Chapter 3:

The Executioner Exam

Executioner's Curse

"Welcome to the 74th executioner exam. Today we have 48 participants from 12 cities, truly amazing.Bookmark here

Now let's talk about the test.Bookmark here

My name is Gauche I will be explaining to you about each part of the exam in its time.Bookmark here

The first part of the exam is a team battle, teams of four will need to fight against each other.Bookmark here

To win, well you need to destroy the enemy's tree.Bookmark here

The first two teams that will win as soon as possible will have the ability to pick another team to advance.Bookmark here

You will be divided into teams based on the city you live in.Bookmark here

Good luck!"Bookmark here

The crowd applauded.Bookmark here

"Where is Shunji?" Said Rin in a concern.Bookmark here

Rig replied "Don't worry, he is here. We just need to find him."Bookmark here

Gauche said "The first battle will be Kobo vs Bulen. All of the other competitors go to sit in your place in your crowd."Bookmark here

The crowd was yelling, the number one participant, Roni. came from the city of Bulen, most of the views came because of him.Bookmark here

"Isn't from Bulen is the strongest participant?" Asked Kibo,Bookmark here

"Yeah, scary. Good luck we didn't end up fighting him." Replied Rig.Bookmark here

The match had started everyone had their eyes on him, with grey hair and dark purple eyes, Roni was dashing towards the enemy's tree alone, leaving his team behind. With incredible speed he got to the other side of the arena, the four participants from Kobo had tried to fight together against him. Bon, a participant from Kobo had used his rock power to cover his arm with rocks. Bon tried punching Roni, but with one kick and no powers Roni broke Bon's arm and rocks and the second kick had hit his face. Bon has flown 10 meters away. From behind another participant tried to attack, Roni without seeing moved his head to the right, turned around, and punched him in his stomach. Blood fell out of his mouth as he was falling down unconscious. The two that left from Kobo had walked back from Roni but, he was too fast. He was too fast for them and in seconds they both fell to the floor, unable to get up. Roni came close into Kobo's tree, he closed his eyes and punched the tree as hard as he could. The punch was so strong the wind was felt in the crowd. Bulen won, it was a one-man show.Bookmark here

Rig asked talked to himself and asked "Why didn't he use his powers when he was one against four."Bookmark here

Shunji just came sitting with the group answered him "He doesn't want the other participants to know his powers. He waits to surprise everyone in the one versus one battle."Bookmark here

"Oh, that makes sense. Now I know to not use my powers in this battle." Replied Rig.Bookmark here

As the battles progressed more and more participants stood out, and the crowd started to pick his favorites.Bookmark here

After the last battle ended Gauche came to announce the next fight:Bookmark here

"Now the city of Monstan will be up against Dorn."Bookmark here

In team, Monstan were Shunji, Kibo, Rig, and Rin, and in team Dorn were:Bookmark here

Tom - Boy with pink hair and brown eyes.Bookmark here

Yuli - Girl with white hair and black eyes.Bookmark here

Xiao - Boy with green eyes and purple hair.Bookmark here

Vinnie - Boy with Brown eyes and hair.Bookmark here

Rin pulled all of team Monstan together, said: "Listen, let's give them hell." and smiled.Bookmark here

Shunji said, "One has to separate from the team to sneak and destroy the enemy's tree, but I can't trust the three of you to distract them so pick one of you to go alone."Bookmark here

"I'll go!" said Kibo.Bookmark here

"Let's goooooo" Screamed Rin with a scary face.Bookmark here

The bell ring and the match begun.Bookmark here

The three Shunji, Rin, and Rig dashed forward while Kibo was walking in the side of the arena.Bookmark here

In the middle of the arena, the three had faced: Tom, Yuli, and Xiao. No one wanted to use his powers so it became a boxing fight between them Shunji faced Xiao but with his speed, Xiao couldn't catch up and it was like a rain of punched to him.Bookmark here

Yuli was faced Rig and his Katana.Bookmark here

"I don't want to hurt you with my Katana" Said Rig.Bookmark here

Yuli laughed and said, "Don't worry honey."Bookmark here

Yuli didn't attack, only dodged Rig's cuts.Bookmark here

And lastly, Rin was against Tom:Bookmark here

"I don't hit a woman so just wait here," Said Tom to Rin.Bookmark here

She laughed and said, "I bet you can't even hit me once."Bookmark here

Tom was mad and punched her strongly in her face. Blood came out of her face and she bled. While she started looking up towards Tom he saw she was smiling, he was terrified and in his head, he constantly thought about how psychopath she is. Tom tried to punch her again but this time she dodged it and while her punch was closing to his face she said: "Don't cry to your mommy after you lose to me ok?" When the punch had hitten his face a lot of blood came out and dirtied Rin. As a result, she punched him 5 times while he was unconscious on the floor and screamed "Learn how to aim your blood you stupid kid" and made a grossed face.Bookmark here

Kibo was running while suddenly in front of him was standing Vinnie.Bookmark here

"I guess we need to fight..." Said Vinnie.Bookmark here

"Yes, you're right," replied Kibo.Bookmark here

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