The White Hawk Who Accompanied Me In My Reincarnation

When the duchess, Selena Lovett was annuled by her fiance, the prince. From a sudden anger by the Goddess, everyone gets killed including Selena. Awaking as a white Hawk she roams through Japan without dying from the age as a hawk, due to her holy powers, making her immortal.

Selena, still as a bird, meets Hachirou Ryota in Japan in year 2026, a troubled boy in Tokyo who lost his parents while going for a trip, due to accident he suffered depression. When Selena met Ryota, she started becoming pals with him and accompanied him but alas Ryota was diagnosed with uncureble disease and dies. The bird looking at his dead bed starts tearing. A spark appears before them and is reincarnated back in Molrany, just years after her accident. Selena now back can change into a human and also a bird and guides Ryota in his journey with new beginning.

UpdatedAug 14, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count5,118
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