Chapter 12:

The Keeper of the Council

The Creator

"Masami hasn't seen me in a while, I wonder what is taking her. Maybe that JDG kid isn't opening up so soon. No worries, I got all the time in the world. Today is his last day of janitorial duties, however, it could be the last Friday he spends at this academy." The headmaster has been talking to himself for a while now, he is sitting casually in his chair staring at the many books on his shelves, "Yes, Alan you are a genius, you will always win against these inferior delinquents. JDG will never earn his name, he will never be allowed to use magic, he could even be exiled." The headmaster began to laugh.

As the headmaster was laughing to himself, he began to grow impatient. The monotony of his time in his study sometimes gets to the headmaster's emotional capability. He began to laugh more aggressively, the tone of his laughter changing with each breath.

"Rosemary!" The headmaster shouted at the highest volume he could maintain. Rosemary promptly entered the study and looked at the headmaster patiently, "Bring Masami to me, I want to see what progress she has made."

A few minutes later Masami stands outside of the large double doors to the lobby of the headmaster's study. She is hesitant to walk inside and stands there for a few moments. She thinks to herself, she considers herself.

'I have all the information in the world to assure my position here, but these past few days that goal of mine began to feel shallow.' Masami has been thinking to herself for a while now about these kinds of things. She considers whether going against JDG is the best course of action. She in fact has come to respect the goals of JDG despite his immature attitude. 

She knows she cannot hesitate much longer before repercussions are felt. Masami knocks on the double doors and Rosemary opens them for her. Rosemary guides Masami directly to the door of the headmaster's study and allows Masami in.

"Masami!" The headmaster cried out as he stands up respectfully.

Rosemary closes the door behind Masami as Masami walks in slowly. She makes her way with great care toward the headmaster's desk.

"My apologies for calling you so abruptly, however it's been a while since you reported in on the activities of that Pre-Creator. I just wanted to see what kind of progress you have made with him." The headmaster explained as Masami makes it toward the front of the headmaster's desk. She bows before him and he directs her to take a seat which she follows.

Masami takes a moment to speak, the headmaster leans in with a large smile on his face for what he might here. Masami refuses to make eye contact with him as he leans more and more toward her. 

Masami finally opens up, "I recently learned that the Pre-Creator has been learning how to use Keeper Magic with his friend." Masami says solemnly.

"That's amazing information that you got!" The headmaster nearly jumps in his shoes. He continues to widen his smile as he continues to speak, "This is exactly what I needed! I cannot thank you enough, and I promise you that I will show you my gratitude from this point forward. I can finally get rid of that damned JDG." The headmaster looks up to the tops of the bookshelves and raises his hand in a fist, "It's a true miracle."

JDG was with the Keeper of the Bridge for the final time. It is Friday, the final day of the Keeper's annual week-long break from work. JDG stands more relaxed in front of the Keeper as they begin to wrap up the time they have spent together.

"Unfortunately, Ysabber, I cannot spend much time teaching you any longer." The Keeper sighs as he puts his hands on JDG's shoulder.

"I appreciate everything you have shown me, I cannot thank you enough." JDG smiles at the Keeper as he puts his hands to his sides.

"You came a long way in a short amount of time. You were quick to unlock and open your soul, you were quick to discover how to caste barriers, and you were quick to learn how to manipulate your bodily functions through your soul; for example the blood flow." The Keeper gives JDG a pat on the shoulder before releasing his hands, "I enjoyed teaching you everything that I could, there is a lot more to being a Keeper, but that is a life long journey. You can come by any time here at the bridge and visit me."

"I'll be sure to do that, master." JDG responded.

The Keeper moved a step back and wore a deep smile, "Please, you may call me Harlow." The Keeper chuckles.

JDG looks up wide eyes and an even wider grin, "So that's your name, well in that case, I appreciate all that you have done for me, Harlow."

The two exchange smiles, however their smiles are short lived. The utility door which leads down to the Keeper's work place was heard opened by the two. Powerful footsteps began to echo the thin staircase as someone was coming down.

