Chapter 6:

Who is he?

Executioner's Curse

The crowd cheer as Shawn scratched Rig.Bookmark here

Shawn's katana was clean, and he didn't want her to be filled with blood. as a result, he had scratched Rig instead of slicing him with the katana.Bookmark here

They went on for a clash, the swords were hitting each other. Both of them looked for an opening and couldn't find it. They dashed backward and looked at each other, both standing in a perfect position like they were both trained by a high-level executioner.Bookmark here

Shunji was sitting in the crowd, his hands were on his face holding in on the side. Kibo and Rin were cheering Rig by standing and by screaming "Go Rig!"Bookmark here

"Do you know him?" asked Shunji.Bookmark here

Rin and Kibo turned and said, "Yes" and Rin added, "What is this question?"Bookmark here

"So who is he related to? What happened to his family? Why is here?" Replied Shunji.Bookmark here

"We don't know, but we cheer because that's what friends are for." Said Kibo with anger.Bookmark here

Shunji said" His brother died three years ago, his brother was Konen Ven"Bookmark here

Kibo and Rin turned in shock, Kibo said "His brother was Konen?" Shunji smiled and said "I thought you don't care" Shunji pulled a coin from his blue long pants, and started flipping it in the air. "Rin turned to continue cheering Rig. Kibo walked close to Rig, grabbed his shirt, and screamed "Answer me!" but, Shunji kept on laughing so tried to punch him. When he was centimeters from his face, he was thrown hard to the floor. Another guy came, blonde, and neat hair he was wearing a yellow suit and he had a piercing in his right eye. He was the one to throw Kibo to the floor, with only one finger.Bookmark here

Kibo, Shunji, and Rig looked at him and were surprised. The guy sat in Rin's seat while she was standing, the guy put his right arm on his face, it covered everything except his brown clean eye.Bookmark here

"Kiza Zein?" The three of them asked with a surprised faces. "As much as it's fun to be recognized I haven't come here for autographs," said Kiza with a condescending voice.Bookmark here

Kiza was a captain of an attacking team.Bookmark here

In Juni stands in highest levels a prime minister. Working the prime minister is the Executioners.Bookmark here

The Executioner organization is built from:Bookmark here

The head of the organization at the top,Bookmark here

underneath him is the vice head, he is the second strongest in the country.Bookmark here

Below the vice and the head are the squad captains, there are four squads:Bookmark here

1. Attacking team - their job is to go on missions outside of the country and inside. The first attacking squad is lead by Kiza.Bookmark here

2. Another attacking team.Bookmark here

3. A defense team, their job is to prevent trespassers to come into the country and start a deadly plague in the country.Bookmark here

4. A medical team, their job is to help in the mission and take care of the injured.Bookmark here

Underneath them are the vice-captains which are the captain's right hand, the captains trust them the most. And they are the second strongest in the squad.Bookmark here

And last are the squad members.Bookmark here

"I heard you were talking about Konen, so I would like you to shut up." Said Kiza with a smile. Shunji looked at Kiza, his eyes were quiet but all of them knew, that if they are going to say another word about Konen they are all dead. You could feel it in the air.Bookmark here

"Now let's enjoy the fight shall we?" Said Kiza and looked to the center of the arena. All of them were in shock. But looking at the fight without saying anything.Bookmark here

Both Rig and Shawn were standing against each other and then, Shawn started using his power.Bookmark here

Rock form, one sword style, Rock slash.Bookmark here

Shawn's katana was covered in rocks and when he swung it at Rig the rocks flew towards him at an incredible speed.Bookmark here

Rig smiled and held his katana with both hands. In his head, he kept telling himself to concentrate.Bookmark here

Wind form, one sword style, bear trap.Bookmark here

When the rocks got close to him they were all cut at the same time but, Rig was still in the same position. He didn't move a muscle. Shawn was surprised his attack didn't hit so he ran towards Rig while lifting his katana above his hand with both of his arms. Rig whispered to himself "Are you watching? I will be there as soon as I can." Rig put his katana back, held it with only his right hand, and took a step back with his right foot.Bookmark here

Wind form, one sword style, light cut. A strong wind came out of Rig's katana. When Shawn was close Rig closed his eyes and used his powers to push him to the right while slicing a light cut into Shawn's chest from left to right. Rig put his katana back and opened his eyes, he smiled and looked at the sky.Bookmark here

Rin, Kibo, and Kiza were laughing and clapping their hands with the crowd. Kibo was about to say good luck to Shunji but, Shunji looked at the floor with his eyes freaking out. Kibo was about to cheer him, although Kiza was a second early, Kiza lifted Shunji's head with one finger and said "I am rooting for you, Shunji Alaman."Bookmark here

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