Chapter 6:

Unforgettable Times

Dance Group of Idols (アイドルのダンスグループ)

Everyone was in. After chatting together, everyone went to their own house. In the morning, everyone did their daily work and I came up with an idea. I said: “Shall we go to watch the stars together one day?” When Mana Say:

“We may all go together one day, but there are already 4 days left until the show. That's why we have to work hard. There's also an audition after the show. We should be #1 in the auditions.” When I say: “Right, I forgot it was a show. Then let's realize the idea of ​​watching the stars if we can be the 1st in the show. So as a reward. Mei said:When she said, "There is already an award," I asked in surprise:“A reward? What?" Mei when I say:“All of us together.” When I say:"You're right. This is the most important award for all of us, but let's also go stargazing together." Everyone said:“Okay.” It was evening. Mana said:“Let's eat food somewhere.” When I say: “I have to go home, I have to study to be #1 on the show.” 

 Mana said:"I would like you to come too." And when I said:“Friends, we all need to work.” After the show is over, we can do whatever we want, so let's go home and work" when I said, "Everybody said:"OK." 2 days left until the show. The days were passing so fast. Until the day of the show. Today was show day. I messaged everyone. So that we can meet at the center. Everyone said:"OK." .

 When I came to the center, there was only me. Then everyone came in turn. We all gathered and went to the place where the show was. Other idols were performing when we arrived. After their show was over, it would be our turn. 

Our opponent welcomed us. We didn't know how to win against them because they were so strong. We also developed a different style from our rival and all idols. It was our turn. Our opponent said "good luck" to us, so we thanked our opponent and went on stage. 

I was so nervous. But everyone looked at me and said, "You don't have to be nervous." "How did you know I was nervous?" when I asked. Noriko told me, "Aimi, we're friends and we can understand a little bit of how the other person is feeling." When she said that, I said to Noriko, "You're right," and everyone slowly started doing their dance moves.