"That's strange, maybe it's Merlyce coming to drop you back off at campus." The Keeper speculated.

"I usually go upstairs to meet him though." JDG explained.

After a minute, the figure then makes their way to the bottom of the stairwell. It is a neatly dressed man, quick tall and quite mean in appearance. He sports a deep black single breasted trench coat with a white buttoned up shirt, and a pair of black slacks. JDG takes a look down to see the shiny black dress shoes this man sports. The Keeper of the Bridge is then taken a step back.

"Marukus." The Keeper, Harlow, whispered.

"Do not refer to me by such name brother! Especially not in front of him." The Keeper of the Council, Marukus, had made a sudden appearance to The Keeper of the Bridge, Harlow.

"Why are you here? If you come for Viserrey, he left a while ago." Harlow asked with a blank and breathless face.

"I do not come for such business. In fact I come for something more serious than that." Marukus stands tall and begins to project his voice, "I have been sent by the Creative Council of London in order to apprehend three persecutors who have violated the Magical Doctrine and are now to be trialed for such a thing."

Harlow walks forward toward his brother, "What the hell is the meaning of this?! I did not violate the Magical Doctrine! You are mad!" Harlow claimed as he raised a fist to his brother.

"The Keeper of the Bridge, his son Merlyce, and a Pre-Creator by the name of JDG are all violators of the Magical Doctrine!" Marukus explained and projected ignoring Harlow's actions. 

"So, you're the Keeper of the Council." JDG claimed pointing toward Marukus. 

Marukus then looked down on the shorter JDG, "Precisely!" He answered, "I have been sent by the Council to arrest the three of you." 

"The Council does not send Keeper's to do police work!" Harlow interrupted.

"They do when it is my family. They thought it would best if I were the one to take you all into custody." Marukus explained looking back at Harlow.

"What part of the Doctrine did we even violate!" Harlow interrogated.

"Did you not hear me, I said 'Pre-Creator.'" Marukus said, "Creators are allowed to learn Keeper Magic if they want to, however, Pre-Creators are not allowed to learn any form of magic under any circumstances!"

"Bullshit, I did not know he was a Pre-Creator!" Harlow defended himself fiercly.

"That is indifferent, you should have known by his name." Marukus countered his brother.

"I am not familiar with the naming system of the Creators, this is outrageous." Harlow continued to excuse his actions, but Marukus was unmoved.

"Then get familiar with it," Marukus suggested, he then turned to his side, "if they even allow you to live." Marukus said with a near whisper.

JDG then looked over to Harlow, "I am so sorry, I didn't realize this rule myself." JDG apologized.

"It's okay," Harlow replied, "I don't hold it against you, I hold it against the Council for their rules." Harlow holds both of his hands in a fist on his side.

"If you feel so, take out your grievances on the Council when they put you on trial." Marukus then looked away and put his hands in fists as well, "What the hell were you thinking?!" Marukus looks back at Harlow, "You are an idiot! How dare you teach a foreigner  our magic! Our culture, our magic, our abilities are sacred to us!" Marukus lectured Harlow as Harlow looked away from his brother, "You are a fool! I could lose my position because of you! You fucked up big time, because now the heir to my position is compromised." Marukus spits on the ground.

"You are the fool you gatekeeping bastard." Harlow speaks without looking at his brother.

"What did you just say to me?" Marukus leans his head as he walks closer to his brother.

"You are a gatekeeping bastard. You refuse to teach my son jack shit, you refuse to teach your own son jack shit. I am stuck showing them our ways of life because you are so stuck up about it." Harlow stares at Marukus dead in the eye.

"You see what happens when you teach the unworthy our ways." Marukus points to JDG, "This boy right here is responsible for the loss of your job, the disruption of our family, and possibly the loss of your life. I will not stand by you in this issue," Marukus puts his hand down, "I will not stand by a fool who lets his worthless dreams of expression get in the way of his family's legacy. You're son is already in my car, I will not fight you two, just come with me."

JDG has lost his grin, and Harlow holds back his anger. Marukus heads up the stairs and the two reluctantly follow knowing that they cannot do anything to resist the might of the council.