Chapter 42:

Unlimited George Works


Enang moved forward, dragging the ax by her feet. Shit. Blood drenched her face. Her limbs were getting stiff. It’s a bit cold.

She got punched in the face a few times, but it’s nothing she should be worried about. So far, she had been silent that there’s literally nothing to be worried about. No help would come, but she smiled. No one would help her, and no one would help these monsters. Everything was fair game.

This was her way.

She’s not hurt. She walked like normal. It’s not like she’s dizzy or anything or had anything blurred. She’s fine. She could do this. She didn’t even bother counting anymore. She can make an Everest of all the monsters she’d killed now.

It’s just a buzz at this point. Her memory was just black, a swerving gray of broken transmissions, making her not remember the blood that caked her hands, how her hands moved like they would fall off after so many swings. Or maybe, Enang smiled, she chose not to. It ended with a chuckle. She didn’t want to think about it, even more so when the moon above stared at her.

She leaned onto the nearby wall. Not knowing much was the key here. All she had was the general direction, basically a straight line from their base. She just followed the signs of life, from these animals, and the lights coming from their camp. There, she found herself facing this large abandoned lot.

She counted thirty or forty enemies divided into their own circles of campfire and friends. They’re having fun. She’ll kill them all soon, but what caught her attention was the big white tent in the middle of it all. This one was different. Might be the place where she could find their leader, finally. It was supposed to be a silent assassination mission, but it turned out to be a massacre.

But this was not her problem. She didn’t want to think about why she was doing this, either. She had been with those terrible people for too long. Ah. Enang grinned. That’s right. She’d done it for herself. She’s the hero at this point. She’s plotting revenge. It’s for the people that they’d killed right up to this moment. Joey can suck his dick. She’s the avenger right now. She’s the judge, the jury, and the law. And it’s just a part of her job to make this execution go through.

One monster at a time, with a tired body and an ax dulled by blood. This was her way. She’s not hurt at all. She’s just tired. That’s about it. This was like exercise to her. She could do this for days, but it was a pretty hot night, and she’s a bit out of shape with all of that chicken noodles she’d been eating for the past week. Right. Enang grimaced. She remembered that old man again. She scratched the side of her head and turned that image into an incoherent buzz, especially along with that idiot, Uncle, that dicksucker, Jonathan, and that girl.

She shook her head, her lips forming into a helpless smile as she moved forward.


She stopped herself. She caught her breath, narrowed her brows, and gritted her teeth. She’s here. There was no need to think about what she said.

No one had noticed her just yet. Of course. This was Mayari’s authority. No one would see her or even detect her unless she stepped on a twig or something. Right. She had no time to worry about those people. They could choke to death and it wouldn’t be her problem.

Yeah. Enang chuckled to herself and stopped upon realizing that she’s chuckling to herself like a crazy bitch. Yeah. This was revenge. Nothing more, nothing less. She’s just doing this because everyone else was useless. She’s doing this because of the people that got hurt and lost their loved ones. She had to make those monsters pay somehow. She had no other reason other than that.

One of the few ones she’d killed called for the name Joswa, probably their leader, like some sort of God, or a legendary warrior. A guy actually smiled upon his death and said that she’s going to suffer at the might and the unbridled wrath of the hero named Joswa. Cringe. He’s in heaven now, if crocodile people had one.

It looked like this final camp had a tent that could somehow hold that Joswa. Well, too bad she’s here, and she’s going to fix things up. It’s the end of the road. She would not fuck up. She’d kill everyone in this place to make everyone—to make these monsters pay for their sins.

She’s acting like she’s becoming a hero herself.

A hero.

Enang scoffed.

Yeah, right.

Enang breathed and stretched her fingers. Without revealing herself, slowly, she used Mayari’s authority to ripple the ground and turn everything around her into a burning field of sands. She erased the houses the walled them. Plantlife withered at her behest. All of their weapons disappeared. Their campfire vanished.

What she considered next was swords, but she grinned and settled with an infinite number of cacti crawling from the ground to fill that hot void, to make sure that they would see cacti, only cacti as their eyes tried to grasp the horizon around them.

Some started screaming, bewildered. This was nice. Some looked like they knew what was happening or were at least used to this. But that bit changed when she materialized a black sun and shower those poor monsters with his grace.

“Did you really have to make a sun?” Mayari’s voice rang inside her head.

