servant: 20 P] (Intelligence: 4, Stamina: 10, Skill Chance: None)

[2 Star Servant: 40 P] (Intelligence: 8, Stamina: 16, Skill Chance: 3%)

[1 Star intelligence Personnel: 120 P] (Intelligence: 16, Stamina:10, Skill Chance: 10%)

[2 Star Intelligence Personnel: 400 P] (Intelligence:25, Stamina: 16, Skill Chance: 20%)

[Exchange: 1 [Evilness] = 100 P]

Seeing the store, Salier was able to understand some of it, but he did not understand what the skill chance meant, so he asked.

“Dear Mr. Skull, what does this skill chance mean? Can your worthy self please shed light on it?”

When he said this, the skull replied with a scornful voice.

“You think I will tell you? Now spend your points in the Information Center and find out. Trash talk with me more. Now spend your precious points. If you had been nice to me, I would have told you about the chance of your summons getting a skill. Now you…”

The skull stopped talking abruptly and did not speak anymore.

“Oh, so this percentage is about them getting a skill. Thanks, Idiot.” Salier said with a chuckle, but there was no reply from the skull anymore.