Chapter 4:

Overgrown lizard! Invasion of Sol

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

GRAYSONBookmark here

Rumbling sounds reverberated around the castle every second.Bookmark here

“That damn lizard is throwing around too much debris! It’s falling on the town! I have to distract it!”Bookmark here

Stone and wood detritus fell, accompanied by smokes of dust as the castle was being excavated by a Greater Dragon. I fanned the smoke away as I held back a choke.Bookmark here

Al is nowhere to be seen. I’ve used more than half of my mana trying to protect the city from being smashed to bits.Bookmark here

A knight ran up to me. Bookmark here

“Sir, we’ve finished evacuating the south!” Bookmark here

“Good work.”Bookmark here

The knight nodded and went his way to join the soldiers who were evacuating the other parts of the city.Bookmark here

The anti-air armaments that lined the southern gate seem to have been wiped clean by the dragon alone. Bookmark here

The southern gate messenger who arrived in a hurry, was shifting anxiously as he reported what he have seen with a shaky voice: Bookmark here

"In the aftermath of the Greater Dragon attack, the southern gate had been breached by the onslaught of goblins and orcs. They continue to march towards the center city, in their armor made of the conjunction of metal and animal bones. Infrastructures close to the gate are currently being ransacked by the enemy. The soldiers have their hands full trying to repel the invaders"Bookmark here

It seemed like the demon army had found a way to get a Greater Dragon under their control.

Bookmark here

“What in the name of Aelius is Al up to?”Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

~A couple of minutes earlier~Bookmark here

“We’re under attack!” I unsheathed my sword.Bookmark here

The Grand Library was a mess; there were lots of fallen shelves and books. These huge shelves... this place is a hazard. I’m glad there wasn't anyone else here other than us two. I looked at Al who was already using another magic spell that I have never seen before. Bookmark here

“What are you casting?”Bookmark here

“It is a reconnaissance spell. Enhanced Detection.” A huge circle appeared under Al’s feet and he closed his eyes. Bookmark here

One of my men burst through the doors, “Captain, It’s a dragon!”Bookmark here

What? How did a dragon manage to get through the capital defenses and land straight at the castle? This can't just be any dragon.Bookmark here

“Gather up the soldiers and send a message to the borders. We need to evacuate the citizens immediately!”Bookmark here

“On it, Captain!” The knight scurried out of the room, metal armor clunking on the stone floor. Bookmark here

I prepared to make my leave as well. I’m supposed to guard the otherworlder but I can’t just leave the people of this city at the hands of the enemy.
Bookmark here

“Just stay here Al and wait till I come back.”
Bookmark here

The magic circle faded. Bookmark here

“I refuse to stand idly by and contribute nothing given the emergency we are in." Al frowned, his eyebrows almost meeting with each other.
Bookmark here

"Listen, Mr. Head Knight. I have a plan.”
Bookmark here

“What plan?”Bookmark here

He directed his gaze at the ceiling, squinting at the rays of light passing through the newly formed crevices on the library's ceiling. “I can surmise that it is after something located within the castle. I require you to distract it and lure it away.”Bookmark here

“And how am I supposed to do that?”Bookmark here

“Aim for the crystal on a magic circle.”Bookmark here

“A crystal? What crystal — hey!”Bookmark here

A glow surrounded Al and he instantly disappeared. Great, what does he mean by that?Bookmark here

An ear-splitting bellow resounded across the kingdom. Bookmark here

I winced as I covered my ears with my hands. The sound was enough to remind me of the dangers of dragon attacks in the past.Bookmark here

I rushed outside the castle and stepped back to look at the dragon nested above. The dragon seemed to be fifty, maybe sixty feet in length. Its wings were easily double its size. I followed the trail of its thickly scaled arm, which was currently clawing at the ballistae in one of the guard towers of the castle. Its glossy black scales reflected the rays of the sun as well as the projectiles and magic being hurled at it. Bookmark here

It seems to be invincible, a pure force of destruction.Bookmark here

“Captain! There’s a huge number of goblins and orcs at the southern walls!Bookmark here

The signal flares at the southern walls began lighting up all at once. Arrows and stones flew into the city as the demon army started their invasion.Bookmark here

I clicked my tongue, “Prioritize the evacuation of the citizens on the southern part of the city!”Bookmark here

Got to stay focused. What am I even looking for?Bookmark here

I gazed back at the dragon — it has now already made short work of the guard towers. It began tearing at the walls of the castle itself. Bookmark here

I have to do something.Bookmark here

Judging by how projectiles were bouncing off its scales like toy wooden swords walloping a dummy slovenly made of hay, I can assume that the Greater Dragon must be immune to magic. But I think I can try something.Bookmark here

“Dust Storm!”Bookmark here

Flaring gold magic circles appeared in front of the dragon’s eyes. The inner circles twirled and immediately, a huge gust of smoke covered the upper half of the dragon. Ha, surprise!Bookmark here

Magnetize! Freeze!” Bookmark here

Runes appeared and glowed in the air for every spell. Dust particles and rocks stuck itself to the dragon, covering it as magic started freezing the dust layer. The nearby soldiers and mages began following suit, switching from attack to restraining the dragon’s movements.Bookmark here

