Chapter 8:

Summer holiday tragedy.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

Finally it is a day before our summer holiday starts. It is lunch break and everyone in the classroom were talking about were they had all planned to go in the summer holidays. As in my case my family rarely went on summer holiday trip.Bookmark here

"My family has planned to go to Hawaii and I am really excited to go there." Miyoko said.Bookmark here

"Woah, it will really fun there. Hmm Well I am going to my grandparents house. So nothing big but I haven't seen them in ages so I might enjoy myself there." Akio replied.Bookmark here

"Well, I am going to Maldives this year. This is my first time there. So I am expecting it to be good." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

" I am going to stay in my cousin's house for the next 3 week and spend my time playing with him. He is only 9 years old and playing with him will be really really fun. What about you Itsuki-kun ??" Miyu asked with big smile.Bookmark here

"I wish you hadn't asked that question." I thought to myself.Bookmark here

"Well, my dad seems to have got alot of work so I might have to spend my holidays in my house. So not much to talk about any way." I said with a fake laugh.Bookmark here

"Oh that's too bad. I wish you could also enjoy yourself in these holidays but if your dad has work it can't be avoided though." Miyoko said with a downed face.Bookmark here

"Don't worry Itsuki-kun I will give you my games you can yourself here and not feel lonely at all." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Thanks Akiyoshi and Miyoko." I said.Bookmark here

I was walking back home thinking about how to ask my about going somewhere in these holidays.By the time I reached home mom came and said.Bookmark here

"Sorry to trouble you when you just came home but here go buy these from the market." She said.Bookmark here

I had no other choice so I went to buy them and came back and gave to my mom she took them and walked to the kitchen. I then interrupted her.Bookmark here

" Mom, I want to go somewhere this summer holiday."Bookmark here

"Okay, this year we will be in a country where it has over thousand islands and it also has a ton of resort places to explore." She said.Bookmark here

"Where mom are we going to Singapore or Malaysia." I asked.Bookmark here

"Japan." She said.Bookmark here

"What?." I asked .Bookmark here

"It is because Yua sensei just moved in next door and we met to day and she was also willing to take lessons for you during these summer holidays. So that you can get really good grades and you also have to start preparing for college from next year."Bookmark here

"This really unfair my friends are going to enjoy themselves while I stay here stuck with studies." I said with the most angry voice possible.Bookmark here

"S-stuck with studies. Did you say stuck with studies?. You should realize that studies are really important and you should probably go to your room. Because nothing is going to chance even if speak anything." She said and went to the kitchen.Bookmark here

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