Chapter 4:

The Previous Body Owner Was A Loser!

Unethical Service Provider

After receiving all this information, Salier immediately purchased the primary health potion and drank it.

After drinking it, he could feel strength returning to his body, slowly but surely.

Feeling that his body was out of danger, for now. Salier returned to his previous state of being a dick and asked with a cheeky expression.

“Hey, Mr. Skull! Can you kindly tell me more about [Evilness] and points? I will be very grateful to you. I am sorry that I called you ugly a moment ago. I take that back. I was wrong. Can you kindly tell me more?”

But all he got was silence. Even though he was skeptical about this system stuff a while ago, after buying that potion and seeing it appearing in front of him magically, Salier knew that everything that the Skull said was true. So he needed more information and for that, even if he had to lick the Skull’s boots, he would do so.

Of course, that was only applicable till he got all the information he needed. After that, Mr. Skull could go fuck himself but it seemed the Skull knew about his thoughts and gave him no reply.

After trying for a while, Salier gave up and opened the information center.

When he clicked on the information center icon, a screen popped up and an interface similar to a search engine appeared in front of him.

Wondering how this worked, Salier typed [Evilness] in the search bar and many results appeared in front of him.

It’s just that besides each search result, was the price of that information.

[General Information about Evilness] (40 P)

[Elementary Guide about Evilness] (60 P)

[All there is to know about Evilness] (50 P)

[Intermediate Guide about Evilness] (400 P)




After thinking for a while, Salier clicked on [Elementary guide about Evilness] and paid 60 points for it.

Immediately after that, a page opened up in front of him and information about [Evilness] appeared.

Salier read the information carefully and did not dare miss anything. He read through each and everything with interest and pondered about it for a while.

After finishing the whole thing, his understanding of the system had improved quite a lot.

‘So, [Evilness] is about the evil deeds I had done in the past life. It represents the people who hated me to death and would want to die to kill me. It also represented the people affected by my actions. For every 1000 people directly affected by me or my orders, would give 1 Evilness. It’s not just that, they have to meet certain criteria of being affected. Like they lost a family member because of me etc and moreover, the [Evilness] is just a number, it has no effect on my body or soul but if it drops below 105, then I will get a penalty every hour till it rises above the minimum limit.’ Salier summarised all he read and came to a conclusion.

‘Haha, It’s not hard to earn Evilness. I was hesitating for nothing. But I wonder about one thing? If this was all that it took for me to transmigrate here, then those leaders of nations, who waged wars for nothing and attracted the hatred of millions of people, why were they not chosen?’

When he was wondering about this, the skull appeared in front of him.

“Well, that’s because [Evilness] is not the only criteria of being selected. There are countless other factors that were considered when we selected you. So don’t waste your time on this and do something productive. Since you think it’s not hard to earn it, then keep spending it. No one is stopping you!”

When Salier saw Skull coming out and explaining things to him, he stayed silent and calmly listened to obtain as much information as he could.

After that, he asked with a calm tone.

“What about the [Time Value]. What is this about?”

“Well, the [Time Value] is about the value…” Mr. Skull, who was talking in flow, suddenly stopped and then looked towards Salier with an expression as if given the opportunity, it would give him a slap on the face and try to choke Salier to death if possible.

“Fuck you! I was being nice to you and you are taking advantage of me. I was worried that you would waste all your time on this so I came out to explain, but I knew I should not have done so.”

Skull immediately disappeared after saying this.

Salier had a mocking smile on his face when he saw this and muttered.

“Trying to show off in front of me! Think again!”

After that, he opened the store and exchanged 3 [Evilness] for 300 points. Now that he knew that [Evilness] was just a number and he could earn it easily, he decided to not save them.

It's just that he did not just waste them, he only exchanged the amount he needed at the moment. He decided to buy servants because of the previous experience of this body. The way he found this body beaten up, it was not just a random attack, because even he in the past would not beat a random person to death like this.

Salier knew that his body was weak and could not fight so he needed muscles to protect him and what better place was to buy them than the system store?

He immediately bought two [2 Star Servants] and one [1 Star Intelligence Personnel]. After this, his points dropped to 138 and he thought about what to buy next.

While he was wondering about what to buy next and how these servants would be delivered to him, something magical happened and 3 people appeared in front of him with a flash.

2 of these people were bulky while the 3rd one was average. While he was busy analyzing them, a white light shined on the third person and his body changed a little. Unlike before, when he looked average, he was a lot skinnier now but gave a very different aura.

Salier opened the stat panel and noticed that in the Servant] section the counter had changed from 0 to 2 and in the [Intelligence personnel] section, the counter was 1 now.

He looked towards them and then gave a nod.

“All right! You will be called No.1 and you No. 2.” He pointed towards the bulky guys and ordered.

“Yes, Master!” Both of them replied at the same time.

“Nice! As for you, you seem special so let me check your stats before I name you.”

After that, he clicked on the [Intelligence Personnel] section and details regarding them appeared in front of him.

“Hmmm, you awakened a talent. Assassin huh. Very nice. I like you. So you will be named A1. Any problem?”

The assassin gave a bow and replied.

“No Master!”

“Good! You three will follow me closely from now on and protect me.” Salier commanded as he looked at them with a cold gaze.

“Yes, Master!” X3.

‘All right! Now that this is settled. I need to know about this body. I don’t even know about the name of this body or its circumstances.’

Thinking this, he opened the [Information center] again and searched memories.

Many options appeared in front of him but he only paid 20P to see the basic information about the body and after a while scenes about the previous body’s memories appeared inside his mind.

After going through the memories for a while, Salier suddenly let out a laugh and stood up.

“I can't believe that the previous owner of this body was this much of a loser. Anyway, that does not matter to me. The best thing is that I have a wife and she is a beauty.”

He dusted himself a little and then walked out of the alley with vigor.

“Baby, your husband is coming to fuck you. I mean to warm the bed with you.”