Chapter 21:

Karma is at your door!!

who I am is not who I want to be

31st October 2020:Bookmark here

For the whole night, I could protect her. If she was able to protect herself from the numerous entities lurking in eve corner of this town, ready to pounce on her any moment, even then I would never leave her alone. The serious air surrounding me abruptly disappeared as Akane gave me a cup of coffee, Bookmark here

Akane: "You can go home and rest. I am fine. Saho won't be able to kill me."Bookmark here

" We should report about Saho right now. I am not willing to leave you alone." I said to her.Bookmark here

"If you will ask the police to help you. You'll be safe then." Bookmark here

Akane paused for a mere moment, reducing the bone-chilling grin to a small tilted smirk as she stared at me with a set of glimmering blue eyes. Bookmark here

Akane: "You'll be my help. I don't need police. I need you to help me. With your brain, with your hands." Bookmark here

I was rubbing my freezing hands nervously, I tucked them inside the pockets of my oversized sweater, clenching the soft wool in my whitening knuckles, holding them close to my dropping stomach before taking them out once again to wrap them around my profusely shivering self. A cool gust of early winter wind suddenly swooshed past me, fluffing through the fabric of my clothes, making me clench the flesh on my arm with an even tighter grip. Bookmark here

Akane: "Do you want a blanket?"Bookmark here

"It's okay!! It's fine."Bookmark here

Mumbling to myself in a low voice, Bookmark here

A sour look washed over my face followed closely by a mocking smile as I started laughing silently to myself at the irony of the situation.Bookmark here

" There is no way I can say No. I can do anything to help you.Bookmark here

Tell me!!!Bookmark here

What is it that you want?"Bookmark here

Without Karma's existence in my life, my life was incomplete. Everything delightful in my memories belonged to her. The best of this town had ever given me was her. The mere imagination of a life without her was enough to send shivers down my spine. Bookmark here

Suddenly she stood up and told me to go and get some rest.Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

"I guess it's getting late. You should go and get some rest. I will tell you how can you protect me from Saho, but first you should get some rest." Bookmark here

It was almost 01:25 A.M. I stood up from there and went to my home. Bookmark here

Karma was supposed to be sleeping at 2:30 AM. She could not bring herself to get some sleep, It was just too hard. She checked her phone a couple of times before placing it down under her pillow. After she finished checking her phone, she set an alarm and placed her phone under her pillow. Karma checked the clock.Bookmark here

3:30 A.M. Fifteen more minutes before his Uncle Eiji came and gave her the news that she is about to reach her goal. Well, that's not quite true, because Saho is still left unharmed. Everything was about to change. It was when she got the guts to face her father. Akane checked her phone for the last time and went to the bathroom.Bookmark here

(Phone buzzing.....)Bookmark here

She heard "toot .... toot... toot..." She rushed toward her phone and picked the phone call.Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

" Uncle Eiji!!! Is Everything fine?Bookmark here

Why are you calling at this time?"Bookmark here

(No sound!! Silence!!)Bookmark here

The call dropped off. Bookmark here

After five minutes, she received another call from an unknown number. She did not pick the call because she could not stand responding to unknown people anymore. Bookmark here

Thump, ThumpBookmark here

The vibrating sound of knuckles pounding against the wooden door of her home penetrates through the walls. All of a sudden, she heard the noise coming from her front door. Terror stabbed her heart.Bookmark here

Thump, ThumpBookmark here

Slowly, She placed her phone on the table, turned the light on, and lean closer to the wall to make sure that she is not imagining the sound.Bookmark here

Thump ThumpBookmark here

The unmistakable noise indicating someone’s presence at the front doorBookmark here

She wondered who it is? Could it be Zack? No, no, can’t be him. He would have called before coming. He knows better. Bookmark here

Should I open the door?Bookmark here

Karma said to herself.Bookmark here

She could feel nothing but blind terror.Bookmark here

Thump ThumpBookmark here

She opened the back door and walked from the backyard to the front. She checked her wristwatch.Bookmark here

