Chapter 2:


The meaning

After introducing ourselves, John, the blonde haired guy, let us in.

His place was surely a lot more lively than mine. He got some flowers and some books meticulously placed in the shelves. He also seemed to have placed incense somewhere in the room. While I was taking a look, I realized this was one of those two-people rooms, but I decided not to ask.

Then, my attention quickly focused to the wall right in front of the shelves. There was a white flag hanging with (the club logo?) in it. The logo was pretty simple, a yellow, hand drawn sword in the middle of it.

I quickly started to realize what kind of club this was… but  I tried to discard that idea of my mind. There wasn’t a chance, right?

“Please sit over there.”Asked me John.

I sat on the floor, and Marie an John did so.

“Well, let’s-“

Someone knocked, just like Marie did, the door. Then, they opened with their own key.

“John? I’ve met someone interesting, her name is Bella, a first year.”

John’s roommate was called Kane, and was like a fat version of his roommate: blonde, short, and blue eyed, but like 20 kilos heavier and without his (I guess brother’s?) scar.

The girl that came with him, Bella, had pink hair, green eyes, and was wearing some pink dress that perfectly combined with her hair.

“She sure looks weird” I thought.

“Oh, perfect timing, Kane, we were about to get started”

After everyone sat down forming a circle, John started talking. He told us about how they met each other last year, and what this “club” was about. 

My presentiment happened to be real. They were some crazy dudes that, after believing there was a villain in this college, joined forces and sought for new students so that they could save everyone studying here. 

In other words, they were a conspiracy club. I was pretty bothered that they made me believe their activities could interest me. After a little chat, we parted ways.

As Bella and me were staying in the campus, and were first years, we both came back together.

“So what do you think?” She asked.

“About the club? There’s no way I could believe them. They all seemed like chuunibyos to me.”

“Well, they could be… but how do you know they aren’t saying the truth? I mean, today was our first day.”

“I could’ve thought so if they had tried to recruit us in a more sophisticated way… but how come they just saw me once and decided to tell me a whole conspiracy? What if I ran out of my mouth and this villain discovered them?”

“I can agree with that, but I still think this could be funny, you should come next time again.”

We then parted ways, and each other went to their room.

This first day has been a let down” I thought just before I went to sleep, or so I tried.

However, I once again remembered it. Of course, I couldn’t just go to sleep. I had to think about that real let down…

“Shit, I almost forgot”

I called her number.

“Hello, this is Fausto.”

“Oh, Fausto…”

“It’s 21st September, Happy Birthday…”

After saying that, I hanged up.

Urgh… talking to her was always difficult. I had this weird feeling of not wanting to know about her, but at the same time, not been able to do so. After all, I once thought my sole purpose was to… well, make her happy.

That was a real let down, not this club. Maybe I should give them a try, just like Bella suggested.” I thought.

Joe Gold