Chapter 6:

Timid Student: It's difficult for her to communicate

Cellular Redo

A few days have passed since those weekends. This morning I just got out of the train and I'm walking to school and I spot a familiar face. Wait, I know that girl, isn't she in my class. Bookmark here

"Oi." I shouted to get her attention. The moment she heard me call her, she jolted. I moved closer to talk to her. Bookmark here

"Hey, you're  Asa Miyura from my class right? It's me Ayato Hayashi. I sit at the Last row." I say that but it looks like she's feeling uncomfortable. I forgot she's the timid type. To respect her personal space I stepped back a little bit. Bookmark here

"S-So do you often take the train to school?" I asked in order to make conversation. She tried to respond. But she looked more uncomfortable than before and seconds later, she just ran all of a sudden. I tried to stop her but it was best if I have left her go on because I think It's my fault I made her uncomfortable. I'll apologize later. Bookmark here

I finally reached the gate and saw Taki getting in the gate looking all sore. Bookmark here

"Hey Taki!" I ran towards him while calling him. Bookmark here

"Bro, what's the matter? You look like an old man who just broke his back." I said. Bookmark here

"Oh, hey Ayato. I'm just a Lil sore from practice that's all. Nothing to get worked up about." he replied by sounding like an old man. Bookmark here

"Jeez, you even sound like one. Was your training that Hella intense or something? " I asked. Bookmark here

"No I just pushed my self a bit too hard in practice yesterday thats all." he says that while stretching out his fragile body. Bookmark here

"Man you're really are determined to play this game, huh." I asked another question. What's weird is that somehow I feel a little bit, just a little, inspired. Bookmark here

"Hell yeah I am. Because, once I'm a soccer star, no girl can resist my radient charm."  he says with excitement. Never mind, he just a dufus chasing an idiotic dream. Bookmark here

"Hey genius. You forgot an important part of your plan. You gotta have looks too. Girls won't get attracted to you, if you don't have good looks." I moched him. Bookmark here

"Excuse you, My looks are just as good as a superstar. There just a late bloomer.  You'll see. It's just a matter of time. "he says. This guy is hopeless. I hate to say this, but he'd be chosen in a school lineup, if he keeps it up. Bookmark here

We arrived in class and I found Miyura, in her seat reading some kind of book. It looks like she's enjoying it. I have never seen her smile like that and to be honest its kinda adorable. I chose not to apologize now since it'll make things worse. Bookmark here

Classes went as normal for today and lunchtime started. I stood up to go to the club room. I glenced at Miyura's table she looks to be eating alone. I tried to invite her but I still feel responsible for making her uncomfortable this morning so I left her alone so I went to the club room. Bookmark here

When I opened the club room door I found Iwasaki sitting on the right side of the table. Bookmark here

"Hey." I gave her a light greeting. But she didn't respond back. I sat opposite to her. Bookmark here

"The club itself still not an official club yet, huh?" she asked a question to brake the silence that was in the club room as we ate. Bookmark here

"Yeah, we're still missing a club advisor, the approvement for the clubs from the student council and the the head master and not to mention we need a solid club activity." I replied. Huh, it looks like she can't stand awkward silence as well. Who knew. Well at least I'm taking to her that's a step to something, I guess. Bookmark here

"I thought we're just going to play music that's all, since this is a music club." she says. Bookmark here

"Yeah I thought of that as well. Primarily we're supposed to play music, but, as it stands we don't have instruments that the club members can play. The club room might have lots of a lot of instruments but all of them are not in neat condition, like that grand piano. We also have to count that we don't have a club budget to buy new instruments and since this is a new club in all, the student council has to review the club fundings in order to patch us in. " just as we are talking about the club's situation Miyazaki senpai got in sulking out of stress. Bookmark here

"Hey, How did it go?" I asked about the situation. Bookmark here

"Well we managed to get club fundings but I don't think it'll be enough to get new gear. " she says with sadness. Bookmark here

"Hmm, here's a thought, how about we sell the instruments we're not going to use to get extra funding for it. Even though they won't sell for that much, but it will give us a leg up for the fundings we need to buy the gear we need. " I suggested. Bookmark here

"I see his point. By the looks of it, some of the equipment in here haven't been used for a while. All they do are just collecting dust and probably loosing value ." Iwasaki supports my suggestion. Bookmark here

"Haa, I never thought of that before. With that our club funding problem is solved."said Miyazaki senpai. And looks like was surprised and over the moon for that suggestion. Bookmark here

"I'll go ask for the students council right away." she continued. Bookmark here

"Hold it" I stopped her. Bookmark here

"Have you had lunch yet, senpai?" I asked out of concern. She julted. Bookmark here

"You see.... Eh..... Well" she. Mutters. Bookmark here

"Well?" I interrogated her with a long, deep stare. Bookmark here

"You got me. I've been busy that I forgot to eat, that's all." I'm afraid she's the type who works hard and forget to take a rest unless you force her to do it. She sat down and took out her lunch and ate. Bookmark here

"Look, I know that your the club president in all, but don't forget to take a break or you'll collapse out of exhaustion." I lectured her. Bookmark here

"That's the reason why I have to give it my all. It's because I'm the president. It's my duty." she explained. Bookmark here

"sigh looks like she'd be at it no matter what you say to her. How about this, why don't you let Iwasaki and I help. I'm pretty sure with our help we'd be able to finish things even faster. " I queried. Bookmark here

"Thank you soo much that will be so helpful." she thanked me. Bookmark here

"While we're on that note why don't we divide our work into two. The two of you go find the facility advisor and I'd go deal with the instruments problem. Once you're done you can feel free to assist me with this problem." I queried a suggestion. Bookmark here

"That's a great idea why don't we get started rig....." I interrupted her. Bookmark here

