Chapter 8:

Prepare to move out!

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

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“So, your name is Shaun. Nice to meet you!"Bookmark here

I reached out my hand. The priest shook it nervously.Bookmark here

“It’s an honor to meet with the Kingdom of Sol’s pride!”Bookmark here

“Yes, yes. There’s no need to be so tense, you know.”Bookmark here

Shaun smiled then fixed his gaze out the window after our brief introduction.
We are currently standing outside of Al’s room in the corridors. The priest stood there awkwardly, his posture shifting from time to time as he worried about what to contribute to our conversation next. Iris, meanwhile, left to change into her maid uniform.Bookmark here

“Al chose you to accompany him? You seem capable enough.” I attempted to relieve the priest from the awkwardness in the corridor.Bookmark here

“Chosen? What do you mean?”Bookmark here

Ah, right. I forgot to tell Al that he can recruit someone from the Adventurer’s Guild or anywhere else in the city. We are about to go on a journey, after all. But maybe he already knew.Bookmark here

“That’s kind of like him to leave out the details. We’re moving out soon to slay the Demon Lord. Simple as that!”Bookmark here

“Eh-? Oh, oh, right. I had a feeling we were going to do that so soon…” The priest chortled then grinned awkwardly, his eyes widened and looking at the side.Bookmark here

The priest is not entirely clueless after all, I mused. That is good. Despite knowing that we’d be leaving the safety of the kingdom, he still decided to come along.Bookmark here

Al then slid past one of his room's double doors. He walked right up to us, adjusting his collar. “Preparation complete. Let us now meet the king.”Bookmark here

“Al, wait."Bookmark here

Al raised his brow at me, "Yes?"Bookmark here

"Before anything, let’s check the Royal Treasury first. His Majesty is currently in a short meeting with someone else. I assume it will end by the time we finish our business in the treasury.”Bookmark here

Al silently nodded. I stepped right up in front of the two, leading the way to the castle's treasury.Bookmark here

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“King Leon and his royal knights sure are quite generous, handing out your prized weapons easily.”Bookmark here

I examined the treasury. Unlike the name, this place does not hold jewelry, gold and whatnot. Lined along the walls instead are weapons that were once wielded by past heroes and kings of the Kingdom of Sol.Bookmark here

“We’re not crazy that we’d send our hero to deal with humanity’s greatest threat empty-handed.” Head Knight Grayson smirked as he lead us around. Shaun ogled the weapons in awe.Bookmark here

Swords. Daggers. From staple weapons to some odd-looking types. One such oddity is a pair of slim rectangular, L-shaped boxes which seem to be made from sheet metal. I picked up the pair, observing their exterior.Bookmark here

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The obsidian black contraptions have intricately engraved designs on it. Memories of how it was created flooded into my mind; I recalled how the owner had to learn forging techniques from dwarves in the other continents. She was adamant on using a weapon based on their world.Bookmark here

The next heroes after her did the same thing, increasing the collective firepower of this world.Bookmark here

Simple to use, just aim and press the trigger. Like a crossbow, but deadlier, faster, and stronger. Unfortunately, it currently lacks ammunition. I placed the weapons down.Bookmark here

“Ah, those things. No one has been able to get them to work since the owner left it here.”Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson held one up, holding the longer end.Bookmark here

“You are holding it the wrong way.”Bookmark here

“Hm?" The Head Knight innocently hummed. "By the way, what kind of weapon are you looking for?”Bookmark here

I did not answer his query. Though, I do already have one in mind. I went deeper into the room.Bookmark here

“Can I also take one?”Bookmark here

Shaun peeped at the Head Knight. He stood by a staff, a simple wooden shaft with a glowing rock placed on top attached by metal. Except the wood itself wasn't simple, and the rock attached to it was actually a fallen meteorite. Bookmark here

“Yes, you can. The party members of the hero must be well equipped after all.”Bookmark here

“I’ll make sure to keep it safe!”Bookmark here

The priest carefully grabbed the staff. The staff radiated an emerald green color, revealing engraved runes on the shaft.Bookmark here

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The Staff of Hachiro, beacon of life.
It turns any single target support spell into an AoE over time without decreasing the original spell’s potency.Bookmark here

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“Why doesn’t the king equip his soldiers with these weapons? Bookmark here

“His Majesty does, in emergency situations.”Bookmark here

I squinted at the two's conversation.Bookmark here

“Shaun, think about it. Each item here can be considered a threat to the kingdom. It would be hard to keep every handler in control- especially when they get a taste of power.”Bookmark here

Plus, there’s only a handful of weapons here. Bookmark here

Shaun surveyed the staff. He tightened his grip. “I understand.”Bookmark here

I roamed a couple more steps then stoppedBookmark here

Looks like I’ve found it. A grimoire was placed at the side of the room, atop a pedestal.Bookmark here

