Chapter 2:



It was difficult. Ares was ultimately used to seeing his father's back as he left, suitcase in hand. He was used to the words, "It's just business. I'll be back soon," until those words became an empty promise. It must've been something in his gut. Something that told him that this would be last time he would see his father. 

+ + +

It must've been karma. Something like karma was something that Ares would never believe if he were in his right mind, but then again, it was something he consistently complained and blamed for his misfortunes. 

This particular misfortune was something he had stumbled upon because of the friend circles he usually assimilated into. No matter what school or social event he attended, he always surrounded himself with the preps. The girls who were easy. He saw them as boring. The guys who were idiots. People who he could easily use. Being around people who lived off of thrill and attention came with its perks and disadvantages. One downside he could name off the top of his head were the get togethers they'd set up that were open to just about anyone. 

It was always something he found stupid. Game night and movie night were just examples, but this particular day was a date night. This was an event that was hosted at least once a week, usually just to hang out and talk. He could walk out with a girl if he wanted to, but it was only so long before he lost interest. Every one of them was just too annoying for him to do anything other than walk them to their room.

He was mulling over going or not. They would be meeting at a restaurant and it would last until 10. Three hours that he could use to head down to the local bar. It wasn't until his roommate barreled into the room, nearly tripping over his own feet.

"Axel," he greeted, giving him a tight smile. Axel Church, his rowdy and loud roommate who didn't know how to be quiet or do as he's told. "What has you in a hurry? Are you late for a date with Renée?"

"Oh shut up! You know we're not like that," he said, though the smile on his face contradicted what he supposed would be called menacing. "Kat said that there's a new girl coming! As in, the mysterious one that we all talk about but don't really know."

This piqued Ares' interest as he turned his head to look at Axel, eyebrow raised. 

"Mysterious? Who are you even talking about?"

"Wait--- you don't know Dmitri? She's enrolled online, but she comes to the campus sometimes to pick up books. Are you saying you've never seen her? I'm sure I've pointed her out to you once..." Axel dwelled on the matter, turning back towards the door with the same energy as when he entered. "She doesn't talk much, but I've heard she's a fun time."

"Well, good for you," Ares replied. This was nonsensical. She was probably another high maintenance broad who he could mess around for a little before getting tired of her. Despite the thought, he was on his feet and going through his closet the moment the door shut. 

A.A. James


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