“We can do it! The dragon is being contained!”Bookmark here

The remaining soldiers held onto their weapons, going near for close quarters combat. The battle here was already over. I sighed in relief. Bookmark here

Now I just got to deal with the invasion at the southern gates.Bookmark here

“Wh —what is that?!" one of the soldiers exclaimed.Bookmark here

Smoked emitted from the crevices of the dragon’s scales. The temperature around seemed to become searing hot as the dragon itself started to burn up. Bookmark here

Sweat trickled on my neck. Just being near it felt like my skin was being scalded by boiling water. A little bit more and it would be like touching a burning iron rod. Bookmark here

The soldiers hastened to keep a safer distance. Bookmark here

“It’s trying to blow itself up!”Bookmark here

“Everyone, take cover!”Bookmark here

Soldiers and mages stride away as the dragon- now glowing red- freed itself from the restraints. Bookmark here

Looks like it outsmarted us.Bookmark here

The soldiers clutched their swords in front of them and gritted their teeth, anticipating for an attack. Yet the Greater Dragon ignored them and swerved to the opposite direction. It resumed its attack on the castle walls. It lacerated the walls so violently that it hurled rubble behind it and into the formation of the city’s defenders.Bookmark here

My eyes widened as I saw the rest fall into the city below. “Fall back! Get the civilians away from here!”Bookmark here

“Yes, captain!”Bookmark here

I casted several force fields to minimize the damage done by the falling debris. I can feel my mana slowly seeping out of my body in my attempt to protect soldiers and civilians.Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

~ Back to the Present Time ~Bookmark here

Rumbling sounds continued to resonate all over the city.Bookmark here

Given the current situation, I’ve given up on the dragon and decided to protect the civilians instead. I just have to trust Al.Bookmark here

Knights and mages around the city were busy either defending against the demon army or evacuating the citizens. Some were still trying to restrain the Greater Dragon.Bookmark here

Suddenly, out of nowhere-Bookmark here

“Greetings, Mr. Head Knight. Am I audible on your end?”Bookmark here

This voice, its-!Bookmark here

“Al, is that you?”Bookmark here

“You have not found it yet?”Bookmark here

“I don’t see any crystals or magic circles on the dragon!”Bookmark here

I heard Al let out a deep exhale. Bookmark here

“I meant that you should look for it in the city. I can assure that the culprit who is controlling the Greater Dragon is here in the city.”Bookmark here

“You should have said that earlier! Also, how am I hearing your voice?!”Bookmark here

“Telepathy, my dear. But you would not understand.”Bookmark here

That sounded more like an insult despite the wordings.Bookmark here

“Tele- what now?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Hello? Hello?”Bookmark here

No response.Bookmark here

He seems to have cut me off. I can’t tell what he’s thinking at all. Ugh, whatever. The crystal-on-magic-circle thingamajig should be somewhere in the city then.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Looking from street to street… But there’s too many streets in the kingdom!”Bookmark here

Running around to find the source of the Greater Dragon’s fury was exhausting. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Scraps of rubble kept falling as I run and dodge around in my heavy armor while looking for this thing that Al mentioned.Bookmark here

However, I’m glad most of the citizens have gotten out.Bookmark here

Wait.Bookmark here

It suddenly became quiet. Across the alley there seemed to be an influx of magic energy.
Thank Aelius, I found it!Bookmark here

“The dragon stopped responding!”Bookmark here

“Check for magic interference!”Bookmark here

“There doesn’t seem to be any malfunctions in the array.”Bookmark here

“Just keep checking!”Bookmark here

I heard whispering voices that lead towards the hidden back area of a market. I sneaked in behind one of the stalls. Bookmark here

The energy was radiating from a device in the marketplace: a large, black crystal can be seen levitating in the middle. It was powered up by an array of magic circles which were guarded by five hooded people.Bookmark here

“What is the meaning of this!?” I rushed towards the mysterious group, weapon in tow.Bookmark here

“One of the knights?!”Bookmark here

Two of them quickly lunged at me, swords drawn. Another brandished his bow. Bookmark here

Sparks fly as swords clattered upon meeting.Bookmark here

“Force Wind!” I parried the first while the other one got blown into the stalls by the sudden gust of wind. Bookmark here

The archer enchanted his arrow with a purple rune and aimed at me.Bookmark here

“You’re too slow!” A dull brown magic circle appeared under the archer’s feet. "Quick Sand!"
The ground became gooey and the archer quickly sank into it, his head just above the surface.
I proceeded to knock down the first hooded man.Bookmark here

“We have a feisty one here.” A woman’s voice chimed. Bookmark here

I glared at the last two figures guarding the array. “Why are you guys helping the demon army?”Bookmark here

I shifted my right feet slightly behind, with my heel a bit off the ground and my weight placed on my toes. Bookmark here

One of the two remaining guards lifted their hood to reveal a stunning young lady with long ebony hair and fair skin. She looked almost human, aside from the four ribbed horns that adorn her head. Bookmark here

Oh, a demon… right.Bookmark here

She looked at her fallen comrades with her stygian eyes, then at me. “Well? Why didn’t you kill them?”Bookmark here

