Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

The White Hawk Who Accompanied Me In My Reincarnation

"I hereby declare, in the presence of all of you as witnesses, that my engagement to Selena Lovett is now null and void!"

Edward Nottingham, the First Prince and soon-to-be King of the Kingdom of Molrany, proudly declared his declaration.

When the prince made his announcement, all of the guests began murmuring.

Selena's eyes widened as she heard those words, but she said nothing.

No one could deny that as the Crown Prince's fiancee, as the future Queen of the country, she was more than dignified enough in appearance for the role.

But such a future was collapsing in front of her eyes. That being said, this isn't something that happened out of nowhere. The ongoing feud between Him and the soon-to-be queen.

But there was the culprit , the baroness herself, who was a goody two shoes, standing behind him. While her parents worked hard, the baroness was always spoon-fed by her aunt. The aunt introduced her to the prince, who didn't like her before his engagement but thought she could be useful as an asset in bringing down Selena.

".Prince Edward, why do you want to end our engagement? "What have I done wrong? I only told her to maintain her dignity and respect our marriage because we are both engaged."

Selena asked him that question slowly but firmly, her voice never trembling. But her fists were so clenched.

In response to Selena's question, Edward returned a cold stare.

"I've decided that you aren't worthy of being my fiancee." Furthermore, I will not let you escape justice for all of your crimes against Rita Ambrose!"

"It's enough Edward, I don't want to bring hate between you two," said Rita Ambrose, the baroness who stood by Edward's side.

Selena, who stood firm with a piercing glare. She could only see her knight bound and her maid on the floor.

Edward was at first insanely jealous of Selena and did not want to marry her. He felt compelled when the king announced his engagement to the Duke's daughter, and he despised the fact that people adored her because she protects the kingdom. A minotaur attacked him and the priestess while they were out for a ride. Edward fought with pride, but the soldiers gained more power and were defeated thanks to Selena's holy chants. Everywhere he goes he hears Selena's name.

That's why Rita, whose charms were diametrically opposed to Selena's, quickly won Edward's heart.

Rita, on the other hand, was the daughter of a baron. She wasn't fit to be by Edward's side, and she dared to interfere with the prince and duchess' relationship. As a result, Selena felt socially obligated to point it out.

It was as a result of this that the two's relationship, which had never been particularly warm, began to deteriorate. Edward had things he didn't like about Selena from the start, so that became a factor as well.

Furthermore, the rumors that began to circulate among the noble sons and daughters who attended the ball added fuel to the fire, helping to sour their relationship to the point where it couldn't be easily repaired. As a result, the house of cards that had been teetering on the verge of collapsing came crashing down.

But, whilst Edward's feelings towards Selena had become decidedly cold.

Though Edward didn't like her, Selena liked him on the inside; she felt a sense of kinship with him due to their shared responsibilities, and she planned to support him as a pillar of the country. Those were her feelings for him as she had supported him for the past four years.

She hadn't ruled out the possibility that her feelings could blossom into love one day. Selena believed that the best thing she could do to fulfill her duty was to work on herself while also supporting Edward in any way she could...

So, in a way, it wasn't the breaking off of the engagement that surprised her the most. Edward's behavior was truly shocking to her.

"I'm not sure what to say about these, but Prince Edward, have you received His Majesty's permission for this?"

"I'll have my father approve it later, and who is he to decide, I'm the future king, the future ruler, and the protector of Molrany, and I've slain plenty of Demons and dragons without your help, and I've even slain the Silver Dragon."

"Why… Why are you attempting to dissolve the engagement that our parents decided on...?! Do you realize what you're doing?!"

Simply put, it would be a national embarrassment. Selena exclaimed in complete disbelief those words.

She would not have fought him if he had told her he wanted to end their engagement. After all, this was a political marriage decided upon when they were both children.

But, she couldn't believe that Edward would just declare the engagement null and void on his own, without even informing anyone.