3:45. At exactly 3:45, a person was standing in front of her door. Karma started to sweat with nervousness. Fear paralyzed her. The man was holding some papers in his hand. The man apologized and turned his face toward Karma. Bookmark here

She was so hoping that she should run toward the back door and get inside her home. The man moved toward her.Bookmark here

She seemed frightened. Bookmark here

She heard Eiji's voiceBookmark here

“What are you doing? You did not pick my phone call. Why do you never recognize me at first sight?”Bookmark here

“Let's go inside!”Bookmark here

Karma slapped her face in frustration, realizing that she was facing the old trauma again. Eiji again apologized for coming this much late and both went inside the home. She despises herself for not recognizing Uncle Eiji. Karma was so hoping that she wouldn't have to face this trauma if she will get her revenge. Akane quickly grabbed her phone from the table and inquired Eiji.Bookmark here

Akane: "I was wondering if this number belongs to you."Bookmark here

Eiji: "Yeah, This number belongs to me."Bookmark here

Akane: "Why are you here at this time?"Bookmark here

Eiji: "I am here to warn you. I have found these documents. It says half of the property belongs to you. It has your mother's signature on it, and the month mentioned on these papers is the same as the month when your mother died."Bookmark here

Both Karma and Eiji could hear a sound like the crackling of the ice buckling from the kitchen. The glass crumbled shrieking its own melodramatic song as it scattered into thousands of pieces.Bookmark here

Hazel throws a glass in the kitchen. Karma slammed the kitchen door and knocked Hazel out of the kitchen. Her palms were beginning to sweat. Bookmark here

Karma was able to feel the tension growing when she came back to Eiji after knocking Hazel out. Two other glasses were already broken by Hazel on that day there. The property that her mother named after Akane was large. She hesitates to believe it. Bookmark here

Akane: "She never loved me, so why will she do it?"Bookmark here

"I refuse to believe it. Even if it is true, I don't have any interest in the money that she gave me. "Bookmark here

Eiji: "OKAY!!!"Bookmark here

"Are you planning to hide for your whole life?"Bookmark here

"Don't you want to clear your name?"Bookmark here

" Don't you want to live freely after taking your revenge?"Bookmark here

"OK, now think of what you want your future to be like," Eiji said.Bookmark here

Karma thought long and hard. How does she want her father to suffer? How does she want to make him pay? Bookmark here

Karma: "It does not matter. All I want right now is revenge."Bookmark here

"I've already told you, I just want revenge as soon as possible Bookmark here

before my father finds out about me."Bookmark here

I robbed your father," Eiji laughed jovially and pulled out a wallet full of cash.Bookmark here

Quietly Karma said: "I want to burn his house down. I don't want his money."Bookmark here

Eiji: "Is that what you need?"Bookmark here

Karma nodded her head in disapproval. Bookmark here

Karma: Bookmark here

"That is not what I need, but this is exactly what I want. Just do what I say and make these videos publicly available. I want everyone to see how my father has killed my grandma." Bookmark here

Eiji: "Give me some time. I have asked my news broadcaster friend to help me. I will do it at the right time."Bookmark here

Akane: Are you even gonna help me or not? Why are you taking so long? Return me the evidence that I captured. I will make it available to the public on my own.Bookmark here

Eiji: Don't rush!!Bookmark here

Let me find some evidence that can clear your name. I want everyone to know that you are innocent. You haven't killed your mother.Bookmark here

Akane: The sight of you makes me want to vomit! You are a liar. You just want money. That is why you found those documents. You want to use me for money.Bookmark here

Akane pressed her lips together in irritation and shouted at Eiji.Bookmark here

Return the evidence that I captured!!!Bookmark here

I will let the world know about it right now!!!Bookmark here

Eiji: You have lost your mind. Give me few more days. I am trying to find evidence that can clear your name.Bookmark here

Akane: LIAR!!!!Bookmark here

You only want the money that is attached to my name.Bookmark here

Eiji rubbed his eyes, slammed the door, and left the house from the front door without saying a word at 4:24 am.Bookmark here