“They’re still human. I can’t just end their lives.” Bookmark here

I can’t interrogate dead people after all.Bookmark here

“Ehh, you’re lame and uninteresting.” She tilted her head to the side, locks of hair falling on her shoulder.Bookmark here

“I get told that sometimes.”Bookmark here

“Aren’t you tired of hearing it then?” a black magic circle appeared next to her. Her singsong-y tone went higher as her eyes shone in lustful wonder. Bookmark here

“Wouldn’t you like to prove it to be otherwise then~?” A huge black scythe embellished with purple roses and silver skulls emerged from the circle. She grabbed on to it and twirled it into place beside her.Bookmark here

My looked at the scythe, then at her. “That’s quite a big weapon you got there.”Bookmark here

“Perfect for dismembering. Now then, come at me~!” The demon lady giggled as she leaped and swung her scythe towards me.Bookmark here

“Fine, you asked for it. Nature’s Bind!Bookmark here

Thick lianas quickly erupted from the ground, quickly reaching out to grab the demon lady.
But the blade of her scythe shimmered like stars, swiftly slashing all the flora into pieces.Bookmark here

Drat, she’s fast!Bookmark here

I swung my blade at her, only hitting thin air. She disappeared in a flash, her scythe leaving blurry afterimages. Chills suddenly ran up my spine and I quickly pivoted my leg to face her, who is now behind me. I jumped back, narrowly dodging the blade of her weapon. The scythe forcibly plunged to the ground with a piercing thwack.Bookmark here

“Such sharp reactions. Not bad for the kingdom’s strongest warrior~” The demon lady drew her scythe with one arm and caressed her face with the other.Bookmark here

“There’s more where that came from. Flash”Bookmark here

The demon lady grinned from ear to ear, her fangs sharp and her cheeks rosy.Bookmark here

A sudden flash of light engulfed the area, and the sound of metal clashing on metal can be heard. Then, the sound of metal tearing apart flesh.Bookmark here

“Looks like you lose, knight.”Bookmark here

“Check again.”Bookmark here

The cloud of dirt caused by the exchange faded and the surroundings cleared out. She glanced at her scythe. No blood. In front of her was a sack filled with potatoes. It’s been ripped open.Bookmark here

“Ohh~ Nice move.” Bookmark here

“I told you, there was more.” That was so close, I nervously thought. I barely managed to switch positions with that potato sack using Teleport: Switch. Half a second slower and I would have my chest perfectly slit open. My heart pounded so fast I could barely hear anything else.Bookmark here

The demon lady dashed towards me again. We traded blow after blow, with me slowly getting pushed back.Bookmark here

I can’t waste time here. I need to destroy that array!Bookmark here

“Why aren’t you using martial arts? You know magic isn’t a good combination with swords.”Bookmark here

“Let's agree to disagree.” I used Magnetize on the ground and her scythe. The white rune placed on the ground drags her weapon from her hands towards it. She broke free of the pull instantly, however.Bookmark here

“Damn it, you’re really strong!”Bookmark here

She smirked, “You’re just too weak.”Bookmark here

The demon lady then swung in a large arc, reducing the nearby stalls to pieces. I scrambled with my hands as I use Force Wind to push myself away from her.Bookmark here

“Well, looks like this is it.” She dashed faster than I can reposition myself. Bookmark here

"Teleport: Switch!"Bookmark here

“Ah-" She found herself only striking the air.Bookmark here

“Hmph, you’re getting annoying. Like a dying rat.”Bookmark here

“I get told that too. The annoying part, I mean.”Bookmark here

The demon lady flew back a distance, then released the scythe from her hand. It dissipated to nothing.Bookmark here

“I concede. You were stalling on purpose. How naughty of you~” She closed her eyes and played with her hair. She didn't even drop a sweat after that battle.Bookmark here

“How’d you know?” As I asked her, as dozens of soldiers surround the marketplace aiming at the demon lady and the last one with the hood.Bookmark here

Phew, just in time. I've used up the last of my mana with that final Teleport: Switch.Bookmark here

She pointed to the sky, “That Flash was a signal, and I could hear their footsteps a mile away, you know.”Bookmark here

“Aw, don’t you want to play longer?” It was my turn to grin this time. Even though deep inside I felt overwhelmed for the first time in my life.Bookmark here

“Oh. We will, next time.” She menacingly smiled back at me, her gold pupils on black sclera leered at me like the sun in the middle of an endless void. It was as if she was trying to kill me with only that face of hers. Bookmark here

Before I knew it, a dark silhouette loomed over the market. The Greater Dragon suddenly landed with an enormous thud on the market grounds, disrupting the soldiers’ formation. Several wounds were visible all over its body.Bookmark here

“Wait, stop!” My voice started to become raspy. Bookmark here

But I was too late. The Greater Dragon picked up the two and left the array behind it. With a roar, the dragon took to the skies.Bookmark here

“Destroy the array and arrest these people!” There was nothing else I could do about the mysterious attackers but command the soldiers to salvage what’s left of the wreckage.Bookmark here

“Yes, captain!” Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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