Chapter 1:



The first time she had turned, it was scary. Being alone and feeling herself grow under her own skin. There was nothing that hurt her more than feeling her bones shift and fuse into what she had become. She didn't understand, only remembered her eyes focusing on the bright light of the moon.Bookmark here

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It had only dawned on Dmitri that she had become a recluse when she realized that she was reluctant to just step outside. Her home was her safe haven and nothing wrong could happen to her if she just stayed inside. No one could harm her, no one could see her. Bookmark here

That was how Dmitri wanted it to be.Bookmark here

She wanted a silent life where no one could ever know about her, learn about her. Just learning about herself was terrifying. She read through books, all of different cultures that all described her as one thing. A monster. A creature that transformed into a morbid and untameable beast that could never be understood or have any ability to live beside humans. She was a being that was meant to be hunted and killed for the sake of humanity, a devil's child. Bookmark here

Dmitri was given a life of freedom. Her parents were discreetly in her life, attending different events that she may be a part of, but that was it. They never interfered emotionally, mentally. or physically in any way. Though she always knew that they loved her. Bookmark here

Somewhere in her heart she just knew that they wanted her to be happy. That she was until she turned the age of seven. The day she had turned, they had kept her calm and made sure she didn't rampage or hurt anyone. Those nights were the nights she felt closest to her parents. Bookmark here

 When her phone beeped, it quickly pulled her from her own thoughts and she saw that it was a text from a group chat she had been added into. Dmitri only skimmed. She was never expected to attend any of these events, but she always read up on it just in case. Bookmark here

It was a date night. A hangout at a local restaurant that seemed more on the fancy side than she preferred. It wasn't her crowd, but she knew that her friends had wanted her to join. She'd attended one of these once or twice though this night promised for a few new members to be thrown into the mix.Bookmark here

Usually, the gathering was called a "date night" just to sound a bit more on the scandalous side, but it was usually just the group cheering on individuals who were too timid to get together, usually ending in a couple or two together. The ratio of single to taken was a 4:1 ratio that would most likely never change. Bookmark here

The thought of new people attending had seemed comical to her, finding that it would be amusing to watch new members attempt to get onto the same frequency as her group. They were a wild bunch, but she couldn't deny that she enjoyed just watching from the sidelines.Bookmark here

Dmitri just pondered what could go wrong. Bookmark here


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