Furthermore, the royal family had requested this engagement to the Duke of Lowett; in other words, the king had come to her parents to make it happen, as Selena is the protector of Molrany. There were so many issues with Edward's declaration that it was difficult to know where to begin.

"I will not listen to any objections from either my father or mother! I will forge my own path in life!"

"There is still a specific way to do these things that must be followed! Please reconsider, Prince Edward! When did you turn to be stupid"

"Stupid you say?! he again holds Selena's arm holding her hand tightly.

"Edward it hurts, it hurts" cried Selena

"Selena, you're the only idiot here! You're not qualified to be Queen because, blinded by your ambitions, you believe that just because you're the priestess and the temple is your kingdom, you and the goddess are protecting it. No, it is thanks to the army that Molrany is still standing. You're just turning a blind eye to all of these crimes...!"

"Again, I don't know what you mean by…?!"

"Rita is being abused and harassed excessively! And you're the one who's pulling the strings!"

"We can all attest to that." There are too many misdeeds we've seen her commit against Miss Rita to count!"

The men who had been rejected by her came forward to form a line behind Edward. Ladies who were envious of her come forward as well.

Selena, who was not only a holy mage but had always enjoyed practicing her combat skills as a form of self-defense, was also well-known for her magical prowess, so when she combined these abilities, she could be considered one of the strongest people in the Kingdom. This, combined with her critical attitude and sharp appearance, made her both admired and despised by many.

Selena was raised to be a model Queen-in-waiting, and she sought to overcome any situation she found herself in with strength, so she was sometimes out of touch with the feelings of those around her. As a result, it should be stated that she lacked a certain regard for the opinions of others.

"Repent for your crimes and apologize to Miss Rita, you witch!"

What exactly did she need to apologize for? Selena didn't understand, and she didn't know what she had done wrong. She'd never had anything like this before.

She had to speak up and correct them, protesting that everything was wrong. However, for some reason, the words became stuck in her throat.

This wasn't the first time someone had tried to trap her with malice. This time, however, was different. They weren't acting maliciously. Instead, they were acting on their own beliefs and values.

Just as the prince was about to order her exile, the King and Duke barged in and saw what was going on. He walked right up to Edward and slapped him across the face.

"How dare you touch the priestess like that, I heard everything, how can you do this in front of me and announce at a time like this when the goddess is offering us blessings," yelled the King.

"Who believes this nonsense, we do all the hard work while she and that want to be god get all the credit," exclaimed Edward.

When the Duke saw the prince laughing with pride, he stepped forward and said, "Your Majesty, may I speak to the young prince?"

" You may! You're his teacher, you may do what you want."

The Duke walked straight to Edward and gave Rita a glare before letting go of Edward's hand and joining the crowd, followed by the group.

"What do you want?" the prince inquired.

The Duke sighed and punched the prince without hesitation.

" What the hell" shouted the prince

" "Discipline Edward, discipline," said the Duke, "I'm your goddamn teacher and your father in law, and I was given an order by the king to punish you if you do anything wrong."

'Edward!..' Rita screamed and ran towards him, but she was met with resistance from a soldier.

The Duke picked up Selena and said, "This celebration is over, the prince has ruined it."

They were all murmuring, and the prince, who was enraged, took out his cutlass and shot the Duke.

"Father!" cried Selena.

" Arrest that bastard" Shouted the king while the Duke looking at Selena gives a smile and dies.

The king, who was best friends with the Duke, stood up and said, "You killed a royal member, and you will pay for your crimes tomorrow, tomorrow will not be your coronation announcement, but the trail for the crimes you committed, escort this fool to the dungeon, he is no prince, and he is not my son."

Nothing to do, the prince is being arrested, and everyone is watching. Rita takes a sword from a soldier and pierces the king.

While Selena holds the dead king, the soldiers arrest Rita and restrain her hands.

