Chapter 1:


The meaning

I’m the unluckiest person in this world, for sure.Bookmark here

My name is Ihm, Ihm Fausto, and I really can’t understand how has this happened to me again. I’m 18 years old, that stage in life when you are supposed to decide what and where to study. Bookmark here

That stage in life people are still young enough to have dreams, as wild as their minds would run, yet are mature enough to realize their limits. Moreover, it’s the stage every single American movie covers in their summer love stories. Sadly, those pretty damn high standards I had, have happened to end up being really underwhelming. Bookmark here

I’m not the kind of unlucky guy you are thinking of. You know, like that friend of yours who manages to always be dating with asshole after asshole, or that other friend of yours who tried to download anime on their pc and got a virus installed.Bookmark here

It’s not the kind of fortune that makes you get late to school because of your parents’ car breaking down (although that could be considered as good luck), or that makes you feel unwell the day your basketball team is playing the national championship’s final, not allowing you to play.Bookmark here

How my luck has really affected me in a negative manner, is similar to how it affected the P0wer Puff$ Girl$ when the professor Ut0nium spilled the Chemical X on the pot, giving them superpowers alongside their characteristics. Although, in my case, it’s the complete opposite way.Bookmark here

In other words, God has given me… not a single dream, nor aspiration, nor special ability.Bookmark here

“And what is this that happened again?” You may ask. Bookmark here

Well, is there anything more depressing and bothering than that feeling you get when you’re about to accomplish something big and then… fail? That’s exactly what happened.Bookmark here

It may sound as contradictory, but my biggest aspiration is to find an aspiration, and after thinking I had finally founded it, my enthusiasm vanquished, again…Bookmark here

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21st September, Union College.Bookmark here

Summer had passed, and my alarm clock woke me up in a white, almost empty room, if it wasn’t for my yet unopened suitcase. I slowly sat up, and after rubbing my eyes, I saw what time it was.Bookmark here

“8:15… shit, I’m late.”Bookmark here

I quickly put the first shirt and shorts I saw on and clumsily directed towards the bathroom. I washed my face with fresh water, and then looked up to the mirror.Bookmark here

“You’ll surely find a reason to live soon” I said to the mirror.Bookmark here

After that I got out of my room, and headed to my first day as an academic.Bookmark here

While was walking, I heard some older academics talking about their Basketball club practices.Bookmark here

“We’re having our first game in two weeks and we need two more players, we should try to approach the first years as soon as possible.”Bookmark here

While he was saying that our eyes make contact, so after realizing I was a first year and telling his other two friends, they approached me.Bookmark here

“You are a first year, right?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I got here yesterday.”Bookmark here

“Did you hear us?”Bookmark here

“Well, partly. You want first years to join your Basketball club, am I wrong?”Bookmark here

“Nope. That’s exactly what we were talking about-“Bookmark here

“Kerr, we’re late, and he is too, we should hurry”.Bookmark here

“You’re right, Zack. If you want to join our club come to the gym at 6, we’ll happily accept you…”Bookmark here

“I’m Ihm Fausto, but you can call me Fausto”Bookmark here

“Alright Fausto, see ya.”Bookmark here

They where pretty kind, but I’m definitely not joining the Basketball club. Not again.
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I was staying at the campus, so I was only 5 minutes away the classes. I quickly made my way through it and finally got to my first lesson. Bookmark here

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After a rather boring day, I decided to take a look to the others club at the bulletin board (definitely not basketball) so that I could meet more people and get more chances to finally understand what’s my purpose, something that could bring joy to my life.Bookmark here

“Judo club…, Tennis club…, Swimming club…”Bookmark here

How did they manage to put together, apart from the basketball one, every single club I, by no means, would choose?Bookmark here

Breakdance…, Literature…”Bookmark here

I don’t see any that could interest me.Bookmark here

“Are you looking for a club?” Asked someone behind me.Bookmark here

She was a tall, black girl. She had curly black hair, almost reaching her ankles, and honey eyes. She seemed athletic, and was wearing some jeans and a white blouse. I, for a moment, got stuck in her beautiful but intense eyes. “Wow… she is really pretty” I thought.Bookmark here

“Yeah, but I’m not into any of these ones.” I answered.Bookmark here

“Figured as much, I saw you clearly disappointed about the normal clubs so I thought you could be an interesting asset…”Bookmark here

Normal?” “What’s the meaning of normal?” I thought.Bookmark here

“Would you mind following me?”Bookmark here

“Err… I guess?”Bookmark here

We went outside, and after following her for like 10 minutes, we got to someone’s campus room.Bookmark here

“Is this really a club? Seems like a normal room to me.”Bookmark here

She then proceeded to knock three times in a weird rhythm - a password, I guess.Bookmark here

After doing it twice, someone opened.Bookmark here

He was a short, blonde haired guy. He’s eyes were blue, and had a scar running through the right corner of his mouth. Is there a reason why the members of this “club” are so handsome?Bookmark here

“Oh, so you find someone, Marie.”Bookmark here

“Yes, he was deciding on a club but liked none. I felt this guy could help us.”Bookmark here

“You’ve got a good eye, so now I’m interested to.”Bookmark here

“What’s your name?”Bookmark here

“Fausto.”Bookmark here

“Welcome to the Secret club, Fausto”.Bookmark here

Secret? This sounds bad”  I said to myself.Bookmark here

But if I’m honest… this club suits my purspo- well, my purpose of finding a purpose. I suppose I’ll hear what they have to tell  me.Bookmark here

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The meaning

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