Chapter 6:

The assault on white prison part two

District C

The infiltration team advanced through the white house, the guards did not see them despite crossing in front of them grazing them. Equinox, walked to the front on his collar only showing the center of the mark, as each part of it represents a branch of skill, showing the one currently being used.

What just happened there? - Ciga whispered, after they entered the elevator.

This is my Presencia Fantasmal power - answered Equinox, showing the mark on his neck -, when I stay still I am invisible, when I enter in movement I become translucent, this applies to the people I want as long as they stay close.

I thought there were only powers to throw punches or fireballs - said Ciga, somewhat embarrassed by his ignorance.

No, our team is the infiltration team, currently we do not have Volt, who fulfills the role of attack for his branch of destruction - said Grendell, looking at Ciga out of the corner of his eye -, there are three branches of ability, normally after providing the neutralizer of the vaccine for the type 3 flu we learn one branch, developing the others with training and meditation. I will explain the three basic branches

Destruction: It focuses on damage as its name suggests from throwing energy balls, materializing weapons, minions that attack with superhuman strength, among others.

Perception: Normally it is about altering the opponent's senses can be illusions, appearance of images, alteration of the mind.

Modification: Alter the user's body or external beings could be alteration of simple living beings, increase of musculature, equivalent transformation of objects.

The way to easily distinguish the branch of your ability is with the tattoo on your neck.

Even so, skills can belong to one branch and look like another since all skills are intertwined.

Enough of classes! - exclaimed Equinox somewhat annoyed, "Presencia Fantasmal is a Perception power before you ask, and the elevator is coming soon so get ready.

Grendell, kept his eyes closed with a great aura of calm around him.

Everyone to the back of the elevator - Grendell exclaimed with seriousness and fear -, Now!

The team obeyed Grendell's words, the sound of the elevator announced the arrival of the elevator, without warning a soldier entered checking the elevator without seeing anything or anyone inside, everyone held their breath.

It's empty - said the soldier, returning to his post.

Guys, this is not a warehouse - whispered Ciga with great fear and surprise in his words -, I did not see this in the plans.

They got out of the elevator and found a room of great height, in the center a watchtower was connected by two bridges to some stairs that surrounded the walls, while the room was filled with hundreds of square cages, no bigger than two hundred square centimeters, emaciated people lay in those cages, while they were piled up by some chains that moved on some rails from the ceiling, there were some cardboard boxes to the right of the elevator. While the team viewed the warehouse facilities with amazement, some F.O.C. soldiers were performing surveillance circuits, carrying tracking dogs in some cases.

Quick, behind the crates - exclaimed Grendell, jumping towards the crates, followed by the others.

Moments after hiding behind the boxes, a soldier came out of a small door to the left of the elevator.

How do you do that - whispered Ciga, somewhat intrigued -, you are saving us from unexpected things.

It's because of my Vision Futura power that I am able to know the near future - whispered Grendell, showing the mark of Perception -, so I know when we could have problems, avoiding them.

That's fantastic, I guess that's why you are part of the infiltration team - said Ciga with great excitement.

Don't get excited so fast - said Grendell seriously, while looking at him -, all powers have weaknesses, remember that very well.

Follow me - interrupted Equinox, sneaking to a wall pointing to a small vent -, that's our pass, let's go.

I won't be able to - Grendell claimed, looking at himself -, that duct is too small.

Damn it! - exclaimed Equinox, touching his chin while looking at the watchtower, "Okay, we'll have to split up, Prime and Nekros will enter the duct while Grendell will stay hidden in the boxes guiding them with his power. On the other hand, I will infiltrate the tower to remove the cameras from the medical wing, attacking only for greater mobility.

Everyone accepted Equinox's orders, while he vanished jumping over the small cells. Grendell, quickly hiding surrounded by boxes, closed his eyes with great calm.

Looks like we get all the work," Ciga whispered with a chuckle, as they both crawled through the ventilation.

Ciga Prime
Ciga Prime