Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

The White Hawk Who Accompanied Me In My Reincarnation

Throughout her long life in Japan, she endured many wars and celebrations, and she was even spotted and hunted by royals and hunters due to her beautiful feathers. She was even thought to be a yokai because of her healing powers when she passed through villages. People even worshiped her and built shrines to her. There have been many wars, many deaths, births, and celebrations, but Selena has never found the chosen one. 
As the years passed, she grew tired of looking for the chosen one and began learning other magic, and she now has the ability to take on different forms. She became bored and began to stay at her shrine and accept gifts as a miko.
Years passed, and she found herself in the year 2021. She was still a miko at the time, and she was busy doing her routine work when she noticed someone under the shrine temple. She noticed a boy hiding and crying as she looked around. She has always seen the boy with his family.
"What are you doing here?" Selena inquired.
"I was lost, so my mother told me to wait here," the boy sobbed.
"Come out, I'll assist you in finding your parents."
"Really," the boy said as he wiped away his tears.
"Yes," Selena replied.She continued her search for his parents throughout the city, but there were no results. She looked him in the eyes, sighed, and smiled as his stomach growled.
She sighed and continued her search for his parents. When the boy's stomach growled, she looked him in the eyes, sighed, and smiled.
She took him to a nearby convenience store and purchased some ice cream. While having his ice cream the boy asked "onee-san, what's your name?"
 "sayori," selena, who was hiding her name, said.
"My name is Ryota, Hachirou Ryota, and I'm six years old," the boy said. 
"Wow, what a nice name," Selena said.
" where's your family Small Sayori onee-sama ?" " They went to heavens"
"Why"" Cause God wanted them, and sent me here to stay and wait till it calls me" said Selena
" will Dad and mom leave me ? " Ryota questioned " No, Ryota is strong, and he should grow up and protect his mother and father" answered Selena
"Really, then Ryota will be strong and protect Mother and father and also protect Sayori onee-sama" said Ryota with pride
"sure sure, I'll wait" said Selena patting his head
When they kept looking for his parents, his parents eventually found him and thanked her.
Before he left, she called out Serena and kissed her on the cheek, which surprised her. She had been thinking about him since that day.
Soon, he was visiting her every day, playing with her, eating and sometimes napping at the shrine."You know, Sayori Onee-sama, it's my birthday next week," Ryota explained.
"Really," Selena said.
"Yes, but my mother and father are leaving in three days, and Ryota is sad."
"Don't worry, Onee-sama will celebrate with you," Selena said as she patted his head.
"Really," he says, hugging her.
 But the next day, he vanished and was never seen again. She tried to find him and asked everyone,even visited his house but she had no luck. People stopped visiting her shrine as time passed.
 After five years, a boy in a wheelchair visited her shrine. When she looked down the roof, she saw Ryota, but he was taller, his legs were paralyzed, and his smile had vanished.
" Ryota, it's been too long; where have you been?"
But Ryota took a step back and said, " Who are you"
Ryota, on the other hand, took a step back and asked, "Who are you?"
"It's me Sayori, don't you remember?" she asked, perplexed.
He shook his head and walked away.
Selena was now perplexed by days and sayings and was attempting to find answers. She disguised herself as a woman and began following him. She saw him enter a house, but it wasn't the house she used to visit when he was younger; instead, she saw a neighbor passing by.
"Excuse me, I'm a childhood friend of that handicapped child, I tried to speak to him but he couldn't remember me, and how did he become a handicap," Selena questioned her
"Oh dear, that's sad," the neighbor replied, "I think he doesn't remember you because he has amenesia."
"Amenesia!" exclaimed Selena.
"You see, Ryota's parents were killed in a car accident."
"Yes, it had been about a year or two since Ryota's parents were killed in a traffic accident." It was during a trip to celebrate his father's promotion. His father was driving their car when it was hit by a truck. The truck driver had got into a stroke and passed out.
Of course, Ryota was also in the car. Despite the fact that he miraculously escaped death, the rest of his family died almost instantly."
"What," she asked, her eyes welling up with tears. "According to what I was told, he remembered seeing the front of the truck through the windshield and that was the end of it. He was in a coma and had damaged his liver."
"Even after regaining consciousness, he had severe bone fractures and his legs became paralyzed, necessitating another six months in the hospital and his life had completely changed in those six months."
She felt bad when she heard this and wanted to consult him, but she couldn't face him. As a result, she began to appear to him in her hawk form.
She saw a dog while following him. The dog in front of him, chained, began barking and scaring him. Looking at him, Selena flew straight to the dog and began pecking the dog; the dog began chasing her and smacked her against the tree, knocking her unconscious.
When she opened her eyes, she was found inside a room and placed in a cloth-covered box. "Where am I?"