“Did you find what you were looking for?” Head Knight Grayson walked over to me. Bookmark here

I grasped the grimoire. Platinum plates line the hard-bound cover. It is an otherwise normal book. I start infusing mana into the cover.Bookmark here

“A book? There’s plenty of options here, and you didn’t even choose a weapon?”Bookmark here

The grimoire slowly levitated from my hands. It positioned itself just above my right shoulder. Bookmark here

“It is not just any book, Mr. Head Knight. It is my book.”Bookmark here

“Huh? It’s been in the Royal Treasury for decades. You don’t even look like you’re past twenty.”Bookmark here

There was no mistaking it. Amaris and I made it for our first hero a century ago or two. It recycles the mana spent on spells in the surrounding area and stores it in its pages. The user can then unleash the same spell without cost. The output is halved though.Bookmark here

“If you just believe that I’m your Go-“Bookmark here

Shaun waved at me. Right. I stopped myself. I almost forgot that I need to stop trying to convince anyone I am their god, Aelius.Bookmark here

“It is a book of fine quality. Moreover, I would like to keep my hands free during combat.”Bookmark here

“Fair enough. Let’s move on to the armors section.”Bookmark here

“You are not going to choose one yourself, Mr. Head Knight?”Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson touched his weapon. His hands firm yet also gentle on the hilt.Bookmark here

“This sword is good enough for me.”Bookmark here

We departed from the treasury and moved on to the castle's armory. Various armors were held up in stands; lined in order starting from the lightest of armor to the heaviest. Shaun and I decided on an armor from the light ones. Bookmark here

Armors once worn by heroes can not be accessed as its status do not adjust to anyone other than of its original wearer. It has also certain restrictions preventing anyone else to wear them.Bookmark here

“'It's a shame we cannot use the armors made by the past heroes. I would have worn one myself.”Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson sighed as he surveyed around the lighter versions of the heavy armors.Bookmark here

“You’re not going to wear full plate armor?" I wondered out loud.Bookmark here

“I've decided that I want to be able to move faster this time," the Head Knight replied. Bookmark here

"Alright, is everyone finished? I think His Majesty's previous meeting has ended. We should now head our way and meet him. ”Bookmark here

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We walked towards the throne room. Iris was waiting for us, wearing her usual maid uniform. Head Knight Grayson proceeded to chat with one of the knights at the entrance.Bookmark here

“Mast- I mean, Aelius. You look good.”Bookmark here

“Thank you, Iris.”Bookmark here

She smiled. No traces of shyness. I presumed she was warming up to me.Bookmark here

“Alright, everyone. Let’s go inside.” The Head Knight ushered our party.Bookmark here

Shaun straightened his robes for the umpteenth time. “I never thought I’d get to see the king in person.”Bookmark here

The knights unlocked the entrance in concert, and revealed a crimson carpet path towards the throne lying across the end of the gigantic room.Bookmark here

“We meet again, hero.” Bookmark here

King Leon stood up from his throne. Compared to the room where we first met, the throne room was indeed several times bigger. A huge crimson carpet decorated with gold at the hem lined the middle of the room, immense stained glass windows designed the top of the walls, and crystal gold chandeliers reflected the afternoon light across the ceiling.Bookmark here

“I should assume this is everyone, then?”Bookmark here

Despite the huge space, there was only a handful of us inside this time. Counting the members of our party and the king, there were five of us. Which leaves us with the unknown group of three standing attendance at the side. Bookmark here

“Having more people increases the risk of the details of our operation leaking out," a thick female voice boomed around the walls of the throne room. She appeared from behind us.
"It’s nice to meet you hero. My name is Valerie, captain of the Sixth Ray.”Bookmark here

She stepped up towards me, her back straightened and her chin held high. Another towering figure like Mr. Head Knight here.Bookmark here

“My name is Aelius. It is nice to meet you too, Captain Valerie.”Bookmark here

We shook hands. Her hand wrapped around mine firmly, proud and resolute. Right after, she immediately went over to Head Knight Grayson's side.Bookmark here

“Captain Valerie will escort your party to the edge of our territorial borders. There you will meet up with the hero party sent by the Kingdom of Luna.”  Bookmark here

The king then pointed towards the group at the side. “These three will join your party. Based on Head Knight Grayson’s reports, we have chosen people with the appropriate roles to balance out your party composition.” Bookmark here

He continued, gesturing at the three, “You may introduce yourselves.”Bookmark here

A woman wearing full silver-colored armor- is everyone wearing full plated armor these days?- introduced herself first.Bookmark here

“It is an honor to meet you, hero... Aelius." The woman almost hesitated to utter the all familiar name. "I’ve been briefed on this mission. I will do my best alongside Head Knight Grayson as front liners for our party.”Bookmark here

The woman's brown hair was tied into a bun. She held her headgear in her left hand.Bookmark here

