Chapter 9:

Chapter Nine

My New Lazy life as a beast-man in another world

Okami woke up the next morning feeling refreshed following his magic induced slumber.Bookmark here

"Sleeping pills are nowhere near as good as sleeping spells" he commented
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He changed out of his pajamas and put on a T-shirt, a pair of jeans and his new jacket, before emerging from his tent to greet the day.
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"Time for breakfast, senses mapping"Bookmark here

Okamis skill informed him of several spots containing food nearby.
He began walking down to the nearest one straying from the well formed paths created by the native and into the deep brush.Bookmark here

Okami was expecting some wild berries or a group of wild hares.
He was not expecting another bloody goblin troop, this time there were some living humans standing in a defensive circle with their weapons drawn.
The humans were clearly out numbered and not able to fight off the goblins. Okami stepped forward into the view of the goblins and humans.Bookmark here

"Good morning, could I get some breakfast, I'm starving," Okami saidBookmark here

The Goblins immediately charged at Okami weapons raised.
Okami swiftly opened his inventory and pulled out his newly acquired katana, in a single smooth motion he unsheathed the blade and decapitated three goblins with one swing.
The other goblins froze in response, giving him all the opportunity he needed  to slice open two more and kick another into a tree so hard it died on impact.
He ran another two through with the blade and then swung with them still on the blade at the last remain goblin sending it flying head first into a tree.Bookmark here

Okami pushed the dead goblins of his blade using his hand, before grabbing the cleaning cloth that came with the sword to wipe off the blood.
The nervous campers sheathed their weapons and came over to talk to Okami.Bookmark here

"So you're the new otherworlder we've been hearing about, thanks for saving our hides," said the lead camper
"No problem, do you guys have any food I'm starving, otherwise I'll see if the goblins have anything" Okami responded
"We've got some apples from the Village Orchard if you want some of those" One of the campers offered confused
"That will do thanks" Okami answeredBookmark here

The Campers handed him four red apples which he happily took, stowing all except one in his inventory.Bookmark here

"Can I ask why do you guys keep going into the brush, every time you do you encounter goblins and you're not always going to get so lucky" Okami inquired
"We are trying to form new campsites to use whilst hunting, also we're hoping to eliminate the goblins but they keep ambushing us" explained the lead camper
"Well your first mistake is thinking you can fight the goblins on their home turf, your second is moving in such large groups goblins can detect you very easily that way, stick to groups of two or three and keep at least relatively close to the paths  so you can make a clean get away, see you guys around," said OkamiBookmark here

Okami returned to the main path down the mountain and resumed his descent, eating his apples as he walked.
He made it to the bottom and walked into the village, making his way swiftly to the adventurers guild.
He drew instant attention when he walked into the guild building, all the adventurers in the guild looked at him in shock.
He tried to ignore them as he waved his bracelet over the pedestal, bringing up the list of available quests. He accepted all of them and was shocked when after closing the menu, he saw the receptionist standing next to him.Bookmark here

"Sorry to startle you, it's just I'm amazed the stories about otherworlders are true, you made silver rank in only one day and are now wearing some of the best equipment I've ever seen" explained the receptionist
"Guess you don't have many otherworlders around here" responded Okami
"No, this is a fairly out of the way place, which is why it is strange that you've appeared here"
"What can I say this is where I was sent, so I'm going to make the best of it, see you tomorrow when I need more quests," said OkamiBookmark here

Okami left the building and made his way out of the village.
Once outside the village he stopped and opened up the quest menu to select his currently active quest, He selected one to hunt down a large griffin causing havoc on the mountain.Bookmark here

"Senses mapping," said Okami activating his skillBookmark here

Okami couldn't detect the griffin yet, so he began running up the mountain activating his bestial running and energy conservation skills.
He continued to activate his senses mapping skill till he eventually reached near the top of the mountain, higher even than his own base camp, his skill informing him that the griffins roost was at the very top of the mountain.Bookmark here

Okami ascended to the mountains peak.
He found the griffin roosting inside of a rounded cave set into the mountains peak.
The griffins body was that of a lion but with fur that shone of rich gold, its head was that of a bald eagle with a beak large enough to swallow a human skull whole.
Okami stepped into the cave, the griffin woke up immediately  raising its head and opening up its eye lids to reveal a pair of beautiful golden eyes.
It let out large cry as it stood up ready to battle, it charged at Okami.
Okami drew his blade, he stepped out of the way of the griffin and slashed it across its flank. He was glad when he saw that the griffin whilst injured was still able to fight.Bookmark here

"Great I've been wanting to try out some new skills" commented OkamiBookmark here

Okami stuck out his free right hand aiming it at the griffin that was preparing to attack again.Bookmark here

"Basic Fire control" he saidBookmark here

Okami shot a fireball from his hand that hit the griffin dead in the face, but this did not stop it from flying head first at Okami.
Okami jumped above the griffin and grabbed a hold of its shoulder.
They both ended up flying high above the open air. Okami was hesitant about attacking the griffin while they were still in the air.Bookmark here

"Eh, screw it I'll take my chances" he saidBookmark here

Okami rammed his sword into the griffins skull, killing it instantly and causing them to start falling, as the griffin was no longer keeping them afloat.
Okami removed his sword from the griffins skull and assumed the position he'd seen sky divers make, spreading his arms and legs out to catch the breeze and slow his descent.
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He was coming very close to crashing into the ground which he wasn't entirely sure he could survive, when he had an idea.
He stuck out both his hands in front of him aiming them directly at the ground.Bookmark here

"Basic Wind control" he saidBookmark here

Okami suddenly started shooting large gust of wind from his hands, slowing his descent till eventually he came to a complete halt just above the ground.
He released the magic and fell to the ground.Bookmark here

"That was fun, what's next," He said
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