Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

The White Hawk Who Accompanied Me In My Reincarnation

Molrany, the kingdom endowed with diamonds. Molrany's mines were rich in diamonds and teeming with dragons and demons. Molrany had been in chaos for years until Goddess Isis bestowed a miracle on the kingdom by blessing a child. Selena Lowett, the child, carries Holy magic and uses mana to protect the kingdom.Because of her mana, the kingdom is guarded by a barrier that prevents monsters from entering. Everything was fine, but who knows what would happen if you enraged the goddess?


"Good day, Miss." The maid Lissana addressed her mistress,

"Good Morning Lisa," Selena said as she washed her face with a tub given to her by the maid.

She jumped, grabbed Lissana's arms, and began singing and dancing with her.

"Miss... Miss.... Please halt!" the maid stated

"How can I Lisa, today is the day, the ball, the night before our goddess blessings, and in two days, the king will announce my marriage to Prince Edward in front of the people, how can't I be so happy?" said Selena as she danced cheerfully.

"I get it, Miss, you'll miss your chance to meet the high priest," the maid explained.

"Oh yes, please prepare me and get me the White one with lilies," Selena instructed.

"Yes, Miss," the maid replied.

Both Selena and the maid travelled in the carriage after dressing up; Selena would always look into the sky and imagine them following them as the carriage moved.

Lisa confronts Selena inside the carriage "Ah! lady, are you aware of Prince Edward's rumored affair with the baroness? Aren't you upset that he spends more time with her than he does with you?"

"Lisa, I was told by my father as well, but I was chosen by the king himself. He is too kind; I respect him, and he looked after me when I was a child. Whatever happens, the king will look after his son."

"I hope so," the maid said.

Selena and her maid soon arrive at the Temple of Iris. Isis was the goddess of life and abundance. Since a miracle occurred in Molrany after Selena was born, demons and dragons have been banished from the kingdom, as the Goddess has protected the kingdom by giving Selena life.

Selena was the daughter of Duke Christopher, who was widely regarded as the most powerful member of the Kingdom's nobility and the highest-ranking officer in the army. She was a lovely and elegant lady. Selena had awakened her holy powers in front of the king when the Queen Dowager was suffering from an incurable disease when she was five years old. When she was twelve, she was named Priestess of the Kingdom, and she healed wounded soldiers and people, and she was adored by all of them. Every year, Selena was given the honor of performing the holy prayers to the Goddess. She would pray to protect the kingdom from demons, and no demons or dragons have entered the kingdom since. As a reward, the king married the prince's priestess.

" "What brings you here, your holiness?" said the high priest.

"Greetings." High priest, I've come to offer my prayers and the blessings of Goddess Isis. "May she and her angels keep Molrany safe until the day I die."

"Sure, my holiness, please this way," the priest replied.

Selena instructs the maid to go pray while she enters the temple main hall and gave her prayers and suddenly, she was interrupted by a voice.

"Please let me in, I need to speak with Selena," said a voice. It was the baroness Rita herself who greeted Selena.

"Oh!...Serena, I see you've come to pray," she says cheerfully.

Selena moved forward, a cold expression on her face. "Let's go, Lisa,". Lissana makes way and escorts Selena.

"Please don't go Selena, I want to talk to you," Rita says as she grips Selena's arm.

Selena yanks her arm out furiously. "Lady, it's Lady Serena!" exclaimed Selena.

"Ah yes, my apologies, Lady Selena," the baroness said, "would you be so kind as to assist me in offering my prayers to Goddess Isis in the main room to shower her blessings on the kingdom and provide wisdom and strength to Edward as he is to be announced as the next heir tomorrow?"

"And why should I give you permission?" Selena asked, her brow furrowed.

"Because you gave your prayers at the main room," Rita explained.

" Cause I'm a member of the high Chapel"

" How should I give prays then?"

"Then go pray at the temple where everyone prays," Selena advised.

" But"

" But what ?.."