1st November 2020:Bookmark here

It was 4:24 am. Akane found herself discouraged, feeling like she would never get revenge.Bookmark here

Her brain had too many tabs open, and it was exhausting. All the tabs were making her feel insecure.Bookmark here

For her, there was nothing worse than feeling dependent on others helping her out. She hated the fact that she was feeling dependent because, in all honesty, she was dependent on a lot of things she was not able to control. Bookmark here

She was unable to ruin his father's reputation without Eiji. She could not approach Saho without my help.Bookmark here

She saw, lot of dependence.Bookmark here

Akane spoke to herself:Bookmark here

"Don't you for a second think that you are dependent or bratty, demanding them to do these things for yourself. I am most definitely not the only one who has a brain with too many insecurities." Bookmark here

She got a sweater for herself. She did not want to catch a cold. Bookmark here

It was 4:30 am. She went to the basement of the house and brought petrol cans. She put her cap and mask on her face. In the backyard of the house where Eiji left his car.Bookmark here

She took the car that Eiji left. She started to drive far from home.Bookmark here

She was heading the car toward the place where she never wants to go again. A place she left five years ago. Bookmark here

Her eyes widen more in fear, She looked at herself in the car side window glass.Bookmark here

For once, Careless attitude. Dark thoughts clouded her mind. It was very unpleasant to be around. To be around the area where her father lived, to be around her childhood home.Bookmark here

Should I be scared? She said to herself.Bookmark here

At 5:45 am, she reached where she spent her childhood. After 5 years she was again seeing that place. Bookmark here

She took a deep breath and waited for ten minutes, and observed the surrounding. She was hoping and praying that no one will catch her. Bookmark here

She parked her car away from the house into the woods and walked toward her home. She grabbed the bag in which she was carrying petrol cans. Bookmark here

She successfully sneaked into her home from a window that was attached to a bathroom. Bookmark here

She dropped her bag in the bathroom and stepped into her old room. Every step she took, the creaks in the floorboards got louder. She missed her room for five years. It was big, and a beautiful room.Bookmark here

She looked under the window above where her desk used to be.Bookmark here

She was able to see a carving of the letters:Bookmark here

"AKANE and SAHO best friends forever." Bookmark here

Saho and She together carved them when they were friends in childhood.Bookmark here

She rolled her eyes and grabbed a sketchbook under the table. She went back to the bathroom and grabbed her bag, and took out the petrol cans.Bookmark here

She started to spread the petrol in the living room and everywhere in the house. She felt as if the petrol is not enough to burn the whole house down. She went to the storeroom and found petrol cans there. She started to spread more petrol. It took her 15 minutes to fill the whole floor with petrol. She was breathing heavily. She emptied the last petrol can and turned behind to see that the door behind her is no longer closed.Bookmark here

She can hear someone clapping for her. Bookmark here

"You shouldn't do that." A cold hand laid on her shoulder, and she glared at herself in the mirror on the left side, slowly she turned her eyes above and saw the person behind her. Her heart leaped into her throat as she saw her father standing behind her.Bookmark here

Fear fluttered in her stomach.Bookmark here

She bit her hand so hard that it started to bleed a little bit. She was able to move. Without the delay of a single second. She punched her father in his face.Bookmark here

Her fist met its target. Again and again, she threw all of her weight into her punches. For a solid two minutes, she pounded Mr.Manzo of her frustrations. Once she was satisfied, and with sweat dripping off her forehead, she stopped.Bookmark here

"God, you don't go easy on yourself do you, girl?" Mr.Manzo, her father, asked, impressed by how energetic her daughter could be. Bookmark here

Mr.Manzo stood up and smacked her daughter's face in the mirror on the left side. Bookmark here

She was dragged in a corner while she was bleeding. She had her knees brought to her chest with her hair falling around her face. She heard her daddy yelling at her. As She sat there bleeding. Fear gripped her as she realized that her dad is about to kill her. She pushed her frail body against the wall, hoping that it would protect her somehow. Her dad was looking at her with pity.Bookmark here

