Chapter 8:

Chapter Eight

My New Lazy life as a beast-man in another world

Okami opened up the shop menu and began to look through what they had on offer.
He needed to invest at least some of his money in equipment and Items if he wanted to take on higher difficulty quests and earn the remaining gold he needed to build his house. Bookmark here

Okami thought about his last fight with the king of the mountain and what would have made the fight easier.
He wished he'd had some basic magic skills so that he could attack from a distance, so he opened up the part of the shop menu marked magic.
He found tons of books all with different prices ranging from as little as fifty to gold to as much as fifty thousand gold.
He selected the one a bargain packed marked best for beginners, it was well priced at one hundred and fifty gold and contained four books that covered the basics of magic use.Bookmark here

Okami then thought it would have been easier if he'd had a weapon like a sword, as much fun as fighting with bare hands was, it just wasn't effective.
He opened the weapons tab and began to scroll through and found that his options were very expansive.
They appeared to have every weapon he'd ever seen and some he hadn't, the selection included everything from switchblades to a Gatling gun.
Okami settled on a katana that was a decent price at three hundred and fifty gold.Bookmark here

Okami now only had one more thing that he desperately needed to buy: some new clothes. He'd been wearing the same tutorial level gear for over two days and it was starting to smell as well as tear.
He opened up the equipment tab and started to scroll through, like with the weapons tab it was filled with everything from mundane things such as T-shirts to full suits of enchanted armour ripped right out of a fantasy video game.
He purchased around five hundred gold worth of clothing mostly basic stuff like T-shirts and Jeans but he also purchased an ultra-special black coat with high stats as well as a set of warm flannel pyjamas.Bookmark here

Okami was satisfied with his purchases and ready to press the complete purchase button. He took a look at the total amount of his shop which was one thousand gold.
He figured it was a small price to pay and that he'd more than make it back tomorrow when he'd start ploughing through the silver ranked quests and then he'd finally make the thirty thousand gold he'd need for his house.
He pressed the complete purchase button and a massive crate dropped in front of him.Bookmark here

Okami pried open the crate and started to sort through the items he'd purchased. He put the sword and clothes into his inventory but kept out the books.
He started by reading Attack magic beginners and in the upper left-hand corner of his vision he saw a skill notification that read 'Master Reader'.
He briefly considered checking what it was but decided to focus on the task at hand. He was surprised at how quick of a read each of the books were every time he finished reading he had a ton of notifications about newly acquired skills.
He tested out a few of them using a fire spell to light a fire and then quickly extinguishing it with a water spell.Bookmark here

Okami was satisfied with the results of his purchase and study session.
He decided to go to bed now as it was getting late and he was exhausted.
He put on his new pyjamas and crawled inside his tent and not feeling like bothering with tossing and turning till he'd fall asleep hit himself with a sleep spell he'd picked up whilst reading on basic debuffs book.
He fell asleep immediately without a care in the world.Bookmark here

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