Chapter 5:

Giving No F

Unethical Service Provider

After getting out of the alley, Salier looked around and saw people walking by without even batting an eye at his appearance or the way he was dressed.

It's not as if Salier cared about their opinion. They could all go and fuck themselves if he cared. He was now looking for a shop to buy some clothes to wear because the ones he was wearing were all tattered and dirty.

After looking around for a while, he finally noticed a decent looking shop and went towards it. His [Servants] followed close like bodyguards.

When he walked towards the shop, the guard at the shop looked towards him with disdain. Of course, he only saw Salier, not the bodyguards behind him.

So when he came forward to stop Salier, he received a slap on his face and by the time he came back to his senses, Salier had already walked into the store.

‘Don’t these side characters know that this kind of usual stuff only works on good guys?’ Salier wondered as he kept walking without looking back.

It was then the guard saw 3 men walking behind Salier respectfully and then silently cursed his bad luck.

After walking into the store, Salier picked a decent-looking suit and then paid the bill with a credit card he found on his body.

After changing into the new suit, Salier noticed that his new body was not that bad. He had a handsome face with a well-built body. It’s just that he seemed malnourished.

Getting out of the changing room, Salier called the attendant and asked her to bring him a hairbrush.

The attendant wanted to refuse at first but when she saw the bodyguards behind him, she ran towards the counter and brought out her personal brush.

Salier combed his hair to the back and then looked towards the mirror as if admiring himself. Then he turned towards the girl and said while smiling.

“You are beautiful. How about having dinner with me tonight?”

The attendant was surprised by the sudden request and did not know how to reply. Seeing her hesitation, Salier showed a dissatisfied face and then turned around.

He walked out of the shop and this time he had some attractiveness to him because many girls passing by would give him glances from time to time.

‘Well, it’s time to go 'home' and fuck that b-, ah I mean to have fun with my sweet wife. I have a new identity now and should not devalue my reputation. Well at least till I control this city’s underworld.’ Salier thought as he looked towards the rising building.

The reason he thought like this is that he found many interesting things in the memories he purchased from the [Information Center].

It was just like what he thought at the start. The thugs who beat 'him' were not just normal street thugs but hired ones.

Their purpose was to beat him up until he was fed up with his wife and divorce her, because only if he divorced her himself, would she get the property he had.

If she chose to leave herself, she wouldn’t get a penny and if he died an unnatural death, all the property would go to charity.

When Salier went through this memory, he could not help but sigh at the stupidness of the previous host of this body.

‘Surely an idiot. He had that much control and he did not even dare to speak up. Well, Since this body is mine, I will consider all this a gift pack that is given to new players. As for the wife, she's going to enjoy all this.’ He wondered as he searched for the car.

After walking for a while, he reached the spot where he parked 'his' car and there it was.

Salier took out the keys from his pocket and then looked towards his servants.

“Which one of you knows how to drive?”

Both [Servants] were silent upon hearing this question and Salier knew the answer from seeing this. Just when he was about to walk towards the driving seat, A1 walked up and replied with a respectful tone.

“Master, we [Intelligence Personnel] can drive. What are your orders?”

A smile appeared on Salier’s face upon hearing this and he handed the keys to A1.

“Ok, you drive. I will guide you along the way. Now get in.”

After that, he opened the door and sat in the passenger seat in front. No1 and No2 also followed the orders and sat in the back seats.

After following Salier’s direction, they soon reached a villa area that was just outside the city but was built very beautifully.

After some time, the car stopped in front of a relatively large villa and Salier got out of it.

He looked towards the villa and gave a nod of satisfaction. After that, he walked towards the front door and walked in.

The moment he walked in, he saw 4 people sitting in the lounge, talking about something anxiously.

When they heard the sound of the door being opened, they all shifted their attention towards it and when they saw that it was Salier, one woman who looked young and had a very charming face stood up and walked towards him.

“Du Cheng, you still have not dropped dead. If you could just die yourself, I won’t have to bear with all this.”

Salier looked at the woman, who happened to be the wife of this body, and let out a smirk.

“Well, you made sure that I won’t reach home in one piece so why are you saying all this?”

Then he looked towards the people sitting in the lounge and saw a handsome man sitting there.

“Or was it him? Anyway, it does not matter.”

After he finished saying this, the door opened again and his three servants walked in.

Seeing the bulky guys following behind him, the woman was surprised, then turned furious.

“Who are they? Why are they coming into the house?”

Salier did not say anything after hearing the question and turned towards No1.

“Take her and bring her to my room.” Salier ordered.

Hearing this, the woman let out a low shriek and when she saw the bulky guy coming towards her, she turned around and ran towards the man who was in the lounge.

“Pan Bao, save me.” The woman shouted while running.

The man named Pan Bao, looked at the No1 and then towards Salier.

“What are you trying to do? Stop this nonsense immediately.”

Salier chuckled hearing this and could not help but ask.

“And who might you be? I mean, what is your relationship with my 'wife'.” Salier gradually raised his voice while asking. He knew from the memories that this guy was his wife’s lover and was the man behind all the attacks that happened on this body.

Then he looked at No1 and asked with a cold tone.

“What are you waiting for? Go and take her to my room.”

After that, Salier walked towards the stairs to go to his room.

Getting no answer from Salier, the man became furious and asked with a loud voice.

“I am asking what you are trying to do. Stop this immediately.”

Salier suddenly stopped hearing this and then turned around with a smile on his face.

“What am I trying to do? Well, of course, I am going to have an in-depth relationship with my wife. If you still don’t understand, then in easy words, I am going to fuck her."

Finishing this, Salier went into his room, leaving everyone in the lounge speechless. When the woman heard this, she suddenly screamed and tried to run away but how could she outrun No1.

No1 picked her up and then walked towards where Salier went a moment ago.

When the other two people who seemed to look like the woman’s parents saw this, they ran towards No1 and tried to stop him but No1 ignored them and continued walking towards the stairs.

Seeing that someone was hindering No1, No2 also came forwards and stopped the pair.

The pair could only watch their daughter being taken away and could do nothing. Then they suddenly turned around and looked towards Pan Bao who was standing there stunned.

“Pan Bao, what are you doing? Call the police. Save Yin Xia.”


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