"Take your hands off her, and unhand me right now; I need to see Father!" yelled the prince.

He looks his father in the eyes, hugs him tightly, and then bursts out laughing.

" Finally, the pain in my head is gone; for now, I'm the rightful king". He holds Rita and gives a smooch to her lips in front of everyone, while Rita repents for what she's done. She runs away with disappointment

"Arrest the witch and her associates, chain them up, and tomorrow will be my coronation, and the trail will not be mine, but yours, Selena," Edward laughing.

She had no idea what was going on. That's why Selena, who had always stood tall all these years, felt her knees buckle as she faced the reality unfolding in front of her. The kingdom is on the wrong track.

But, just as she was about to fall, Selena heard a strange sound.

It wasn't just Selena who noticed it. The suspicious sound pricked Edward's ears, and all eyes in the room turned to one of the banquet hall's massive windows.

How exactly would one describe it...? It sounded like rushing wind, mixed with what sounded like... screaming?

That sound eventually evolved into a scream. And the massive window was completely shattered.

A huge light appeared in front of them, followed by a roar of thunder, and they all fell to their knees. On top of them is the goddess Serena, who is not Isis but the god of death, with her veil covering her face.

"You dare to defy the God's child, the gift of Molrany. I told Isis that she shouldn't favor these people. Isis has sent the jewel that protects the kingdom, and you, a low-life man, have defied a wrong for a mere girl who cheats, and you have enraged not only Isis, but also other Gods "stated the goddess.

"Please, God of Death, forgive them, they didn't do much harm," Selena pleaded.

"Silence my child, for Isis has removed the kingdom's protection and stormed the demons' hatred, let this be your punishment, and it's all thanks to the prince" and then vanishes.

After the goddess vanished, the sky turned black and rain of blood fell on Molrany, and a massive hydra appeared before the kingdom with a loud voice.

"The rage of Isis had begun," Selena can't believe her eyes.

"Selena, please save us, I apologize, please tell the goddess to stop this," the prince pleaded.

The whole kingdom was shaking and as Edward went to protect Rita, Rita was snatched by a pterodactyl and torn into half by another pterodactyl.

" Rita!.... No..." cried Edward

Selena seeing the horrific events started praying to stop this

People were attacked by goblins and monsters as they fled. Dragons from various clans fighting each other and destroying houses and buildings.

It was complete chaos, and the hydra breathed fire and killed everyone, including Selena, in a split second.

Selena appears in front of Isis after waking up on a fogged-over floor. She quickly realized she was standing in front of her throne.

"Oh, God Mother, please forgive me, please forgive the people," Selena pleaded.

"No, Selena, the people of Molrany deserve what they get for defying Molrany's jewel."

"Please, it was just Prince Edward; he had no idea what to say."

"No, dear child, what has been done is done."

" Please, I beg you" cried Selena

The goddess speaks, tears streaming down her cheeks and touching the ground, "Okay, I can't change the time, what's done is done, but... I give you a chance; find the one who cares, and it is to that person that I will bestow my blessings. You will be rewarded for directing that person in the right direction."

"Yes, God Mother, I accept," Selena said, and with a spark, she vanished.

When she opened her eyes, she was beneath the tree, and she jumped out in terror, feeling her hands were a little heavy, but they weren't hands, but wings. She was flying when she noticed her reflection in the pond and realized she had transformed into a white Hawk.

"Oh my goodness! ..., I've been reincarnated as a hawk."

When she looked in the mirror, she saw herself as a beautiful hawk, her feathers as white as snow and the tips of her feathers painted in charcoal black.

"Wow, I look pretty," Selena said as she attempted to flap her wings.

As she was flying, she noticed that she was no longer in Molrany, but in a different world with different-looking people speaking different languages, and a war was going on. It was a battle between Hanzo and Nobunaga, the warlord.

She was living in the sengoku period. Selena had spent many years searching for the goddess's chosen one, but many years had passed.