Chapter 10:

Walk in a free night

heaven's hell

Kakoroshi tries to remember what the voice in his head said,

"I can't believe this, the voice said something to me just a second ago and I can't remember anything about it"

Kakoroshi is furious about it, as he sits upright with his legs folded. 

"Its not like stressing over it will do me any good"

Says Kakoroshi as he calms down after few minutes. As he again have trouble sleeping, he decides to go for a walk.

"Where are you going?"

Says Toshiro, half asleep, looking at Kakoroshi with squinted eyes as he has just opened the door. 

"Just going for a walk"

Says Kakoroshi in a very low voice.

"I am coming with you, I am not taking the risk of letting you go somewhere this late at night after what happened yesterday"

Toshiro stands up, still half asleep as he walks towards the door.

"You are more than welcome to tag along"

Both Kakoroshi and Toshiro leave the hotel. They walk a few meters with awkward silence as they both stare at the moon at waning gibbous (intermediary moon phase).

"Do you even know where we are going ?"

Asks Toshiro as he is following Kakoroshi who is walking in random directions.

"I don't know, I am just walking where my feet takes me."


Shouts Toshiro as they have walked enough distance from which, the hotel cannot be sighted.

"Chill, I remember which turns we took, so we can follow it back"

Kakoroshi assures Toshiro as they continue walking.

"Do you have parents?"

Asks Toshiro suddenly.

"Yeah, I have a mother, I ran away from home before I got selected as a representative, when I returned back, she refuses to know me"

Says Kakoroshi as his eyes get teary.

"Your father?"

"I never got to know my father, I have never asked about him from my mother and never seen him once in my life. Why do you ask though?"

"We are orphans"


"Me, Ino and Mio, we three are orphans, we three have been together from a very young age in an orphanage as we had no known relatives nor anyone from the outside who knew us. On a random day, some people in a white suit came to collect us, they just stated that we have been selected as a representative and from now on, will be living in a house with all the basic facilities provided by them, for us, it was all what we needed. As time went by, we got to know people and make friends which we never had. As getting selected as a representative from the civilians is quite rare, we thought only orphans were selected, but it is good to know that it is not like that"

As they keep walking, they eventually get to the only beach in Yokohama which is well lit by the moon in the sky. 

"Pick up that pebble"

Says Toshiro, he points towards a pebble as he picks up a pebble himself.

"The one who throws the pebble the farthest, gives a treat tomorrow"

Says Toshiro as he challenges Kakoroshi.

 Toshiro swings his hand to throw the pebble, the pebble flies as it goes an impressive distance, Toshiro gives a proud stance as he believes that nothing can top that. Kakoroshi is amazed and demotivated at the same time as he thinks that he is about to lose, he stills gives a try half heartedly as he is about to swing his hand.

'Blood rush'

As Kakoroshi hears this voice in his head, he feels a sudden increase in strength as he throws his pebble which goes so fast that it is barely visible where it went. As the winner of the competition is decided, Toshiro re-questions himself for challenging Kakoroshi. Kakoroshi is rather surprised with this feat.

"You have quite some strength"

Compliments Toshiro as he is amazed with his strength.

"Yeah, I used to do regular exercises"

Lies Kakoroshi as he refuses to tell him about the voice in his head.

"Well, it seems I owe a treat tomorrow"

Toshiro smiles at him as he accepts his defeat and starts walking towards the exit.

'Blood wings'

The voice inside Kakoroshi speaks again as suddenly a wing is formed which starts flapping, sending Kakoroshi flying, crashing into Toshiro as they dodge a huge boulder which is thrown at them.

"I can't believe this is happening again"

Says Toshiro annoyingly as he sees a inhumane being in a distance. The inhumane is huge, standing around 9 feet with huge arms and a disfigured face.

"Well, I guess its time to use the new arts which are granted to me by the fire household."

Says Toshiro as he stands up and joints his hand.