"Don't get ahead of yourself. We're doing this after school. Someone had to stop you before you end up in a hospital." I scolded her. Bookmark here

"We'll do this together isn't that right, Miss Iwasaki?" I asked to provoke her. She fell for it and kept her composure a little bit. Bookmark here

"If I must." she answers. Bookmark here

Lunch was finished and we headed back to class. Since our classes are on the same direction I was walking with Iwasaki and spotted Miyura walking alone. It seems she came from the library. Now is my chance to apologize. I walked ahead of Iwasaki and quickly caught up with Miyura.Bookmark here

"Hey Miyura." I shouted to get her attention. She noticed me but this time she didn't look like she was uncomfortable. Bookmark here

"Ah, listen about this morning, I'm sorry that I've made you feel uncomfortable in any way it won't happen again." I said that and she looked me in the eye and tried to say something. Bookmark here

"I.... I....wasn't.... all" she couldn't say her sentence and she started to feel down. Then she ran away again. Bookmark here

"Wait! Did I do it again?" I asked myself. Bookmark here

"You sure have a way with people. Look you scared the poor little girl." says Iwasaki to mock me. Bookmark here

"You're one to talk." I bounced with a comeback. Bookmark here

"And just what does that supposed to mean." she asked while she's ticked of with my last remark. Bookmark here

"You're always mean to everyone one in the whole school. Maybe that's why you don't have any friends." I mocked her. Bookmark here

"S-Shut up. I have tons of friends." she tries to defend herself. Bookmark here

"Really, how many friends does our aloof, honor student, ice queen Iwasaki have? Come on, name one I dare you." I continued on mocking her. She looked like she was short for words Bookmark here

"I... Er... Well.... It's none of your concern how many friends I have." She tried to shut down the conversation. Bookmark here

"Translation: I'm Tamako Iwasaki, from Shinjozo Private High, first year, who always look down on my peers, currently have no friends and lack communication skills." I tried imitating her on that part to push her buttons a little. And it seems like it worked. Bookmark here

"W-Whatever it's not like I need any friends to begin with. Hmp." she storms out of anger. Bookmark here

"Acting all prideful is not gonna get you any better on making friends." I shouted that as she stormed in her classroom to hit the final nail to her nerves. Bookmark here

I got into class and noticed that Miyura is still reading the same book and still smiling. And I tell you that smile gets even more cuter and cuter every time I see it. Bookmark here

It's now the end of the day and this time I'm on cleaning duty. Who am I paired up with again. I went to look into the roster. Once I got there I collided with Miyura's shoulder and she fell. Bookmark here

"Ah sorry. Are you alright Miyura." I extended my arm to help her get up but she hesitated before took my hand. Bookmark here

"Where you going to look at the roster too." I said and she nods. Bookmark here

"Let's see, Hayashi..... Ah, there I am and it looks like where cleaning buddies." I said and gave her a light warm smile. She then nodded. Bookmark here

Cleaning time. I started sweeping the floor while she was whipping the board. There was no conversation following up as we were cleaning. Not to mention my screw up again. Now the room feels more awkward than ever. Suddenly, when she was still whipping the board I noticed that she had a comettee arm band at the right arm.  Bookmark here

"Are you part of the student library staff?" I asked just because was curious. But thoght as soon I started talking she jumped out of surprise and dropped the board eraser. Bookmark here

"Ah sorry, I didn't mean to spook you. It's just I never seen you wearing that armband before and I was curious about it." I continued and she picked up the erasor and nodded. Bookmark here

"I see, The Student library staff suites you better. You must love reading then don't you. You do it all the time in class." I continued.Bookmark here

"Y-yes I-I do I love them so much." she managed to say some words. Bookmark here

"I could tell because you always had that adorable smile whenever I see you reading." I said and this time she was so embarrassed that she looked away. Bookmark here

"Ah sorry about that I didn't mean to be weird or something like that. Honest." I apologized so that she couldn't get any wrong idea. Bookmark here

"That's the first time that some has said that to me." She mumbled. Bookmark here

"Huh" I couldn't catch what she said. Bookmark here

"Most people would call me weird or ignore me just because I don't talk much. But you where the first person who talked to me. This morning when you called me I got spooked that I didn't know what to do so I ran away. I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble. " she explained her situation. Bookmark here

"Oh no it's nothing. I completely get where you where coming from. You see back in middle school, I too didn't have any friends and I had a lot of hard times communicating with others so I almost didn't talk to anyone then." I explained my situation to her too and she listened. Bookmark here

"Oh I almost forgot, since your with the student library staff, after we're done here, could you please help me with something." I requested. Bookmark here

After we are done cleaning we went to the library and I explained the situation about the instruments. Bookmark here

"You want to sell the instruments that are in your club room?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Yeah, I want to know the condition and the value of each instrument that are in our club room so that we could know which one could be sold and which one could be donated or something like that." I explained. Bookmark here

We went to the library and Miyura showed me some some books related to musical instruments. It took about an hour to find a book that I needed and that explains everything about the value of musical instruments. Bookmark here

"Here we go, it says the value of an instrument determines by it's condition, rarely and appraisal. Now we have about twenty instruments in the club room, including the grand piano, judging by their current states I wonder if they'll sell? " I asked myself. Bookmark here

"Thank you for your help Miyura. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have not been able to find what I needed." I said. Bookmark here

"N-No it's nothing at all. I-If anything I think I should thank you." she says while she bows. Bookmark here

Alright now I know how to measure the value instrument. It's time to see which instrument needs to be sold in order to get the instruments we need. Not to mention I was able to talk to Miyura and sort out a misunderstanding we had this morning . All's Well That Ends Well I guess. Bookmark here

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