Chapter 4:

Fight to win

Executioner's Curse

Kibo and Vinnie went straight into the fight. No one was talking only fighting, Vinnie started with 5 straight punches, Kibo couldn't handle their speed, Vinnie vanished.Bookmark here

In his head, he thought "What can I do, he's faster than me that's for sure, but now I need to think from where he is going to attack now."Bookmark here

Vinnie appeared from behind, Kibo turned as fast as he could.Bookmark here

"My back," Thought Kibo.Bookmark here

Kibo was enabled to block Vinnie's kick. But Vinnie kept attacking while Kibo kept dodging.Bookmark here

Kibo was beginning to match Vinnie's speed, and finally, Kibo hitten Vinnie in the face. The tempo changed Kibo was the one attacking, punches were being landed at Vinnie constantly.Bookmark here

After a couple of punches, Kibo had kicked him to the ground.Bookmark here

In his head, Vinnie thought "I have to use it aren't I?" Vinnie stood up and dashed backward, he pointed his finger like a gun towards Kibo,Bookmark here

water style, water form, water gun.Bookmark here

Vinnie started shooting water drops at amazing speed towards Kibo, one drop had scratched Kibo's cheek, and blood came out.Bookmark here

In Kibo's head, he thought "I have to fight with him close range, or else I'll lose." Kibo began running towards Vinnie while dodging the water drops, but as soon as he got close to Vinnie, Vinnie used his last move.Bookmark here

Water style, water form, water beam.Bookmark here

A flood of water was released from Vinnie's arm like a beam, Kibo was hit by the beam and flown far away. Vinnie was exhausted but kept on moving to the tree and Kibo was unconscious on the floor of the arena with his bleeding hands. Vinnie got to the tree, tired and gasping he was holding his arm in the air, taking a deep breath, and hitten the tree with all of the power he had in his arm, the tree broke.Bookmark here

"The winners are Dorn" Screamed Gauche.Bookmark here

All of team Monstan fell to the floor, shocked. They didn't understand how they lost. Shunji's eyes were filled with anger and in his head, he thought "I am going to kill Kibo".Bookmark here

Later, as they went off the stage the medical team carried the injured, and Kibo was sent into the medical room. Shunji with anger and disappointment looked constantly on the floor unable to lift his head out of shame. 5 minutes after Kibo got in the medical room, he was released. Shunji was waiting outside the door, as soon as Kibo went out of the door and Shunji punched him while tears falling out of his eye as he said "How could you lose?" Shunji didn't wait for a response and left.Bookmark here

The first round is over, Gauche came to the stage to talk "Well, the first round is over. We will now announce the Bullen and Dorn."Bookmark here

Vinnie and Roni were chosen to represent their team.Bookmark here

Vinnie was chosen to pick first, hope came to the hearts of Team Monstan, but Vinnie picked another team. Rig looked into the sky and said "Sorry brother, it seems that You'll have to wait another year"Bookmark here

It was Roni's turn to pick, he looked at all the participants, looking for someone different.Bookmark here

In his head, he was passing one by one and all he thought of is, boring. When he looked at Shunji, he stopped. Shunji's eyes were sad but full of anger. In Roni's head, one thought appeared to him "Amuse me, Amore Shunji" and pointed at Shunji.Bookmark here

"So it's decided Monstan and Frintz are the teams to progress." Said Gauche.Bookmark here

Shunji's eyes were started glowing again, Rig looked into the sky, smiled, and said "Maybe not", Kibo laughed and Rin began dancing and singing "I am the best" repetitively.Bookmark here

Gauche started speaking again and said "Now I'll explain about the second part of the exams, 32 participants left on the next round you will fight one versus one battle, the loser will be dispatched and will not become an Executioner. We will post your matchups in 10 minutes."Bookmark here

Rin hugged Kibo and Rig, both of them blushed. "Good luck, destroy them," Said Rin. "You too," Said together Kibo and Rig.Bookmark here

10 minutes had passed and the matchups were posted:Bookmark here

Kibo was up against Vinnie,Bookmark here

Rig was against Shawn,Bookmark here

Shunji was versus Roni andBookmark here

Rin was against Sakura.Bookmark here

As soon as Shunji saw his opponent he smiled, Rig approached him and asked "Aren't you afraid?" Shunji was happy and replied cheerfully "No, that's what I was waiting for. What about you? I didn't see his match in the first round" Rig replied that he didn't watch his fight as well. "Do your best" Said Shunji and left. Rin and Kibo were talking at the other side of the arena, she was fired up "I'm going to beat her and make her regret the day she was born" Said Rin. Kibo felt like he was talking to a devil. She grabbed his ear and said "Don't lose you hear me, you know his power and moves. If you lose I am going to make you suffer" with a scary face. Kibo smiled and said "Don't worry" but, in his head, all he could think of is how scary is Rin.Bookmark here

A battle was ended and Gauche came to the stage and said "For the next fight we have Kibo vs Vinnie."Bookmark here

Kibo was nervous but walked to the stage with confidence.Bookmark here

They both were standing on the stage, the crowd was screaming but Kibo only heard the voice of Rin and Rig cheering him.Bookmark here

Kibo looked at Vinnie's eyes and said "So we meet again huh?"Bookmark here

Vinnie nodded and smiled.Bookmark here

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