" Edward told me where I go , I'm free to go anywhere" said Rita tearing

" Miss Rita, neither you nor anyone else, including the prince, are permitted to enter the main hall. Only the Priestess, the King and Queen, and the High Priest are permitted to go "Selena stated.

" That's not true; I want Edward to have all the power, which is why he let me in," Rita exclaimed.

Selena turns to Rita and says, "Miss Rita, please keep your ranks when discussing the prince, and it's also a crime to address his majesty's name informally."


"No... Miss Rita, please keep order, you first address me as if I'm your friend, then you come to the main hall of the temple, which is restricted to the people"

"Please accept my apologies." Rita was in tears.

"That's enough, I have a ball to attend, and you should as well, and most importantly, keep a safe distance between you and the prince. I don't want to offend you, but if you keep sharing comments or meeting the prince. Rumours will circulate, and the king's dignity will be harmed; additionally, you're spending time with someone who will soon marry when the king announces my marriage to the prince"

"Please accept my apologies."

"Please, I know you're a lovely lady, and your father holds the highest regard for my father, the Duke.Your mother is my role model who taught me everything to be proper lady, she also considered me as her daughter and that makes us sisters. But if rumors about you and the prince spread, the baron will be talked about and your name will be removed from the kingdom, is that what you want, lady Rita?"

"No," Rita cried, wiping her tears.

"Good, I hope you understand," Selena said, bowing in front of Rita, "please change your ways, this is what's best for you, your family, and the kingdom, Good day!"


"I said Good day!... Miss Rita," Selena said as she walked out of the temple.

She walks around the temple gates, then to her carriage, and they ride away.

"You did fantastic, my lady," Lissana said. "She gets exactly what she deserves."

Selena, who is upset, looks out the window. "Don't worry, my lady, that was the right thing to do, and it's for the better," Lissana says as she takes her hand in hers.

"I hope so," Selena said.

Soon after, the night arrives, and visitors flock to the hall where the ball is being held. Selena, dressed in her new gown, walks in front of the hall doors, escorted by her father's knight.

"Don't be afraid, my lady; today is going to be a fantastic day," the knight said.

"I hope so," Selena said.

The lady accepts the knight's handkerchief.

" Thank you Sir, you have been my well wisher ever since I was a child"

"Well, you're my godchild, and the Duke himself told me that if he died in any case, I should take responsibility for looking after you; as long as I breathe, I will serve my lady," the knight explained.

"Thank you, Sir," Selena said.

"Please call me Roger, my lady," the knight holding the lady said.

"Yes, Sir Roger, let's go," Selena said with a smile.

Everyone greeted the duchess as they entered the ballroom. Every lady in the room admired her, and she danced with the gentleman who offered her the dance. A group of gentlemen stood nearby, staring at her. They were the gentlemen who had proposed to her once but were turned down because she was engaged to the prince, but Selena didn't mind and continued greeting the people.

Soldiers barged into the hall and cornered the duchess as they talked. Lissana, bruised and battered, was tied and pushed into the ballroom.

"Lisa... Lisa... open your eyes, please don't die " Selena cried as she ran to help a battered Lissana

"What does this mean?" exclaimed Roger.

Prince Edward and Rita walked through the door. Edward stepped in front of Selena and slapped her across the face, leaving a bloody mark. Everyone was taken aback when they saw the scene.

She had blood on her lips and had sprained her ankle from wearing heels, and had fallen when he slapped her.

"You bastard!" yelled the knight. The Knights who were holding him pushed him away and gripped him tightly.

"Take him out of her and incarcerate him." "As for you witch, how dare you hurt my Rita!" yelled the prince.

"Your Rita, she's your friend, and I'm your soon-to-be wife," Selena explained. "I didn't hurt her; I just advised her."

With a glare, Edward clutched Selena's cheeks, "it hurts Edward," Selena sobbed.

He pushed Selena to the ground, "Please don't Edward, she was giving me advice," Rita said as she held his arm.

While Selena lay on the floor, everyone murmured.

Angry, he spits on her, "Stand up Selena, I have something important to announce," the prince yelled.