He smirked when he saw the fear etched in her. "Are you scared of me, My one and only daughter?" he asked while taking a step closer to her. Akane showed aggression and yelled at her father.Bookmark here

NO!!!!Bookmark here

NO!!!Bookmark here

I am not!!Bookmark here

His smirk grew and he took two steps and was already in front of her.Bookmark here

"You should be," he whispered before he grabbed her hair. Using her hair, he pulled her to her feet. She screamed in both pain and fear as he pulled through the stairs.Bookmark here

" Stop it, Bastard!" She screamed as they reached the basement.Bookmark here

"Oh my God! Why can't you just be quiet for once? I have to do this every time!" He grumbled grabbing some duct tape off the table.Bookmark here

He let go of her hair and quickly put a few pieces on her mouth. He grabbed her hair again and took a knife out. Tears fell down her face as he took the knife out. Bookmark here

Suddenly He dropped the knife, and fell to the ground, next to her. Eiji stabbed him in the back then kicked Mr.Manzo and yelled," Leave her alone! It better be a good or I'll beat you ten times worse!"Bookmark here

Eiji picked a petrol can and threw the petrol on Mr. Manzo.Bookmark here

"Get up!" Eiji yelled at Akane.Bookmark here

She closed her eyes. Bookmark here

"Runaway!" Eiji yelled at Akane.Bookmark here

"I will start the fire!" He yelled as he pulled a lighter out from his pocket.Bookmark here

Akane stood up on her feet. She ran as fast as she could. She was trembling. She ran toward the woods where she left her car. Bookmark here

She turned her back and saw flames emerging from the house. She started to drive away from the woods, following a different path than she followed before. Eiji disappeared somewhere after burning the house down and making sure that Mr. Manzo is dead. Eiji could not afford to let him live and get Akane killed by her father. Bookmark here

She came back home and turned the lights on to find the kit to treat her wounds. She sat in front of a mirror and tried to clean her wounds. Without completely treating her wounds, she stood up and went to see Hazel. Her cat was sleeping in peace. She switched on her phone to contact Eiji. She saw the message she received from Eiji in which he informed her about the money that he left in the basement of her house that belonged to her.Bookmark here

She tried to call him. Bookmark here

(This contact is no longer available)Bookmark here

displayed on her screen.Bookmark here

She felt nervous as she looked outside the window. She heard people discussing about Mr.Manzo.Bookmark here

She instantly switched on her tv and saw the clip available everywhere in which Mr.Manzo killed Akane's grandma. Before coming to Mr. Manzo's home Eiji already made that clip publicly available. Everyone was seeing Mr.Manzo as a sinister and murderer. Everywhere she switched the channel; she saw everyone talking against her father. Officially her father was proved to be a bad guy.Bookmark here

A sense of elation, happiness, and perhaps even exhilaration was on Akane's face. Bookmark here

Never had a few moments deliberation seemed like an eternity as she felt her consciousness ebbing away, and her thoughts, as clear and concise as they were mere moments ago. Her thoughts were coming to an end. Her eyes grew heavy from the strenuous effects of excessive agitation of the brain. At once, She was struck with incoherence, an inconsistency to her thoughts, as she kneeled down and leaned a shoulder against the wall. She stood up and went to the bed where hazel was sleeping. She lay down with her and fall asleep.Bookmark here

(Features of Eiji:Bookmark here

Height: 5'7'' Bookmark here

Hair: He had rough, brown hair. His hair was resting on the top of the ears, come to both sides, split over the right eye with some lonely straws pinching his nose.Bookmark here

Hair Texture: RoughBookmark here

Descriptive Hair Color: Burnt umber/brownBookmark here

Skin Tone: IvoryBookmark here

Characteristics of skin tone: Porcelain to light skin color, without or with minor imperfections, sensitive, and could easily burn under the sunBookmark here

Nose: SharpBookmark here

Eyes: brownBookmark here

Cheeks: rough cheeksBookmark here

Chin: Cleft chinBookmark here

Jaw: Jaw narrowed )Bookmark here

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