Chapter 9:

The end of summer holidays.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

"Today is the last day of summer holidays ehh" I said with the most annoyed face.Bookmark here

"Ahh I hate school. Why do holidays end really quickly while school days feel like almost an eternity." Bookmark here

"God I wish to have a year full of holidays, that is with no damn homework, just full of holidays."Bookmark here

I layed down and took a deep breath.Bookmark here

"That is every kid's dream and my dream too. That will most likely never happen."Bookmark here

As the day went by I had gotten more angrier and saddened at the same time. I got tired of the thoughts I had abou school and soon enough I fell asleep till 7pm.Bookmark here

"Itsuki-chan wake up and come to eat dinner." Said mom.Bookmark here

"Looks like I slept. There goes my last day into thin air. If you have trouble in life face it don't go worrying about or else you will miss on the good times God had offered you. In my case my last summer holiday was nothing but depression."Bookmark here

The next morning I went to school and I sat down in the last bench which was once my place.Bookmark here

"Itsuki-kun Yua sensei changed you to the first bench remember." Asked Akio.Bookmark here

"Oh yeah right "I said that and went to first bench.Bookmark here

Few minutes after Yua- sensei came to our class and asked the most typical question after summer holidays.Bookmark here

"Did you enjoy your holidays?"Bookmark here

Our class gave the most sarcastic answer.Bookmark here

"No sensei"Bookmark here

"Why? "Bookmark here

"The holidays were very short we barely noticed the time pass by and when we did it was already the last day of summer holidays."Bookmark here

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