Chapter 5:


Executioner's Curse

The match started, and Vinnie was already using his powers and started using his water gun against Kibo.Bookmark here

Kibo has already experienced this move so he dodged it quite easily, and began closing space in order to reach the close range with Vinnie.Bookmark here

As soon as, Kibo was closing space to Vinnie, he switched a move.Bookmark here

Water form, water style, water domain.Bookmark here

In his head, Vinnie thought "My water domain is unbreakable in a radius of 5 meters away. Everyone who steps into my domain will encounter a wave coming from beneath him." Kibo stepped inside the domain and a high-speed wave flew him to five-meter height. Kibo fell on right his hand.Bookmark here

"It hurts, I can barely move my hand now," Said Kibo to himself in his head. "Don't let him see it." Kibo made an angry face and Vinnie's expression changed into growsed and he thought "What the hell is wrong with his face? Is he sick?"Bookmark here

Kibo tried to think of a strategy to hit Vinnie.Bookmark here

An idea came into his head, he smiled and began running. Kibo's right arm was hurt from the fall, and the pain was with him while he ran. When Kibo entered the domain, he jumped at Vinnie, Kibo was faster than before. After Kibo jumped at Vinnie, he hugged him to the floor and started punching him in the face with his left hand, blood came out of Vinnie's mouth but then, Vinnie tried to use another power, but Kibo kept on hitting him stronger and stronger. Vinnie managed to grab his arm and throw him away, Kibo landed on his right again, and the pain became stronger. mBookmark here

Vinnie used: water beam. Because Kibo was a bit distant from him, Kibo saw the beam and thought "Yeah, I can't dodge it" Kibo was hitten by the beam and he couldn't stand. Vinnie began walking towards him, stepped on his chest, and said "I win again"Bookmark here

Vinnie looked at Kibo and smiled.Bookmark here

In another place, a dark room with blue lighting in it. A tall chair was in the middle of the room, and on it was a guy sitting in it. The shadows covered his face and all you could see was his smile and a golden ring.Bookmark here

He started speaking and said while laughing "Entertain me more"Bookmark here

An electric flow went through Kibo's body.Bookmark here

He grabbed Vinnie's leg and throw him fifteen meters away, the crowd was screaming, and Rin ad Rig continued cheering.Bookmark here

Vinnie was surprised and most of his face was covered in blood. He couldn't see very clearly but when Kibo approached him he stood up and tried to punch him, but Kibo dodged it easily, grabbed his hand, and thrown him strongly to the floor. While Vinnie was lying on the floor he looked up and saw Kibo standing above. The atmosphere felt different than before and the air felt heavy. Vinnie was terrified and couldn't stand.Bookmark here

"And the Winner is:Bookmark here

Kiboooooooooooooooooooooooooo" Screamed Gauche.Bookmark here

All the crowds were standing on their feet, praising Kibo. Rin and Rig hugged each other and Shunji was smiling and clapping his hands.Bookmark here

Kibo was sent to the medical room while other fights happened So Rin, Rig and Shunji went to check on him.Bookmark here

He was on a bad with bandages on his arm.Bookmark here

They got to the room and entered.Bookmark here

"Hello, Kibo, well done on your victory" Said Rig.Bookmark here

"What have you done to yourself," Said Rin and hit his head.Bookmark here

Kibo was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.Bookmark here

Rig said, "It was a good fight Kibo, just make sure you are prepared for the next part of the exam."Bookmark here

Rin said with an angry face and voice "And don't you think about missing my flight."Bookmark here

Kibo's body got chills and from his perspective, he saw a devil right in front of his eyes.Bookmark here

"Rig when is your fight?" Asked Kibo.Bookmark here

"Right after the one that is taking place as we speak," replied Rig.Bookmark here

Kibo stood up with his bandaged arm and said "We'll be rooting for you so don't let us down Huh?" Rig smiled and said "Thank you. I will show you something that you'll be proud to cheer."Bookmark here

The fight that took place was just ended, and Gauche started speaking "And now the fight between two katana users Rig versus Shawn"Bookmark here

As they both proceed to the staged Shunji made a thinking face and thought "Rig didn't use his katana in the first part, and he kept his powers a secret. And apparently, this Shawn guy is also a katana user. This should be interesting." a small smirk appeared on Shunji's face.Bookmark here

Rig and Shawn looked at each other and said good luck.Bookmark here

Rig's katana was dirty and old,Bookmark here

and Shawn's katana was clean and new.Bookmark here

Shawn's clothes were fancy and new, that's what made Rig hungrier to win.Bookmark here

The battle had started and the crowds screamed, Rig moved first and began running towards Shawn while his katana was being held in his right arm. Shawn saw Rig approaching and looked at his katana, checking it was clean enough and when Rig was close he dodged his attack and scratched Rig in his cheek. Rig wasn't ready for that to happen, his right arm trembled but his cyan eyes weren't. They were sharp like an Eagle's eyes.Bookmark here

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