“None of us gets to be happy with this.” Enang moved around the camp and touched a part of their bodies, a brush would be enough. “But I’ll give you something awesome. Remember how you tried to scare me in that shithole? They get to see that too. Might as well teach you how to make better images, courtesy of a foreigner that had read too many horror books. Like hands, really?”

“Now you’re just being mean to me.” Mayari chuckled. Enang could feel her smiling with intent. “What would you call this… All these then?”

“Unlimited George Works.”

“Again with the plant?”


One already got around with blades of light crafted at their palms to slash most of the cacti down. They must be thinking that she’s hiding as a cactus. She wanted to clap, but that would reveal her position. It’s already too late for them, anyway.

Enang snapped her fingers. She just thought it was cool that to just do it. She smiled. It also helps her to basically ignore the pain that shot at the side of her head.

She summoned a black monolith from the ground, a tower of darkness engraved by a greedy and malevolent green glow of cactus doodles. Click. Clack. Click. The tower shivered as it ticked slowly, drawing their attention as it paced to bring a rhythm that rivaled everyone’s heartbeats. All of their eyes darted. Cold sweat lined their agape confused mouths and dropped from their scaly chins. These monster’s breath lightens. Cold. No one dared to move. No one dared to make a sound. It’s as though they’re all at the edge of a cliff.

And then the monolith stopped clicking.

Their legs trembled.

They couldn’t understand what was happening, and Enang wanted just that.

The black sun above them chuckled. It grew pale until it turned white. Cold. Its outer rings rattled, forcing more lines until its shape now resembled a scribble drawn by a rigid pencil. And it smiled with its black teeth, slowly, to usher a change, a pulse from the sky turning everything white, even the ground beneath everyone’s feet. It’s just cacti, just cacti.

The monolith turned into a dark slime the sloshed and screeched, turning itself into an egg, then to a hairy womb that cracked open with a hallowing moan. Black blood oozed at its bottom. A torrent of jittering snickers of children echoed. The monster stepped back. And a swarm of black spiders grinning with the head of a beautiful blindfolded human surged to attack.

A fight broke out. It’s not even a fight. They started running, even with their weapons made of light. But it’s Enang’s turn to make things worse. The spiders she created bared their teeth and bit into the flesh of their enemies. They would not feel anything, but making them see would be enough.

Those that got bit were swallowed into a ball of black that melted and dripped into the white floor, like a glistening puddle of dark chocolate that smelled of rot and decay. It groaned, churning those monster’s throats. The puddles bubbled and grew, took form, becoming an amalgamation of the victim’s arms, legs, and multiple heads melded into a tumor that breathed with oozing yellowish pus, begging to be killed.

Some dropped down on the floor and vomited what they ate hours ago. It didn’t smell anything in particular, but they weren’t calm enough to notice that. But the ball had been dropped. Enang smiled as they looked at each other with fears draining the color of hope in their eyes, screaming, crying as they started to murder their friends out of pity while running from bugs.

The moon cackled in the distance.

With everyone out of the way, Enang entered the tent and greeted a studious but jacked crocodile writing on a stack of paperwork on a little wooden table. His dark green skin was carved by experience and scars. He’s old. He glanced at her like she didn’t matter, sighed, and went back to writing.

Enang waved her hand. “Are you THE Joswa?”

“That I am,” he replied without batting an eye.

“I see…”

Enang nodded, bowed, and left the tent.

The crocodile chuckled and went back to writing. But the wind moved. It was as though it saw a line. Something flashed. The crocodile raised its pen and blocked Enang’s ax as she faded back into the room. Enang’s arms trembled, but the crocodile’s fingers didn’t even move. It was firm yet relaxed.

Enang gritted her teeth.

“Kinabuhi. Don’t you think it’s pretty neat?” Joswa let out a breath of relief and gave her a warm smile. “It’s the innate gift of all living beings to manifest their will, their life, to affect the objects around them. With just a little bit of that will, I can turn this pen into the mightiest shield… or…” The pen slowly cut into the ax. “Or to rip even the strongest metal. For someone who worships the moon, you can’t even hide your bloodlust. You being able to use your illusions effectively with the most vivid imagery was outstanding. But, oh well… It seems that telling you this would be waste since you’ll be—”

Another Enang appeared with a calm glare, planting her feet as she slammed her dull ax into the guy’s head, breaking, wedging halfway through his skull. The crocodile groaned, dropped the pen, and fell to the ground.

Enang sighed. “You really think I’d be that dumb?”

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