“Name’s Mercedes. My weapon is a spear and shield. The two behind me are Nadia and Aidan.” Bookmark here

Another female voice started. “Hey, don’t just go introducing us! Aidan and I wanted to do it ourselves!”Bookmark here

The blonde twins looked like they were younger than us. The girl had a katana on her waist and the boy held a modified crossbow.Bookmark here

The girl, who seems to be Nadia, ran up close and stared at my face. Too close.Bookmark here

“You don’t look that handsome. My brother definitely looks better than you, hehe!”Bookmark here

“That’s not a compliment, sis.”Bookmark here

The boy also approached me. I can only assume he is Aidan.
Also, I shall remember such a remark. I admit, this body’s face can’t compare to my real one. But hey, it is not bad either!Bookmark here

-Wait, I can’t let these two get on my nerves. I glowered at the two.Bookmark here

“I'm kidding! Just trying to lighten the mood! Nice to meet ya!” Nadia grinned. She then darted towards Shaun. Was that all she had to say?Bookmark here

“It is my turn now. Please don’t mind my sister. My name is Aidan. We’ll be in your care, and yours with ours too.”Bookmark here

Aidan is quite polite compared to his rather energetic twin. He continued inspecting his crossbow as he walked back.Bookmark here

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A few moments passed as our now seven-member party introduced themselves to each other and made small talk. The king does not seem to mind that he has become part of the background now.Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson stepped up in front of everyone.Bookmark here

“Everyone, now that we’re all best friends, let us discuss the plan.”Bookmark here

Captain Valerie brought over a map of Nevia and the nearby continents. There are five continents; Nivea continent,  where we currently are right now, and there are the other three: Miele, Chablis, and Epheron. The last one of the five is the demon’s continent. Unnamed and uncharted, only hero parties have ever entered, with a few suffering casualties. The continents were arranged in an arc, with the demon continent and the Nevia continent on opposite ends.Bookmark here

“Currently, the war with the demons has us on the losing end. Every day the demons take a few steps closer to arriving at the gates of Sol.” Head Knight Grayson hovered his index finger at the western part of the Nivea continent. Multiple red triangles indicated the known positions of the forward demon bases.Bookmark here

“The huge circle behind the bases is a huge portal where the demons appear en masse. We planned on destroying it but the forces there are just too overwhelming.”Bookmark here

Captain Valerie continued drawing red triangles closer and closer to Sol, with the triangles blocking the pathway from Nivea to Miele. Bookmark here

“The average demon soldier is normally no match for our soldiers, but this is a battle of attrition. They don’t seem to have a limit to how many monsters they can throw at us, in fact they are only getting more numerous every day. It’s a miracle they haven’t arrived at the capital sooner.”Bookmark here

Huge thanks to my level restriction device for that. Not a soul knows about that though, as I have intentionally placed it in their highest tower during the kingdom’s founding, then erased any mortal knowledge about it. No one has thought about it and no one can hold their attention on it for long. I was the only one who maintained it with my omnipotence. As such, not a soul questions why it is there, or what its purpose was as part of the castle..Bookmark here

Captain Valerie and Head Knight Grayson both drew two lines, each coming from Sol and the Kingdom of Luna. The Kingdom of Luna is a place located north of Sol. The captains drew the lines west towards the demon camps. Bookmark here

Captain Valerie spoke, “Our ally, the Kingdom of Luna has agreed to dispatch their hero party and a portion of their army to the territorial borders. We’re following the same protocol.”Bookmark here

Both captains divided their lines. Each paired up, two arrows from Sol and Luna pointing at the demon camps and two arrows going north to Miele.Bookmark here

“At the borders, my division will then pair up with the army of Luna and we’ll head straight for the demon army. Your party will head north with our ally’s hero party, while we attempt to hold back the demons blocking your path.”Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson continued the northward line in an arc. To Miele, then Chablis, then across the sea to Epheron, and finally the demon continent. Bookmark here

“From here on, we’re on our own. We have concluded that a small party of the alliance’s greatest warriors is more efficient than sending full armies across four continents.”Bookmark here

Captain Valerie sat down. The last light of the setting sun bathed the room in shades of red. Bookmark here

“If we do manage to push all the way to the demon portal and overtake it, we’ll be able to assist you in raiding the Demon Lord’s castle. Hence pray for our success.”Bookmark here

That would be an ideal scenario, but it's highly unlikely. There are just too many demons. Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson glanced at the king. He then shifted his focus on us, his form intimidating under the fading light. “We set out right away. For His Majesty! For the alliance of Sol and Luna! For humanity!”Bookmark here

“For His Majesty! For the alliance of Sol and Luna! For humanity!” The group echoed. The room goes dark as the first moonlight pierced the windows.Bookmark here

We all bowed before the King after the conclusion of our meeting. This is most likely the last time we will all gather like this.Bookmark here

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